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Avecy Elise by SmokeySings

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the worst drawings I think I've seen on the entire site. The image is extremely poorly coloured. Th...

Service Station Space by M-Delcambre

One of the first genuinely good works of art I've seen in a while The first reason is that it's very well painted. Even the smaller par...

(POINT COM) Star The Hedgehog by Tesla-That-Hedgehog

Ah Sonic ocs. The worst kind of recolour. Like most of them, this looks exactly like any other Sonic OC. In fact (and I may be wrong he...

Timeless Meadow by sagethethird

Great image if I do say so. The colours of the image are very warm and striking which is a good thing as it means that anyone who see's...


Exactly what it says on the tin.
Have you ever met anyone famous? And if so, what were they like?

At Collectormania Milton Keynes earlier this year, I met Sylvester Mccoy who played the Seventh Doctor in Doctor Who. He was very friendly. I also met David Prowse who played Darth Vader. Again he was a nice guy, but a bit sarcastic
Exactly what the title says. If you had to pick a film and an album to represent your home country, what would it be?

For me, since I'm English, I'd go with The Third Man for film and The Beatles Sgt. Pepper for album
Like the title says, What were the things from TV shows, Films, Video games and the like that scared you as a kid.

A few of mine:
The Tunnel Scene from Willy Wonka (nuff said)

The Hood from Thunderbirds especially when he controlled Kyrano

The Looney Tunes episode Hyde and Tweet in which Tweety Pie drinks Hyde potion and turns into a monster.

The Dexter's Lab episode Monstory. Similar to the above example Dexter and Dee Dee drink potions that turns them into horrifying monsters

The Tom and Jerry episode Heavenly Puss especially the scene in which Tom gets sent to hell

The Courage the Cowardly dog episode Courage in the Big Stinkin City especially that Freakin Violin Girl

The Teletubbies (yes you read that right) sketch, the Lion and the Bear
Almost instantly, the group found themselves fighting for their lives as a trio of Skeletons bared down on them. Mcclane told one to go forth and multiply before punching it in the ribs. It collapsed instantly. Serena kicked one as well and it too collapsed.
“You know, I thought they’d put up more of a fight” said Luna
Almost immediately after Luna made that remark, the two skeletons reformed.
“You gotta be kidding!” said Mario.
“What do we do!!!” asked Chowder
“Keep fighting them off!” said Aragorn knocking away two more skeletons with his sword. A few seconds later, they instantly reformed.

“Excellent!” Vader said to Tenebrarum.
“Don’t mention it!”  she replied “Soon we will have that rune!”
With that she made a motion with one of her hands. One of the Skeletons then reached down and grabbed Chowder
“Let me go!” he yelled
As it reached for the rune, Chowder shivered for a second. Its fingers were all cold and clammy as though it hadn’t been washed for a while. Chowder punched it in the face. Its skull flew off and the whole thing crumbled dropping Chowder to the floor.

“Chowder!” yelled Mcclane.
Unfortunately, Chowder was soon separated from the rest of the group. Mcclane fought as the Skeletons began to crawl over him and the rest of the group.  Serena in particular was screaming and trying to knock the skeletons away. But they just kept coming. Every time one was destroyed, another two attacked before the group had a chance to destroy them, giving the previously destroyed one, a chance to rebuilt itself.  

Chowder, meanwhile was suffering in much the same way. Only for him, he didn’t have the rest of the group to fight alongside him. Pretty soon he was pinned down on the ground. As the Skeletons began to crawl down on top of Chowder, he felt his life beginning to flash before his eyes.
All the memories of the great times, him, Mung and the others came flashing back. From the day they met, to the day he blew up the kitchen to just before he left on his quest.

“Remember” said Mung “A good chef can do anything, as long as he puts his mind to it!”.
At that, Chowder snapped back to reality. He’d just had a brilliant idea.
“Let’s see how you like reforming with broken bones!”
With a series of punches, he kicked away the skeletons that were towering over him sending bones flying through the air.

