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Service Station Space by M-Delcambre

One of the first genuinely good works of art I've seen in a while The first reason is that it's very well painted. Even the smaller par...

(POINT COM) Star The Hedgehog by Tesla-That-Hedgehog

Ah Sonic ocs. The worst kind of recolour. Like most of them, this looks exactly like any other Sonic OC. In fact (and I may be wrong he...

Timeless Meadow by sagethethird

Great image if I do say so. The colours of the image are very warm and striking which is a good thing as it means that anyone who see's...

Luna 3 by MissMikka

I like what you've done with this guitar. So allow me to explain in a bit more detail The patchwork effect on it's own is a pretty good...


After listening to the BBC radio series Desert Island Discs, I thought I'd try it on some of the people on the forums.
So basically if you were stuck on a desert island, which record, book and luxury would you take?

The rules are simple. The Luxuries must be inanimate and of no use escaping the island. You also have copies of the Bible and Shakespeare so you can't pick them. You can only have one of each. You also already have things on the island such as electricity.

So fire away. I'm genuinely curious
Who would make your perfect video game team? Or more simply, who are your favourite characters?
While travelling through the time vortex, Luigi suddenly asked “Be careful where you land it this time”
“Don’t worry about it” said the Doctor “With a bit of luck, we’ll have a nice safe landing this time”
As if on cue, the Tardis stopped.
“Shall we?” asked the Doctor.
And at that, the group stepped out of the TARDIS.

They found themselves in yet another forest. Chowder noticed that it was different from the others. The sun was shining through the trees which had leaves that glimmered gold
Standing in front of the group were several men each armed with a bow and arrow. These men looked like they came from the same world as Mcclane. However they were slightly different. For one thing they all had pointed ears. The Doctor grinned.
“Good day to you” he said
“Don’t move!” replied one of the men who began to walk towards them.
“Stop!” yelled a voice from behind the men.

The men stepped aside revealing a young man with long hair and a flowing brown coat. The Doctor knelt down, and the rest of the group followed, despite not knowing who he was.
“Celeborn, Lord of Lothlorien, I presume” said the Doctor.
“You are correct” replied Celeborn. “It is good to see you”
“Woah” said Mcclane “You know this guy?”
Before the Doctor could speak, Celeborn answered
“Of course. The Doctor of Gallifrey is a long-time friend of the elves of Lothlórien. And I am pleased to see, he has brought the legendary hero with him.
Chowder jumped back at this statement
“Yes” replied Celeborn Now shall we go?”

Celeborn lead the group into the forest. However when the group entered, they realised it wasn’t so much a forest as it was a city that had been carved out of trees. Staircases wound up and around the trunks and lights shone out from inside them and elves appeared to be running and walking among the branches.  Chowder wished Mung and Schnitzel were there to see it. The rest of the group could only stare in amazement.

Eventually they arrived at a treehouse that was much larger than the rest. As Celeborn began to walk up them, Serena stopped
“We gotta walk up all that!”
Mcclane sighed
“Come on Serena” said Luna
“But I’m tired!” said Serena
“For crying out-“ Mcclane stopped himself. He assumed that using that kind of language in front of the head of the elves was a big no-no “Next you’ll probably want me to carry you!”
“That’s a great idea” said the Doctor
“What!” exclaimed Mcclane. He looked at Chowder for support.
“Sorry” said Chowder who could practically read Mcclane’s mind “You asked for it”
“Goddamnit!” Mcclane exploded. He then collected himself and walked up to Serena, picked her up and laid her on his shoulders
“Not so rough!” she yelled “I bruise like a banana! And watch where you’re putting those hands”
The Doctor turned to Celeborn
“Now that that’s sorted, let’s go”

Walking up the tree house stairs was less difficult then Chowder imagined. Although it was pretty high, the stairs were gradual enough that his legs didn’t feel tired. Mcclane on the other hand looked pretty grumpy carrying Serena. Even more so than usual. Chowder was about to say something to make him feel better when he decided against it. Mcclane would probably just yell at him.
Eventually they reached the top of the tree and were lead inside.

