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Service Station Space by M-Delcambre

One of the first genuinely good works of art I've seen in a while The first reason is that it's very well painted. Even the smaller par...

(POINT COM) Star The Hedgehog by Tesla-That-Hedgehog

Ah Sonic ocs. The worst kind of recolour. Like most of them, this looks exactly like any other Sonic OC. In fact (and I may be wrong he...

Timeless Meadow by sagethethird

Great image if I do say so. The colours of the image are very warm and striking which is a good thing as it means that anyone who see's...

Luna 3 by MissMikka

I like what you've done with this guitar. So allow me to explain in a bit more detail The patchwork effect on it's own is a pretty good...


When the TARDIS landed, the group stepped out and found themselves on a 2d street. Mcclane noticed that the signs were written in Japanese.
“Now where do we go?” asked Mario
Chowder took out the crystal and pressed the button. Unfortunately all he got was an engaged tone.
“Oh great!” said Mcclane “Why are those chumps never around when we need em!”
“Well I’ll just ask around” said Chowder who proceeded to walk up to a red haired girl accompanied by a panda

“Hey” said Chowder, getting the girl’s attention
“Do you know where we can-”
“Buzz off!” replied the Girl who stormed off with the Panda following her. Chowder walked back to Mcclane
“Great” said the Doctor “Now all we have to do is ask the next 13 million people until we get somewhere.”
“Hey” said Luigi “Check this out”
Standing next to the group was a black cat with a crescent moon on its head. The Doctor bent down to look at it. The cat then proceeded to open its mouth and drop a small note on the floor. The Doctor picked up the note which read “Follow me if you want to find the Sailor Scouts”. The cat then proceeded to turn and walk away

“Guys” said the Doctor “This is going to sound a bit crazy but we’re got to follow that cat!”
The group then proceeded to follow the cat into the crowded streets of the city.

Keeping up with the cat was hard. Especially in a crowded city. Somehow though they managed to keep up with it and eventually arrived at a large temple with a big red gate over the front entrance. However the cat was nowhere to be seen.
“Now where’s it gone?” said Mcclane
“Into that building” said Chowder, referring to the temple
The group looked up at the building and its red gate.
“Well I say we go for it” said Mario “It looks promising enough”

Walking through the gate, the first thing the group noticed was that there were very few people around. In fact the only person they could see was a young woman with black hair, dressed in a white shirt and red robe brushing the floor. When she looked up and saw them, she smiled.
“Excuse me” said the Doctor walking up to her “Do you know of a group known as the Sailor scouts”
“Sure do!” replied the Girl. She turned and faced the temple
“Guys! They’re here!”

A series of muffled voices sounded out from the temple. Then a door on the front slide open and four more girls ran out. One at the front (A big eyed girl with blond hair which had been shaped into a form resembling meatballs) immediately took the Doctor’s hand and began shaking it
“It’s great to meet you Chowder! I’m Serena”
“Erm…” said the Doctor “I’m grateful but I’m not Chowder.”
“I am!” said Chowder running forwards.
Serena bent down to look at him
“Well…You’re certainly shorter then I imagined. And less handsome too!”
Before Chowder could react, the black haired girl scowled at Serena
“Serena! Don’t be rude!”
“Hey!” said Serena “I’m only being honest”
“Well don’t be such a ditz!”
“Well don’t be so bossy Rei!”
“Hey ladies” said Mcclane stepping in “Let’s try to keep it to a minimum. We’ve got bigger problems at the moment”
“Indeed we do!” said a posh voice from behind them.

Chowder looked towards where the voice had come from, only to see the black cat from earlier standing there.
“Did you say something?” he asked
“Indeed I did” said the cat
Mcclane rubbed his eyes
“A talking cat eh? Now I’ve seen everything”
“Apologies for not introducing myself earlier” said the Cat “My name is Luna. I suppose I could call you the Sailor Scout’s manager. Come come! Let’s get inside and we can discuss matters”
“Wait a minute” said Chowder “Are these girls really the Sailor scouts?”
“Sure we are!” replied a second blonde haired girl
“Well you look really ordinary” said Chowder “I thought a group like that would look all shiny and stuff”
“You heard him girls!” said the second blonde haired girl
With that, the girl’s bodies started to glow. Then in an extremely flashy (And somewhat awkward) transformation, they were now wearing outfits resembling different coloured sailor outfits.
“Is that good enough for ya?” said Rei
Chowder and the gang could only stare with their mouths dropping.