At the same time, Serena was able to reach her tiara
“Moon tiara magic!” she yelled and sent it flying through the air.  
It travelled round the room in a boomerang pattern knocking out many of the skeletons standing over the group and giving the group a chance to break free.
“Get em!” yelled Mcclane

He didn’t have to tell the rest of the group twice. Within seconds the group were plowing their way through bones sending them flying through the air.
“What are you doing!” yelled Vader “Stop them!”
“Don’t worry” replied Tenebrarum “I’ve got another plan up my sleeve”

Within seconds, the skeletons had been destroyed and the floor was once again covered in bones. The group and Vader stared each other down.
“Just give up!” said Mcclane “We’ve got you outnumbered!”
“Good point!” said Tenebrarum “For my next trick, check this out!”

As soon as Tenebrarum finished speaking, all the bones in the room began to move. Rushing past the group and climbing over one another, they began to gather in the centre of the room. After a few seconds, the group could see a shape forming.
“What the…?” said Mcclane. A few seconds later he had his answer.

The bones had formed into one giant skeleton. It’s skull was made from several smaller skulls and it was holding a club made from various different bones. It stood over them with an ominous air and it’s eyes glowed red. It then let out a roar. Tenebrarum laughed.

As the Skeleton began to walk towards Mcclane and the others, it swung it’s bone club down right next to them. Mcclane stumbled as he backed away and fell on the floor. The Skeleton raised it’s club to strike again.

Mcclane swore and just narrowly rolled out of the way as the club swung down and crashed onto the floor
“Take this!” yelled Serena who threw her tiara at it. As before, it sailed through the air. However unlike the previous time, it merely bounced off the giant skeleton without leaving as much as a scratch. Serena gulped.

As the Skeleton drew nearer, the group found themselves trapped with the walls of the crypt on one side and the aforementioned skeleton on the other. The Doctor held out his sonic screwdriver and scanned it
“Whaddya doing!” Luigi asked as the Skeletons club came down in front of him
“Scanning for any sign of weakness!” replied the Doctor “So far nothing!”
“Well that’s great!” said Mcclane “Now we know we’re doomed!”

As Tenebrarum moved the Skeleton in for the kill, she didn’t notice Chowder who had been separated from the group. He panicked as his friends were slowly being cornered.
“What do I do?” he thought to himself. Then he looked at Tenebrarum.

“Of course!” he thought “If I get her, it’ll stop the skeleton”. Chowder thought for a second. Then he braced himself and leaped at Tenebrarum.

The rest of the group had been backed into the corner and were now desperate for a miracle
“Oh cripes!” said Luigi “This is it!”
Tenebrarum laughed and brought the club down for the kill. The group closed their eyes and prepared for the worst.

A second later they realised something was amiss. The Doctor was the first to open his eyes and saw that the skeleton’s club was hanging over them.
“Stop trying to hurt my friends!” came a voice from the right

Said voice belonged to Chowder who was now struggling with Tenebrarum.
“Get off me!” she screamed
“Never!” yelled Chowder who scratched at her face. Tenebrarum pulled her left hand back to grab Chowder which caused the giant skeleton to flail backwards.
“I said Let go!” she yelled and grabbed Chowder. Chowder then bit her arm. Tenebrarum screamed and dropped him, only for Chowder to jump on her leg and sink his teeth into it.
Tenebrarum screamed and knocked Chowder off. He fell to the floor with a thud.
“Chowder!” Mcclane screamed.
Tenebrarum walked over to Chowder who looked up only to be struck in the face by her foot. He groaned and collapsed onto the floor.
“Now” said Tenebrarum turning back to the group “Where were we”
At that she began to move the giant skeleton back towards the group.

Chowder slowely opened his eyes. In the distance he could hear his friends shouting. When his sight cleared, he could make out the image of Tenebrarum laughing and moving the skeleton in for the kill.
“No…” he said reaching out.