“Nice place you got here” said Luigi
“Thank you” replied Celeborn “Sit yourselves down. You must be tired”
Mcclane put Serena down, then joined the others in sitting on the chairs scattered around the room
“So what happened to your wife?” asked the Doctor
“She has departed from this land” replied Celeborn
The Doctor was taken aback as were the others
“She’s…dead?” said Mario
“Not Galadriel, surely?” said the Doctor
“Certainly not” laughed Celeborn. “She has left this land by boat for the grey havens”
“That’s good” replied the Doctor “Still, I was looking forward to seeing her again”
Celeborn continued “Sadly she is not the only one. Ever since the war, several of the elves have since departed from this land. Our numbers grow fewer by the day. But enough about me. Tell me Doctor, if you are indeed the same Doctor. What has happened to you since we last met”
The Doctor laughed “Well I’ve changed my face”
“What!” said Chowder “Like plastic surgery?”
“No!” laughed the Doctor “I got radiation poisoning from a bunch of giant spiders”
“Oh” said Chowder
“Do you still know the karate of the Venusians?” asked Celeborn
“I’m a little rusty” said the Doctor “Mind you I’ve had plenty of practise on the way here”
Celeborn raised an eyelid “What do you mean?”
“I could tell you” said the Doctor “But I think my friend Chowder could explain it better”
“Me!” said Chowder. He looked at the rest of the group nervously “Well ok, I’ll do my best”

After he’d finished telling Celeborn how he’d met the group and the mission he was on, Celeborn sat back in his chair and crossed his arms.
“So you are the one!” he exclaimed
“The legendary hero?” asked Chowder
“Yes” he said “We too have heard of the prophecy and the part Middle Earth is to play.”
“So can you tell us where to find the Rune?” asked Mcclane
“Sadly I  cannot” replied Celeborn
“Great” said Serena “We’re back to square one”
“Well there is one who can help you.”
The whole group perked up
“Who would that be?” asked Luna
“Ellesar, King of Arnor” replied Celeborn “He owns one of the largest libraries in our fair land. Maybe there you can find something”
“Well then” said the Doctor “How do we get there?”
“It can be found to the north east of here” replied Celeborn “You’ll know it when you see it”
“Thanks” replied the Doctor

As the group got up to leave, Celeborn spoke again
“Be careful. Strange things have been happening in the land recently”
The group stopped
“Like what?” asked Luigi
“We’ve had rumours of strange beasts” said Celeborn “Creatures that will kill without mercy and look like nothing Middle Earth has ever seen”
Luigi and Serena gulped in unison
“We’d best be on guard” said Luna.

Far away, Vader arrived at a cylinder. He was greeted by a Garthim which saluted.
“Take me to Madam Tenebrarum” said Vader.
The Garthim nodded. Vader followed it through the cylinder. As he travelled through the alien like corridors of the structure, he wondered if Tenebrarum was going to be up to the task.
Eventually the Garthim arrived at a door. It punched in a few buttons on a panel to the right causing the two doors to slide open.

Vader walked into the room to see a middle aged woman dressed completely in black with brown hair standing with her back to him. She turned round, saw him and smiled.
“Lord Vader” she said “It’s great that you’ve honoured me with your presence”
“Spare me the formalities” Vader replied “We’ve got business to attend to”
“Of course” replied Tenebrarum “But first would you care for a drink”
She laughed at her own feeble joke and added “Only kidding”
“Very funny” said Vader “Now tell me this. Can you destroy Chowder and find us the rune?”
“Of course” she laughed “We’ll grind them all into dusk and get that rune.”
She then looked around as if to make sure no one was listening
“Can I ask you a private question?”
Vader was slightly taken aback by this question
“Go ahead”
“Well” said Tenebrarum “Is Loki in charge of all this?”
Confused Vader replied “To my knowledge. Why?”
“It’s strange” replied Tenebrarum “The other evening, just before we left, I was walking up to Loki’s office, I heard him talking”
“Perhaps he was just talking to himself” said Vader
“I thought that at first” replied Tenebrarum “But then I heard another voice. It sounded high-pitched and slightly childish.”
“What did it say” said Vader
“I couldn’t make it out” replied Tenebrarum “I only heard the last bit of one sentence.”
“It’s probably just a friend of Loki’s” replied Vader “Don’t let it concern you. Now about those plans…”

