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Great image if I do say so. The colours of the image are very warm and striking which is a good thing as it means that anyone who see's...

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I like what you've done with this guitar. So allow me to explain in a bit more detail The patchwork effect on it's own is a pretty good...

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One of the best drawings I think I've seen in ages. Why? Well let's break it down The surreal imagery of the image is some of the best ...

Trinity the Hedgehog in a dress by xXxShallowBayxXx

I don't want to sound mean, but I don't think this is very good. I feel that it's just another generic Sonic Character with bland colou...


The Imperial Star Destroyer that Vader had managed to get a hold off was based in the void between universes. This allowed it to remain virtually undetectable while a dimensional breaker allowed them to send things into other universes.
Right now in the bridge, Loki was eagerly awaiting Vader’s report. His last one claimed he’d captured the legendary hero, so he was ecstatic. He then heard a teleporting sound accompanied by a blue flash from behind him. Loki turned to see Vader standing in front of him.

“Do you bring news?” asked Loki
“Well… of a sort” replied Vader
Loki frowned
“What do you mean “Of a sort?”
“I mean that I have news” replied Vader. He hesitated before continuing “But I doubt you’ll like it”
“Try me” said Loki
Vader took a deep breath
“Well I had them captured, but they and the other prisoners rebelled and were able to escape as well as destroy the factory.”
Loki laughed “Is that all?”
“So” said Vader “I assume you’re not disappointed?”
“Oh no” said Loki still smiling “I’m furious!”
His demeanour instantly changed to one of anger. Vader took a step back

“Do you know how important that factory was to us!” screamed Loki “Half our weapons were manufactured there. And you tell me you managed to not only lose it, but the legendary hero as well!”
“I merely underestimated them” replied Vader. His voice sounded calm as always, but inside he was petrified. Loki was extremely unpredictable when he was angry. Twice Vader had seen him destroy a minion who’d brought him bad news. Up until now, he’d been fine with Vader as he’d managed to achieve anything Loki had told him. Now Vader was genuinely worried that Loki would think he’d outlived his usefulness.
“It had better not” said Loki. He leaned in closer to Vader’s helmet
“May I remind you that we need those runes. They are the key to victory!”
Vader gulped
“Yes master”
“Good” said Loki. He smiled again and walked away. Vader then had a thought
“Master” he said. Loki turned round
“I have an idea.”
Loki raised an Eyebrow “Go on”
“Why don’t we find someone who can get close to the hero and befriend him. Then when the time is right, he can destroy him”
“It could work” said Loki “Although we are on a tight budget, otherwise we’d have had more mind control helmets. Where do you think we’ll find someone like that?”
“I could check our databases” replied Vader “They’ve got details of every noted villain in the known multiverse. So they’ll probably have someone we can use”
“Well what are you waiting for!” said Loki “Get going!”
“Yes sir” replied Vader who immediately left the room for the ship’s databanks.

The room that housed the computer systems was large enough to take up the floorspace of a small warehouse.  Every available floor space was packed with computer equipment and large humming machinery leaving only small corridors to squeeze through.  The actually interface part of the computer was housed in a small office a five minute walk from the entrance of the machine room. Vader walked into said room and turned on the screen. A green box appeared asking for his password. Vader typed it in without hesitating. Almost immediately after he entered it, a message popped up on the screen reading “Welcome back Lord Vader”. The images then changed to a desktop showing various files and programs. Vader opened a command line and entered in the name of a database.
A large window filled the screen containing names of villains from all across the multiverse. Vader sighed and began looking through them.

An hour later, Vader was practically falling asleep from boredom. He’d been through over half the latin alphabet and still found no villains that could serve his purpose and were still affordable. As he turned onto the next letter, he felt close to giving up when a name caught his eye. Studying it, Vader became increasingly impressed by what he saw. He then logged out and went off to find the nearest phone.