As the situation looked hopeless, Chowder felt something in his pocket. He felt around to find the pointy end of one of the runes. Without thinking he pulled himself up and flung himself at Tenebrarum.

Seconds before Tenebrarum was about to command the skeleton to kill the group, she felt a stabbing pain in her leg. Looking down, she saw the rune sticking out of it and Chowder staring up at her.
Before she could react further, a fiery light blazed through her blinding everyone else in the room and causing her to scream. A few seconds later it stopped. Where Tenebrarum had been standing, a small pile of black ash was on the floor.

“You may have one this time, but I’ll be back!” yelled Vader, who then took out a teleportation device and pressed the button. He then disappeared in a flash of blue light. Mcclane and the others ran over to Chowder who was sobbing.

“I’m a murderer!” Chowder sobbed
“Don’t be ridiculous” replied the Doctor “You saved us”
“But why I have to kill her!” said Chowder. He wiped his nose, then said “I’m as bad as them!”
At that, Aragorn leaned down, so that his face was level with Chowder’s.
“Listen” he said. Chowder looked up and sniffed
“When I was in the war, I often had to kill. I understand how you feel. But you had no choice. Unlike those people who chose to try and kill you. Does that help?”
Chowder sniffed again “I guess so”

The group was silent for a long time. Finally Luigi spoke
“I guess those runes really are powerful”
“Quite” replied the Doctor “We’ll have to ask our friends, the Critic and the Nerd about them”.
He then took out his Sonic Screwdriver and buzzed it towards the air. A few seconds later, the TARDIS materialised in front of them.
“Shall we go?” he asked.

When the TARDIS landed, the group found themselves standing in the throne room of the castle of Arnor. Aragorn stepped out. He then turned to the group
“I wish to thank you for your help.” he said.
“Ah don’t mention it” said Mcclane “We’re just doing our job”
“Well it was a very good job, you did” replied Aragorn “If they’d gotten the power of that rune, who knows what might have happened”
Serena blushed “It was nothing really”
“Well” said Aragorn “I must attend to the needs of my subjects. I wish you the best of luck in your quest”
“Thanks” replied Chowder.
The group then disappeared back into the TARDIS. Its light started flashing and it faded away.

“So where do we go next?” asked Mcclane.
“I’ll answer that!” came a familiar voice from Chowder. He took out the marble to find the image of the Critic and the Nerd contained within.
“Where the hell have you been!?” Mcclane exclaimed
“Geez” said the Nerd “No need to blow out your ass!”
“Actually we have another question for you” said Luna
“Well what is it?” said the Critic “Don’t be shy, just say it”
“It’s about the runes” replied Luna “Where did they come from”

The Critic and the Nerd looked at each other.
“Well I suppose we could tell you” said the Nerd
“Comfy?” asked the Critic “Then we’ll dive right in”

“I guess you know that the runes contain the energy that makes up this place” said the Nerd
“Yeah” said Mcclane “But where’s that energy from?”
“Well” said the Critic “It comes from a place outside this universe”
“Ooh” Chowder had sparkles in his eyes “What’s it like?”
“We don’t know exactly” said the Critic “All we know is that this place generates that energy frequently. It then comes through to us and we have to check its right.”
“If it’s right” said the Nerd “Then we have to make it into characters or even whole new worlds”
“What happens if it’s not right” said the Doctor
“We get rid of it” said the Critic “We send it to the void between universes where it dissipates”
“So where do the runes fit in?” asked Mario
“They are artefacts from the very beginning of our world” said the Nerd
“There’s five in all and they contain the 5 elements of our world in purified form” said the Critic
“What are the elements?” asked Serena
“Character, plot, theme, style and setting” replied the Critic “At the moment you have the runes of Character and plot”
“Wait a minute” said Mcclane “How exactly is this energy formed?”
“We’re not sure ourselves” replied the Nerd “But we think it has something to do with the beings that live there”
“Wait!” said Luigi shocked “There are people outside our world creating us through really powerful energy!!!”
“As far as we know” replied the Critic