After landing the TARDIS again, the group stepped out and found themselves in a large corridor. The walls were made of bricks. On the left wall were several wooden doors while the right wall had a set of windows. Mcclane walked up to the window and looked out, revealing that the building they were in was overlooking a large town. From a distance it looked pretty much like a typical medieval European town that he’d seen in a text book when he was younger.
“Hello!” said Chowder. His cry echoed down the corridor. But nobody answered
“Maybe nobody’s here” said Mario
Opening the doors didn’t give them much results. While the rooms did look fancy, they were completely empty.
“You sure you brought us to the right place?” Mcclane asked the Doctor
“I most certainly did” the Doctor replied “This is the castle of the city of Annúminas where the library is located. I ran it through all the circuits. We’re definitely in the right place”
“Wait a minute” said Serena “Where is this library anyway
“Well” said the Doctor “I checked the charts. At the moment it’s still being built. Apparently after the war, king Ellesar was determined to be prepared in case of another. So he had the library built with the intention of filling it with as much knowledge as possible. That way, he’d be prepared”.
“You are correct intruders!” said a voice from behind them

The voice in question came from a man in a medieval knight outfit. He was accompanied by a man in a similar outfit.
“Hi there” said the Doctor grinning “I was wondering if you could see it in your hearts to introducing us to king Ellesar. It’s very important that-“
“SILENCE!” screamed the guard “King Ellesar is very busy and has no time for intruders! We shall escort you out”
“Aw come on” said Chowder “We’re nice people”
“No!” replied the guard “My duty is for and foremost my king and country! I cannot jeopardise their safety even for someone who claims to be good. Especially when they look as strange as you do”
“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!” said Luna
The guards eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets
“What sorcery is this?” asked the second guard
“It’s not sorcery” said Luna “It’s a warning”
“What do you mean?” asked the first guard
“Well” said Mcclane “Ya know those strange things that people claim to see”
“Yes?” said the second guard
“We can stop them”
“Nonsense!” said the first guard “How would you even know about these creatures anyway?”
“Celeborn told us” replied the Doctor
“You know Celeborn!” said the second guard
“I’m on first name terms” said the Doctor
The guards began to panic
“Oh dear, excuse me” said the first “You’d better come with us”

As the guards lead the group through the corridors, Mario turned to the Doctor
“Hey Doc, How’d you win em’ over like that”
“Celeborn’s a pretty big name in these parts” said the Doctor “Plus you know what guards like this tend to be like”.
Eventually the guards arrived at a large grand door. The doors swung open revealing an enormous
fancy looking room. A big red carpet ran down the centre leading to a throne. Sitting atop the thrown was a figure dressed in regal looking cloaks. He had a black beard that looked as though it had been finely trimmed for the better part of several years. When the Doctor saw the figure he stopped
“Aragorn” he whispered

As the group walked up to the throne, the king shouted “Halt!”. The group did so.
“Who are you?” asked the king “And why have you come here?”
“Don’t you remember me?” said the Doctor “I’m the Doctor
“Impossible!” said the King “The Doctor I knew looked nothing like you!”
The Doctor looked shocked “Really Aragorn?”
Now it was the king’s turn to look shocked
“I haven’t been called that- Oh why does it matter. State your business or begone!”
“We’re here to help you!” said Mcclane
“In what way?” asked the King
“We’re looking for a rune” said Chowder “You haven’t got one have you?”
“I have no such thing” replied the King
“Have you tried looking for it” said Chowder “It’s a big place and you might have put it somewhere and-”
“Silence!” said the King “We have no runes here and even if we did, we certainly wouldn’t give it to strange people such as yourself”
“Oh go on!” said Chowder “What if they were the legendary hero?”
“Are you seriously suggesting that one of you happens to be a legendary hero?”
“Yeah” said Chowder “Me to be exact”
“Just what do you take me for!” snapped the king “You, a legendary hero! Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve seen more heroic things than you the last time I was deloused!”
As Chowder (Who was understandably taken aback by this remark) opened his mouth to speak, Mcclane suddenly stepped forward.
“Do not approach the throne!” the king yelled, but Mcclane ignored him.
“Can I speak to you for a second?. In private?. Man to man?”
The king hesitated
“Don’t worry” said Mcclane “I won’t hurt ya”
He hustled the king over to one side to talk to him