A few minutes later, Vader had found a phone and dialled the number. A voice on the other end said “Yeah? Whaddya want?”
“I was wondering if you could help me?” replied Vader
“That depends” said the voice “If you wanna know how to do your own show where you answer fan letters, I’m your man”
“Not exactly” said Vader “I’m told you’re also something of a bad guy”
“In a way” said the voice “Although I haven’t done that for a while”
“If I said I was willing to pay you handsomely, would you consider it” replied Vader

Several hours and a hefty phone bill later, Vader was still trying to negotiate with his client
“Ok” said Vader exasperated “If I give you a whole 6 crates of cold beer, a new game-“
“On floppy disk!” said the voice
“Of course!” said Vader “And 200,000$ in real money will you do it?”
“Throw in a free pizza lunch and you’ve got a deal!” said the voice
“It is done” said Vader “Here is what you’ve got to do…”

Back at Gumball’s house in Elmore, Gumball, his family, Carrie and the Fitzgeralds were seeing them off.
“So you’re telling me the pipe we need’s in the sewers?” said Mcclane
“Yeah” said Mr Fitzgerald “I used to work in the sewers. I think I know what you mean”
“You think!” said Mcclane
“Well I never used it myself” said Mr Fitzgerald “But I heard it was a portal of some sort, I don’t know how it worked”
“What does it look like?” asked Chowder
“It’s big and green” said Mr Fitzgerald “In fact it’s so big, you can easily fit inside it”
“Well” said Chowder “Now we know, let’s go”
“Just one more thing” said Carrie
With that, she leaned in close to Chowder and kissed him on the cheek. Chowder blushed
“Err…thanks I guess”
“We can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done” said Nicole
“Hey don’t mention it” said Mcclane “You guys did great as well. Are you sure you don’t wanna come with us”
“Oh no” said Nicole “We’ve gotta rebuild the town. It’s gonna be a long while before we get back to normal”
“I guess that makes sense” said Mcclane “See you around”
As Mcclane and Chowder walked away, the group waved and yelled goodbye until they’d disappeared far into the distance.
After exploring the town for a while, Mcclane and Chowder finally found a manhole. They removed it and were practically knocked off their feet by the smell.
“Oh god!” said Mcclane “Do we really have to go in there?”
“Oh come on” said Chowder “It’s only a smell.”
He then climbed into the manhole. Mcclane sighed, shook his head and followed Chowder down.

The sewers of Elmore were not only extremely smelly, they were also fairly vast. One could spend hours wandering them and never cross the same place twice.
“Are we there yet?” asked Chowder
“Ya know how they say there are no stupid questions?” replied Mcclane
“Yeah, so?” said Chowder
“Well they’re wrong” said Mcclane “And are we there yet is a stupid question”
The duo had been roaming the sewers for hours and still hadn’t seen anything. The smell was starting to irritate Mcclane and Chowder was getting bored
“Who are they?” asked Chowder looking confused
“Whaddya mean?” asked Mcclane
“Well” said Chowder “You said that they always say it and-“
“It’s a friggin figure of speech goddamnit!” yelled Mcclane
Chowder jumped back
“Hey I was only asking”
Mcclane regained his composure
“Sorry about that” said Mcclane “I guess the sewer’s startin’ to get to me”
He then noticed that Chowder wasn’t with him.
“Hey!” he yelled “Where are you?”
“Come quick!” yelled Chowder’s voice from down the tunnel

Mcclane ran through the darkness, following Chowder’s voice (He didn’t have much choice as the sewers were very badly lit)
“Where are you?” he called out
“Right here” came Chowder’s voice from in front of him.
Mcclane squinted. In front of him, Chowder was standing next to a green pipe sticking out of the ground.
“That’s gotta be it” said Chowder who then jumped into the pipe.
“Hey wait up!” said Mcclane, jumping in after him.

Back at the Watterson house, Nicole was cleaning up when she heard a knock at the door
“I’m coming, I’m coming!” she said rushing to the door.
When she opened it, she was greeted by a strange man at the door. Nicole found herself unnerved by his appearance. His skin was white and his hair was black, as were his clothes.
“I’m sorry to bother you” he said “I’m looking for a legendary hero. Perhaps you could help me”
“Well I did meet someone recently who said he was the legendary hero” replied Nicole uneasily “His name’s Chowder”
The man raised an eyebrow
“Really? What did he look like”
“Small and purple” replied Nicole “A bit like a cross between a cat, a bear and a rabbit. There was another person with him. He said his name was John”
“I see” said the man “Where would I find him”
Nicole told the man about the warp pipe in the sewers”
“Very good” said the man “Thank you for your time”
“No problem” replied Nicole who shut the door. She shivered as she walked away to get back to her cleaning”
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 5
Chapter 5 of my ongoing story. Just a quick one this time
Although Loki is intended to be his comic book incarnation, his personality is based on Tom Hiddleston's portrayal. The reason for this is that I've only seen the films
What were your resolutions last year? Did you achieve them? And what are your resolutions for this year?