The whole group stared
“Wow” said Mcclane “So there’s people more powerful than any of us outside all this”
“Makes you feel a bit small” said Luna
After contemplating this for a moment, the Doctor finally spoke
“So what about the next rune?”
“The rune of theme” said the Critic
“Well we’ve got some bad news” said the Nerd
“What’s that?” asked Mcclane

The Critic and the Nerd hesitated
“Ok. But you’re not gonna like it” said the Nerd
The Critic closed his eyes
“It’s split into three, tripling the amount of work you gotta do”
Serena broke down in tears
“Aww! Why can’t it just be easy!” she balled
“Oh do be quiet!” snapped Luna. Serena did so
“So where do we find em?” asked Mcclane
“In your future” replied the Nerd “They’re spread over three planets”
“Sounds like we’ve got our work cut out” said the Doctor “Where should we start?”
“Try Arrakis” replied the Nerd
“I think I know it” said the Doctor “Isn’t it the desert planet with all the sandworms?”
“That’s the one” said the Critic “When you find it, let us know”
“Very well” said the Doctor “Hold on tight, we’re heading for Arrakis!”
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 19
Chapter 19 of my ongoing story.
For those who are curious, the world that the energy that forms the realm of fiction comes from, is our own world
After seeing the zombie apocalypse team meme, I thought I'd try it out on the good folks of the Deviantart forum. Here are the 8 members of the team along with who I'd choose:

Team Leader: President Marshall from Air Force One. He's badass on his own and a pretty competant leader

Brawler: Little Mac from Punch out. Who better to have as a brawler than a boxing champion

Weapons expert: Urza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. She's got the ability to shift her armour into multiple different forms and she's easy on the eyes which is always a bonus.

Brains: The Fourth Doctor from Doctor Who. Who else but one of the cleverest people in the universe?

Medic: Maribelle from Fire Emblem Awakening. 

Speed fighter: Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2. An added bonus is that he could also function as comic relief and lighten the mood.

Mascot: Carrie Krueger from TAWOG. She's badass and scary making her perfect for the role

Guy who dies first: Morrissey because he's an annoying pretentious twat
What are songs that bring a great sense of nostalgia to you. Here's a few of mine:

Killing Me Softly: The Fugees
Return of the Mack: Mark Morrison
Kiss from a Rose: Seal
Artful Dodger: Rewind
Spiller: Groovejet
Alanis Morissette: Ironic
Wheatus: Teenage Dirtbag
George Michael: Fastlove
Fatman Scoop: Be Faithful
Red Red Wine: UB40
The Cardigans: Losing my Favourite Game
I've put this in the game forum, but really it could just as easily apply to films, tv shows or books.

A few months ago, I accidentally read a massive spoiler for Xenoblade Chronicles. I'm a bit cheesed off with myself and I find myself unable to play the game. So I thought I'd ask the good folks on the forums what do you do if this happens. 
Who doesn't love a good sci fi b movie. And the 50s and 60s were the best time for this. So I thought I'd enquire about some of the favourites of the good folk of Deviantart. 
For the the record, here's a few of mine:

War of the Worlds (1953): The quintessential 50s alien invasion film.

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) One of the best monster films ever made 

20 million miles to earth (1957): An American spaceship crashlands off the coast of Sicily causing a venusian alien to go on a rampage.

Gorgo (1961): One of the few decent films featured on MST3K, it's basically a British Kaiju movie

The Blob (1958) Certainly one of the more original monsters in sci fi cinema. Also notable for being the first starring role of Steve Mcqueen

This Island Earth (1955): Thin on plot but makes up for it with effects that still hold up today

Blood Feast (1963): Notable for being the first splatter film as well as the oldest film on the UK's video nasties list
After they’d left the castle, Tenebrarum summoned Vader to her room in the Martian Cylinder. When Vader entered, he noticed she’d placed a Crystal ball on a table in the centre of the room.
“Why did you summon me?” Vader asked “Is this the plan to find Chowder”
“It is indeed” replied Tenebrarum “Dim the lights please”
Vader did so, and Tenebrarum began to chant in a language he’d never heard. The crystal began to light up. Its light got brighter until Vader could barely see anything. Tenebrarum appeared to pay no mind to this. She was off in what appeared to be a trance and was still chanting. Her chanting continued to get louder and the crystal got brighter. Then just as suddenly as it had started it all stopped.