Once the two of them were outside of ear shot, Mcclane began to whisper to him
“That kid you just insulted, is a pal of mine. But you probably guessed that”
The king nodded
“Well he’s right. But that’s not the last of it”
“What do you mean?” asked the king
“I’m saying, if we don’t find that rune, then we’re in deep trouble”
“How so?” asked the King
“Well” said Mcclane “There’s this evil bastard named Loki who’s also looking for the rune. And if he gets it, it’s farewell to this place. Along with everything else we hold dear”
“Nonsense!” yelled the king “Lies. I’ve met your type before. You merely wish to confuse me until you are close enough to stab me in the back. GUARDS!”

At that point, a group of guards entered and grabbed the group who started to struggle. Unfortunately for them, the guards were very strong.
“No!” said Mcclane “You gotta listen to us!”
“Take them to the dungeon” said the king “They shall remain there until I decide what to do with them!”

After being brought to the dungeon, the group were shoved inside. The guards then slammed the door leaving the group alone with their thoughts. Finally Luigi spoke
“Say doc. How did you know that guy anyway?”
“His name is Aragorn” replied the Doctor “When I first met him, he was living as a ranger in the south of here. Of course I looked a lot different then.”
“Whoa whoa whoa!” said Mcclane “Then how’d he end up as king?”
“I don’t know” replied the Doctor “From what I understand, there was a war of some sort a few years earlier. Maybe that had something to do with it”
“So how we gonna get outta here?” asked Serena
“I don’t know” replied the Doctor “For now, all we can do is wait. Maybe he’ll come to his senses.”
Mcclane scoffed
“Whaddaya talking about? I’ve met friendlier guys at hostage negotiations”.
“Well we’ll just have to hope he softens up” said Luna.

Outside the gates of the town, the guards on duty were busy minding their own business while keeping a look out for invaders. They were then interrupted by a figure in the distance. One of them squinted and saw that a group of figures were moving closer to the town walls. The two of them moved in front of the gates and held their spears up.

When the group got closer, they saw that it was led by a figure dressed entirely in black and a brown haired middle age woman. The group itself consisted of 25-odd strange creatures resembling crabs and insects. The guard decided to play it cool
“Can I help you?” he asked as the figure walked up to them
“That depends” replied the man in black “Do you know where we can find a rune?”
The guard managed to say “Erm….No?” before the figure produced a stick made of light. The second guard got as far as “What the!” before the two of them were sliced in half.

Vader turned back to the group of mutants and Garthim
“My orders to you are simple! Find out where the rune is! This is the largest town in the land, so there’s bound to be somebody! If they resist, tear them apart!”
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 16
Chapter 16 of my latest story. Since Tolkien was one of my biggest influences as a writer, this is my own homage to his work. I've researched the history of Middle Earth to make sure it matches the history as closely as possible To all you LOTR fans out there, be gentle if you think I haven't done it justice.

Mater Tenebrarum was the villain in Dario Argento's 1980 horror film, Inferno
So after some puppets, we get the first footage of Star Fox Zero for the Wii U. So far it looks pretty good with tons of action. What are your thoughts?
I'm hoping this'll be the series's big comeback  
The first episode of the new show starring Mrgreen36 has aired with Mrgreen36 starring as himself. In the first episode, he discovers someone on the forums who doesn't like Nintendo and gets into an argument with them.
The critics have spoken:

The SBKMulletman times: "This is the worst piece of fucking shit i've ever seen in my life"
The Proudasian herald: "Only Asians can make sitcoms so this show is racist against asians"
The daily SilverSongwriter: "I loved it when he took off his shirt and flexed his biceps. Now I've gotta go and beat the gay out of me"
The Tronmanz times: "Still better than Michael Bay's Transformers films. Even the Last Airbender is better than those monstrocities"
The Intermetal daily "Obvious leftist propaganda by cultural marxists"

Share your thoughts, ask me some questions. Whatever you want


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