Last year I vowed to start watching Anime more (Something I've been meaning to do) and learn to read and write Japanese. And I managed both of them.

My resolutions for 2015 are:
Start reading 2000ad (A popular British weekly sci fi comic)
Start reading the Daily Telegraph
Be more tolerant of other people's opinions
Start a Nintendo account and buy something off the Wii U shop
As the Garthim with the weapons drew closer, Chowder and Mcclane were both terrified out of their wits.
“For god’s sake, we don’t know anything!” said Mcclane
“He’s right!” said Chowder sobbing “Please don’t kill us!”
The Garthim ignored them. The one with the prod looked at both of them as though it was deciding who to torture first. After taking what felt like a millennium, it finally pointed its prod at Chowder. He gulped and closed his eyes

A few seconds later, nothing had happened.
“Well come on!” said Chowder with his eyes shut “Get it over with!”
“Errr…. Chowder?” said Mcclane “Open your eyes”
Chowder did so and saw that the head of the garthim with the rod was now lying on the floor. The Garthim with the circular saw was standing over it
“Remember me?” it said in a familiar female voice

“Carrie!” said Chowder and Mcclane in unison
“Yep” said the Carrie Garthim
“How did you get here?” asked Mcclane
“It’s really simple” said Carrie “I managed to give Darth the slip. Nobody catches a ghost. Then I hid by possessing another Garthim and tried to find you guys. When I heard Vader heading towards you I simply met up with him and followed him to you guys. Luckily he was so caught up in arresting you, he didn’t notice there was anything wrong with me”
“Can you get us down?” asked Chowder

After Carrie had let them down, they began to plan their next course of action
“The first thing we need to do is get our equipment back” said Mcclane “Without it, we’re practically defenceless”
“Right” said Carrie “It was taken to a storage area not far from here. Follow me”

When they approached the corridor, led by the crab Carrie, the trio instantly noticed a mutant on guard outside the room. Carrie turned to the group
“I’ll handle this” she whispered before walking up to the mutant. As it turned to look at her, she grabbed its arm with her claw and twisted it, causing the mutant to drop its gun. Mcclane leaped onto the floor, grabbed it and fired at the mutant. When the gun’s blast it the mutant, it exploded leaving behind a black stain on the floor. Carrie then opened the door and the three of them walked in

The storage room was filled to the brim with shelves which had trays on them.
“Oh great!” said Mcclane “How we gonna find em now?”
“They’re labelled” said Carrie pointing at one of the trays. It had a label which said “Masami Rainbows”
“Well” said Chowder “Better start looking”
The group searched every inch of the storage room. Which was easier said than done due to the sheer amount of trays. The thought this many residents had been taken hostage worried Chowder. If they could capture this many people that easily, then they were obviously very powerful.

After a while, the group were close to giving up when Chowder spotted one high up  that said “Legendary Hero and Sidekick”
“Hey!” he yelled to get Mcclane and Carrie’s attention “That one looks like it”
Mcclane and Carrie walked over to where Chowder was standing
“Right” said Mcclane “How to get it?”
“I could climb on your shoulders” said Chowder
“Or we could just use this” said Carrie, bringing over some steps

Mcclane climbed up and opened the tray. Inside was his gun and the crystal they used to communicate with the critic and the nerd. He took the gun and closed the tray
“What about the crystal?” asked Chowder
“What about it?” replied Mcclane, getting off the steps
“Aren’t we gonna take it?”
“Why bother” said Mcclane “Those guys were as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle”
“But it’s because of them we’re on this quest in the first place” said Chowder
“All the more reason not to take it” said Mcclane
“Aw come on” said Chowder with big black eyes “I’m sure they’re good people. Besides, maybe they can help us”
Mcclane sighed and climbed up the steps again. He then opened the tray, grabbed the crystal and tossed it to Chowder who caught it. Chowder then inspected it
“Good” he said “They haven’t damaged it”.
The group then heard the sound of a door opening.  A mutant then appeared in the doorway. As soon as it saw them, it raised its gun and fired

Mcclane dived out of the way of the shot which instead hit Carrie. The Garthim shell, she was possessing exploded, leaving a few charred remains. Carrie then appeared floating above it.
“Aw nuts” she said.
As the mutant took aim a second time, Mcclane fired his gun into its leg, knocking it down. The trio then ran past out of the storage area and into the factory.