Vader turned back on the lights and turned to Tenebrarum who was just recovering from the ritual
“So” he said “Do you know where and when they’ll be heading?”
“Oh yes” Tenebrarum smiled “They’ll be heading at a place called the mines of Moria early next morning…”

Early said morning, the lake at the entrance to the Mines was fairly quiet. This was to be expected since very few people went near it anymore. (It had been declared unsafe since the war a few years earlier. However there was a growing campaign within the dwarf community to get it reopened) However after a while the winds around the area began to pick up followed by a wheezing sound. Then a blue police box materialised out of thin air. A group of figures stepped out

As the Doctor locked up the TARDIS, Luigi asked “Is this the place?” They were at a large rocky mountain overlooking a lake. The waters of the lake were dark and forboding like a creature ready to strike
“Yes” replied Aragorn “There should be an entrance around here somewhere…”
Chowder looked at the wall. As he scanned it for any sign of an entrance, he noticed the faint outline of markings.
“Hey guys!” he said “Look at this!”
The group rushed over to the where Chowder was. They immediately noticed the markings.
“What’s that?” asked Mcclane
“Our way in” replied Aragorn. He then said Mellon. Almost instantly the door opened
“What was that all about?” asked Serena
“The way in” replied Aragorn
“How did you know it’d work?” asked Mario
“Well it did the last time” said Aragorn
Now the group were even more confused
“What do you mean last time?” asked Mcclane “Have you been here before?”
Aragorn sighed “I suppose I haven’t been completely honest with you.”
“How so?” asked The Doctor
“Remember that war I mentioned” replied Aragorn
“Go on?” said Luna
“Well..” replied Aragorn

Aragorn explained about the war and his part in it (Which for the interested reader mainly consisted of him summarising his role in the LOTR novels)
“Wow” said Chowder when he eventually finished
“It’s quite a long story, I’m aware” said Aragorn “But I apologise for boring you”
“Not at all” said Luna “Shall we get going”
“Right” said the Doctor “Lead the way Aragorn”
Aragorn did so as the group entered the mines.

As the group did so, none of them, noticed movement in the bushes on the other side of the lake. A few seconds later, Vader and Tenebrarum stepped out. Tenebrarum smiled
“Everything’s going to plan”
“Why don’t we just kill them?” asked Vader
“Don’t be ridiculous!” replied Tenenbrarum “We’ll follow them in and keep out of sight. Then we’ll steal the rune from them, once they lead us to it”
“Understood” said Vader “Troops march!”
Vader and Tenebrarum then set off round the lake to the mine entrance.

“Wow!” said Chowder as they entered. Despite the darkness, the interior of the mine was very brightly lit. The group had found themselves in an enormous hall with pillars running up and down the room. Everything in the room was made of stone. The hall was so large that the group could barely see the end of it. As they walked through it, everything was silent. All the group could here was the sound of their breathing.

The hall was so big that just crossing it took the group the best part of an hour. Luigi and Serena spent the whole time trembling.
“Geez” said Luigi “Why does it always have to be dark?”
As the group continued walking, the silence began getting to them. Mcclane thought he heard noises in the distance, but put it down to paranoia.
“Hey what’s that!”
Everyone in the group jumped before realising that Chowder was the one speaking
“What’s what?” asked the Doctor
“I thought I saw something” said Chowder
The Doctor shined his sonic screwdriver around the cavern. As he did, his light caught a figure lying against one of the columns
“Hello!” said Aragorn. His cry echoed down the hall, but the figure didn’t respond. The group crept closer.