The room that the group gathered in had walls made of paper. (Chowder assumed it made things easy if they wanted to draw). The floors were also made of paper tiles with brown wooden frames holding the whole thing together. The tea they’d been served was a yellowy green and quite sweet in taste.
“Now” said the Doctor “Tell us what you know about runes”
Serena opened her mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by a blue haired girl with glasses
“Well” she said “We’ve done some research of our own and found the one located in this world can be found in a bath house”
“A bath house?” said Mario
“Yes” replied the girl “But…”
“Oh great” said Luigi “There’s a catch isn’t there?”
“Unfortunately” said another girl with brown hair “The place is a mystical place for the gods and is off limits to the physical world”
The group collectively sighed
“Is there any way around this?” asked The Doctor
“Well” said Luna “There is one thing we can do. We’ve stumbled upon documents from the feudal era. They suggest it was reachable by mortals in those times.”
“No problem!” said the Doctor “We’ve got a time machine. All we need are some coordinates”
“Then Sailor Mon and me will join you” said Luna

“What!” said Serena
“What’s the matter?” said Rei, nudging Serena (Or Sailor Moon if you like) “Chicken?”
“Nuh…no!” said Serena “I’ve just got a lotta homework to do. Yeah that’s it”
Rei made a series of Chicken noises causing Serena to blush
“Come on Serena” said Luna “It’ll be a great character exercise for you”
Serena started to reply with a series of wells and ers when Mcclane interrupted her
“Come on kid. Aren’t you the leader or something”
“Well yeah” said Serena blushing
“Then act like it!” said Mcclane “You’ll have us with you”
“I quite agree” said Luna
Serena sighed
“Fine then”
Luna turned to the rest of the Sailor Scouts
“The safety of this world is in your hands. I expect nothing less than perfection!”
“Don’t worry Luna” said the brown haired girl “We won’t let you down!”

As the group trekked back through the city towards the TARDIS, a thought suddenly came to Chowder’s mind
“Hey Luna?” he asked
“Yes?” said Luna
“How did you know we were coming?”
“Well” replied Luna “It’s funny you should mention that. We all had the same dream that two strange men were telling us we had to look out for you and find the elemental runes”
Chowder thought for a second. Before he could say anything, the Doctor spoke
“Well here we are”

Serena and Luna stared at the blue box in front of them
“So you’re telling me we’re gonna travel through time in that?”
“Yeah” said the Doctor
“It’s a bit small isn’t it?”
“Hey” said the Doctor “Don’t knock it. You’ll be glad when the bomb drops”
The group then opened the doors and went inside.

As soon as she entered, Serena did a double take upon seeing the TARDIS’s rather large interior
“How can it be bigger on the inside!!!”
Before the Doctor could answer, Luna spoke
“Time Lord Technology. Bigger on the inside”
“You know the Doctor!!!” said Luigi
The Doctor laughed
“No. The Timelords and the Moon princess crossed paths before.
“Moon who?” said Mario
“Moon princess” said Luna “My old boss.”
“Yeah” said Serena “And I’m her reincarnation”
Now it was the rest of the group’s turn to be confused. Chowder decided to say something
“So when do we leave?”
“Right away!” replied Luna
She told the Doctor a string of numbers. The Doctor nodded and pressed a few buttons, pulled a few leavers and the TARDIS began to make its familiar sound and shake about.
“Away we go!” said the Doctor “Back to the Feudal era!

In a small village at night-time, a young woman was busy making dinner when the door of her cabin opened. She ran up to the man who entered and hugged him
“How was your day?” she asked
Her husband laughed slightly
“Pretty good. I took care of those bandits that’d been threatening the village. What’s for dinner?”
Before his wife could answer, they heard a strange wheezing sound in the air
“What’s happening?” she asked
“Sounds like it’s coming from outside!” he replied
The two of them rushed out of the hut to see a strange object in the air.
“What the…?” said the husband
The object resembled a blue box similar to the phone booths that the girl had seen in her time. Without warning it flew towards the ground and crashed into the wall of a hut. By now, half the village had come out to see what all the fuss was about. As they stared, a door on the front of the box opened. Then a small purple creature resembling a cross between a cat, a bear and a rabbit staggered out. It then proceeded to throw up on the ground.

“Oh my god!” said Chowder “Did it have to be so rough.
“Sorry about that” said the Doctor stepping out of the TARDIS. He then saw the crowd that had gathered around them. Mcclane, the Marios, Serena and Luna then stepped out.
“Oh crap” said Mcclane

“Who are you!” yelled a voice from the crowd
“Most likely demons!” said another voice “I say we kill em now!”
“Now hold on!” said the Doctor “We’re not demons!”
“Oh yeah?” came another voice from the crowd “Prove it!”
“We’re here on a mission” said Luna “We need to speak with whoever’s in charge!”
“Wait!” came a voice from the crowd
A black haired girl wearing a white jacket and a red shirt came forward
“Who are you?” asked Mario
“I’m Kagome” replied the girl “And this is my husband Inuyasha”
She was pointing to a young grey haired man wearing red clothing. When Chowder looked closely, he could see the man appeared to have a pair of dog ears on his head.
“Pleased to make your acquaintance” said the Doctor. He offered his hand out to shake, but Inuyasha simply brushed it away.
“Aw come off it. Just tell me what you want”