After running through the factory for a while, they found a small alcove deep within the bowels of the factory.
“So what’s the plan?” asked Carrie
“Well my vote goes to setting the townsfolk free” said Chowder “Then we could all gang up on the guys and kick em outta town”
“Sounds good” said Mcclane “There’s just one problem”
Chowder raised an eyebrow “What?”
“Well” said Mcclane “If they couldn’t fight them off once, what’s to say they can do it again?”
Chowder sighed “That’s a good point”. He then perked up “But we’ve gotta try.”
Mcclane huffed “Why have we gotta try? Our mission is saving the world. Every second we spend is just giving the bad guys more time”
“But we can’t leave them!” said Chowder
“Can I say something?” said Carrie. Mcclane and Chowder both looked at her
“Go ahead” said Mcclane
“Well” said Carrie, looking nervous “We can help you. We don’t want these guys to succeed either.”
“Well what can you do?” asked Mcclane with a hint of frustration in his voice “Besides possessing people
“Not much” said Carrie sighing “But all of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. But more than anything we’d just like to go back to our old lives”
“Oh fine then” said Mcclane reluctantly “We’ll help”
Chowder jumped for joy “Yay!”
“So where are they?” asked Mcclane
Carrie shrugged “I don’t know?”
“Well that’s brilliant” said Mcclane thumping the wall with his fist “Now we gotta search this whole damn factory crawling with people who want us dead!”
“We could ask the Critic for help” said Chowder
“What!” exclaimed Mcclane. He looked at Chowder apprehensively “Those guys?”
“Why not?” Chowder smiling “They’re all seeing”
“Well…Ok” said Mcclane “Fire it up”  

As soon as Chowder pushed the button, the familiar image of the Critic and the Nerd appeared. When the Critic saw them, his face lit up
“Oh hey guys” he said “Haven’t spoken to you in a while”
“Whaddya want?” said the Nerd folding his arms
“Well we could use some help” said Chowder. He then explained the whole situation to them.
“So will you help us?” asked Mcclane
“Get lost!” said the Nerd “We can’t spoon feed you the whole adventure. You gotta do some things by yourself!”
“Aw come on!” said Mcclane “You’re supposed to be all knowing!”
“Wait just a second” said the Critic, putting his hand over the Nerd’s mouth “We might just be able to help you. Now what is it you want?”
“We need to know where the town people are being held” said Chowder
“We can do that” said the Critic. Then he hesitated
“Well do it” said Mcclane
“Well I can’t” said the Critic. He then pointed to the Nerd “But he can”. The Critic then removed his hand from the Nerd’s mouth. The Nerd was about to rant and rave when he noticed the looks on Chowder and Carrie’s faces.
“Oh all right” he sighed, before taking out a small device with some buttons located on it. He pressed some of the buttons and the device beeped
“Ok” he said “Follow my directions”

Traveling through the factory was not easy. The place was crawling with Garthim and Mutants, all of whom were trying to capture Chowder and Mcclane or worse. To make matters more frustrating, the Nerd’s guidance system wasn’t exactly up to scratch
“Just go right here!” said the Critic as they arrived at an intersection
“No!” said the Nerd “We go left. That’s what it says!”
“We’ve passed the IT department three times!” said the Critic “I’m telling you we’re lost!”
“Shut up!” said the Nerd “If you wanna drive, go ahead!”
“You gotta be kidding me!” said Mcclane “You’re supposed to be the all-powerful gods and you get us lost!”
The Critic and the Nerd stopped arguing and looked at him
“We’re not lost!” said the Critic looking nervous
“Uh…yeah” said the Nerd “We’re just exploring alternative directions!”
Carrie spoke up
“Well every second you spend exploring alternative directions, my friends are in danger!”
“Hey guys” said Chowder “There’s a sign over there that says “Prison block”.
The whole group looked down the corridor. Sure enough, said sign was on the wall with an arrow pointing to the left
“Oh yeah” said the Critic
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Mcclane asked Chowder, slightly annoyed
“You didn’t ask” said Chowder

When they got to the prison block, Mcclane opened the door and peaked around it. Jail cells lined the walls of the block which consisted of one long corridor and was lit by very dim lightbulbs. A pair of Garthim were stationed in the centre of the room. One appeared to be asleep while the other was marching up the corridor. Just before it turned, Mcclane closed the door.
“What did you see?” asked Carrie.
Mcclane told them what he saw
“Ok” said Chowder “Apart from the two Gar thingys we’re ok”
“Yeah” said Mcclane “The question is, How we gonna get rid of em?”
Carrie coughed to get the group’s attention
“Oh yeah” said Mcclane
“Are you sure you’ll be ok?” asked Chowder
“I’ll be fine” said Carrie “Like I said, I can’t be caught”
She then disappeared through the door.