As they got nearer, the group could see more of the figure. He was dressed in a spiked hat and a black tunic. He appeared to be very short, though his helmet was slumped over his face obscuring any details.
“Hello?” said Luna
As the group walked up to him, the Doctor slowly turned the figure’s head. Its hat fell off revealing a skull. Serena jumped back
“Doesn’t look like he’s had much luck” said the Doctor
“Come on” said Mcclane “We still gotta find that rune”

Eventually the group left the hall and found themselves navigating through a series of passages. Aragorn lead them the whole time, though he did not say a word to the group. Eventually after several hours of walking, the group came to a fork in the path.
“Oh great!” said Mcclane “Which way do we go?”
Aragorn thought for a moment.
“The last time I was here, we went left. I suggest we go right”
“Works for me” said the Doctor.

As they travelled through the passage, the group gradually became aware of a heavy wheezing sound.
Chowder (being the curious type) was the first to ask what it was.
“I don’t know” replied Aragorn.
No sooner had he said it, then the group turned a corner and got their answer.

Sleeping in the path in front of them was a large grey creature. It appeared to be asleep and was snoring heavily. To top it all off, it smelled like laundry that hadn’t been washed in years.
For the second time in a row, Chowder asked “What is it?”
“A troll” replied Aragorn “One of the most vicious creatures to wander Middle Earth”
As the group slowly walked up to it, Aragorn whispered “Whatever you do, don’t wake it up”

What none of the group had noticed was Vader and Tenebrarum walking behind them. The darkness of the mines had made it easy for them to conceal themselves. When they heard Aragorn’s warning, Vader had an idea.

As the group began to creep past the sleeping troll, Vader used his Sith powers to make a nearby rock levitate. Then with a wave of his arm, he smacked into the troll’s face causing it to open its eyes.

As soon as the Troll did so, it saw the group crawling past it. It let out a tremendous roar causing the group to stop dead in their tracks.
“Brace yourself guys!” said Mcclane “We’re gonna have to fight!”

Immediately after Mcclane spoke, he dived out of the way to avoid the troll’s arm swinging down towards him. When it impacted the floor, the entire area where the troll’s fist landed cracked and splintered. It roared in pain, before charging towards them.

The Troll launched a second punch at the group which slammed into the nearby wall so hard, that Chowder honestly thought the tunnel was going to collapse. Dust was thrown up into the air and rocks began to fall from the ceiling. The whole group coughed and found they could barely open their eyes.

As Mcclane’s sight cleared, he became aware of Chowder’s form in front of him. Chowder was still blinded by the dust and was rubbing his eyes. The Troll however was about to slam its fists and crush him
“No!” yelled Mcclane. In a split second, he leaped forward, grabbed Chowder and yanked him away from where he was standing. The troll’s fist came down so close to both of them that they felt the air rush by on their faces.

Chowder coughed from the smoke caused by the impact. When his vision cleared, he saw that a part of the ceiling had given way, revealing sunlight streaming through. Chowder looked up at Mcclane
“You…saved me” said Chowder with big black eyes.
“Mcclane began to say “Don’t mention it”. However he was interrupted by the Troll’s hand grabbing both of them.

As it tightly squeezed, Mcclane said through gasps of breath
“We’ve gotta get free”
“Do something!” yelled Luigi
Mario did just that and jumped on the Trolls hand. However instead of having the desired effect of knocking Chowder and Mcclane free, he just slammed on top of it. The troll then grabbed him as well.
“Do something!” Mario yelled “I don’t wanna be lunch!”
Aragorn then realised something.
“The sunlight! Get it in there!”

Without thinking, Serena took of her tiara.
“Moon prism tiara!” she yelled and sent it flying through the air where it smacked the troll right between the eyes. The force of the blow not only caused the Troll to drop Chowder, Mcclane and Mario it also staggered back right into the sunlight.