“…So let me get this straight” said Inuyasha “You’ve come here from the future to find a legendary rune.”
“Yes” said the Doctor
“And to do this you’ve got to find a bathhouse belonging to the spirits”
“Yeah” said the Doctor
“So what do you think?” asked Chowder.
The group had been taken inside Inuyasha and Kagome’s hut. It was made of wood and very similar in appearance to the temple that Rei owed. Right now the group were sitting around a table. Inuyasha sat back and folded his arms.
“I dunno” he said “It sounds a little fishy to me. For all I know, you could be demons”
“Oh come on!” Mcclane snapped “Do we look like demons”
“Well you do look a little strange…” said Kagome
“But it doesn’t make us demons” said the Doctor “Think about it. You’re pretty strange to us”
Kagome and Inuyasha paused for a second
“All the same” said Inuyasha “We can’t take that chance. For all we know, you might be demons in disguise”
“But we’re not!” said Luna, jumping up onto the table
“What’s this?” said Kagome
“A cat demon most likely!” said Inuyasha
“I most certainly am not!” snapped Luna
Kagome and Inuyasha went silent
“I am a guardian of the sailor scouts. And I understand your concerns. But we need to find that rune or else the whole universe will go up in flames. Understand?”
Inuyasha and Kagome nodded
“So what do you know?” asked Mario
“To tell you the truth” said Inuyasha “There’s not much I can tell you”
“Well there is one thing” said Kagome
“What?” asked Mario
“I’ve heard rumours” Kagome said “There’s stories of people wandering into a forest not far from here and coming out several hours later. Only they can’t remember where they’ve been”
“It’ll have to do” said the Doctor “We’ll have to leave in the morning”
He turned to Kagome and Inuyasha
“Could you accompany us?”
“What!” said Inuyasha “Why?”
“Because you look like you know a lot about this place” said Chowder “Plus you look like you’re good fighters and we need help like that”
“Forget it!” said Inuyasha “We’ve got enough problems as it is”
“Aw come on!” said Kagome “Don’t be such a spoilsport”
“Yeah” said Chowder chiming in
“Shut up!” Inuyasha snapped “Besides’ who’ll watch the village”
“I’m sure Sango and Miroku would be more than willing” said Kagome
Inuyasha sighed “Fine then. We leave in the morning”
“I’ll get the beds out” said Kagome
As the group then went to turn in for the night, none of them noticed two shadowy figures watching them from outside the hut window.

“This is great!” said Strong Bad to the Cheat as the two of them ducked down.
“I’ve got a brilliant idea”
The Cheat asked what it was through a series of squeaks.
“It’s simple!” said Strong Bad “We find that bathhouse now and convince them that Chowder’s the enemy. Then when he shows up, they kill him and we escape with the rune while nobody’s looking! What could be simple!!!”
The Cheat let out a series of sceptical squeaks
“Whaddya mean several things!” said Strong Bad “It’s brilliant I tells ya! Now let’s go!”
Strong Bad and the Cheat then set off into the night
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 12
Chapter 12 of my ongoing story. I had to spoil how Inuyasha ends to write this. So I hope you're all happy. (Just kidding. I love you guys really)
For the Sailor Scouts, this takes place shortly after the start of series 2

The red haired girl with the panda is Ranma and Genma Saotome from Ranma 1/2
Just thought I'd ask if anyone's travelled anywhere outside their hometown recently. If so where.

A few weeks ago I travelled to Florence. Which is a great historical City. At the weekend, I travelled to London and visited the science museum and forbidden planet on Shaftesbury avenue
Service Station Space by M-Delcambre
One of the first genuinely good works of art I've seen in a while

The first reason is that it's very well painted. Even the smaller parts in the background look fairly realistic

I also like the cyberpunk look you've gone for. It creates a look that is both futuristic and dark and grimy at the same time.

I feel however that it's also hardly original and is somewhat generic in appearence. However It's well made enough that I can allow that to slide. Although the fact that I love cyberpunk fiction has something to do with it.

All in all, it's a terrific drawing and I hope you do more. And possibly something even more original
What would be the most inappropriate hold music a company or phoneline could play in relation to the type of company or phoneline.

For example, a fire brigade office could play "Burn baby burn"
It's no secret on this forum that I'm a Nintendo fan. So I thought I'd ask what are your favourite games published by Nintendo


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