The group watched in amazement. Within seconds its entire body had turned to stone and it stopped moving, frozen where it stood.
“What was that?” asked Chowder
“A troll’s greatest weakness” replied Aragorn “If they touch sunlight they turn to stone. They’ve never been popular with armies as a result.”
“Quite” said the Doctor “Now let’s see what the tunnel has to offer”

The tunnel lead them through a narrow passage of descending steps, forcing the group to travel single file. It was even darker then the main hall had been and kept getting darker as the group descended.
“Hey!” said Serena “Watch where you’re steppin’!”
“Sorry” said Mario.
The Doctor whipped out his Sonic Screwdriver and shined it. Even with its light, they couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of them.
“Tell me we’re nearly at the end” said Luigi
As if on cue, a faint light appeared at the end of the tunnel.
“Hey!” said Mcclane “Either we’re dead or there’s the end of the tunnel”
The group raced down the tunnel towards the light. When they emerged they were hit with a sense of amazement.

The tunnel had led to an enormous cavern. Within the cavern was what was left of a gigantic city. The buildings of said city had been carved into the cavern walls with paths running up and down the caves.
“What is this place?” asked Serena
“Looks like the living quarters” said Aragorn
“Come on” said the Doctor “Let’s see what we can find”

Chowder was trembling. The whole abandoned air of the city made it feel creepy enough. The fact that it was also incredibly dark was enough for him to worry about the state of his pants.
“What happened here?” asked the Doctor
“Well” replied Aragorn “From what I heard, they were wiped out after digging up a monster known as Durin’s Bane”
“Monster!” said Serena, nearly jumping out of her skin
“Oh don’t worry” said Aragorn “Last time I was here, my comrades and I disposed of it”
The whole group breathed a collective sigh of relief.

A short while later, another building came into view. As the group got closer, more details about it could be glimpsed. It appeared to be made out of the same type of stone as the rest of the building and had a large spire which extended up to the ceiling at the front.
“Looks like some sort of church” said Mcclane
“Well my vote goes to investigating it” said the Doctor

Following the Doctor’s advice the group walked up to the old wooden doors of the building. Mario pulled at the doors, but they didn’t budge.
“It’s locked” he said
The Doctor walked up to it, whipped out his sonic screwdriver and held it against the doors. A few seconds later, the sound of the door unlocking was heard. He then pushed the doors aside and the group entered.

Luigi was the first to scream. The entire floor of the building was covered in boness.
“Oh man that’s so gross” said Serena
“What about that?” asked Chowder
At the end of the church was an altar. Sitting on the altar was a brown stone.
“That’s it!” Mario said “That’s what we’re looking for”

The group made their way across the church, being careful to avoid stepping on any bones. When they reached the altar, Chowder carefully picked up the rune and examined it. Its pattern was a dot with a line below it followed by another dot.
“I think we hit the jackpot” said Chowder smiling.
“Not so fast!” came a voice from behind them

The group turned to see Vader and Tenebrarum standing at the doorway.
Mcclane groaned “Not now”
“Well” said Vader “I applaud you. You’ve evaded my grasp several times. But this will be the last”
“May I ask how?” said Luna “There’s 8 of us and two of you”
“That’s correct” said Tenebrarum “Good thing I can do this!”

With that, Tenebrarum waved her arms. Immediately, the various bones began to move about and form into the shapes of skeletons. Within seconds, a massive army of skeletons were standing between the group and Vader.
"Now!” yelled Tenebrarum “Destroy them!”
With that, the Skeletons began advancing towards the group.
Avecy Elise by SmokeySings
Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the worst drawings I think I've seen on the entire site.

The image is extremely poorly coloured. There's a lot of white in the image from where it hasn't been coloured in properly. This alone ruins the image. But that's not all. The colours have no shading and are extremely flat which adds to the overall amateur look.

It also looks like it was scribbled in five minutes. Now I have nothing against speed painting when it's done well. This however looks like something a five year old would draw. And that's being generous.

Finally and this is a minor point, you can see her eye through her hair. That alone suggests the image was rushed.

So in short, this is terrible even by Sonic OC standards


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