The sleeping Garthim stirred slightly as Carrie got close to it causing her to hesitate. Looking up, she saw that the other Garthim was about to turn round, so she shot into the sleeping Garthim. It stirred and got up
The second Garthim turned round and was surprised to see that the other one was awake. It was one of the laziest officers on the prison team. It then proceeded to make mocking remarks in crab, many of which are too explicit to repeat here. In fact it go so into its mocking that it didn’t notice the other Garthim approaching it until it was in striking range. It had just enough time to start asking what it was doing when the other Garthim took its head off with one sweep of it’s claw.

When Chowder and the others entered, Mcclane inspected the body of the Garthim that Carrie had killed. He soon found what he was looking for.
“Right” said Mcclane, jangling a set of keys “Let’s open em up”

Inside the cell, the residents of Elmore were as scared as is to be expected when you’ve been kept in a dark cramped cell for hours on end with only a few benches to sit on. They then heard the sound of the door unlocking and instantly felt dread. That sound usually meant that the current workers had finished their shift and that an unlucky few (Usually the most fit and healthy) were going to be sent out on another gruelling shift. So they weren’t surprised to see the silhouette of a Garthim standing in the door way. When their eyes adjusted to the light, they were however, surprised to see the silhouette of a man and a small creature next to him. The trio stepped into the cell.

“John!” yelled a familiar voice. Anais ran up to them followed by Nicole, Gumball and Darwin
“Where’s your dad?” asked Chowder
“He got sent up to the production floor” said Nicole “We’re being kept down here as insurance”
“How did you escape anyway?” asked Gumball
“Thanks to me” said Carrie-Garthim
“Carrie!” said Darwin, running up to her and hugging her. Anais turned to the rest of the Elmore residents
“Everyone!” she said “These guys are gonna save us”
A series of mutters sounded up from the residents. Finally a small girl with orange hair, a pair of horns and white skin spoke
“Oh yeah? And how you gonna do that?”
“Well…” said Chowder looking unsure “We hadn’t exactly thought of that yet”
The orange haired girl scoffed “I knew it!”
“Hey!” said Mcclane “We’re working on it”
“I have an idea” said Carrie “While I was looking for you guys, I overheard two Garthim mention a control room. Maybe we could do something with that”
“Yeah” said Anais “I’m pretty good with computers. Maybe we could overload the factory systems and blow the place to smithereens”
“What about us?” said the orange hair girl “We’d be blown up too”
“Well they’d probably give us some time to escape” said Anais “They usually do”
“Then it’s settled” said Mcclane “We’ll go with Anais and find that control room”
“What do you want us to do?” said the orange haired girl
“Well there is one thing” said Mcclane “We’d like you to lead a mob and distract them while we find the room”
“What!” exclaimed the orange haired girl “Look at us! Why do you think we’re here? Because none of us can fight!”
The rest of the Elmore residents began muttering amongst themselves. Some supported it while others opposed it
“You’ve gotta!” said Mcclane “You got no choice!”
The inhabitants of Elmore began to yell angrily at Mcclane claiming things such as it couldn’t be done and that they’d rather take their chances in the cell
“He’s right though” said Nicole. The inhabitants stopped talking and looked at her
“It’s our only chance. If we stay here, we’ll never be free. We’ll just continue to live like slaves. Which is probably because we. So what’s it gonna be? Freedom or oppression?”
The whole group roared in affirmation.

“So that’s the plan” said Mcclane “Me, Chowder and Anais’ll go to the control room while the rest of you go up to the factory floor. You’ll start a fight and keep them occupied while we overload the computer”
“Sounds simple enough” said the Orange haired girl.
“By the way” she said stepping forward “My name’s Jamie”
“Well then” said Chowder “Good luck”.
As soon as he finished speaking, the whole team heard the sound of footsteps in the corridor outside.
“Get ready” said Mcclane. A few seconds later, a Garthim appeared in the door way. Before it had time to think, the Elmore residents were on top of it, tearing it apart. Mcclane and Chowder were shocked by the ferocity of the resident’s attacks.Very shortly after, the Garthim had been reduced to scraps on the floor.
“Right” said Carrie “Follow me to the storage room.”

On the factory floor, Richard was extremely depressed. Not only was he missing his family (As well as TV) but he’d never worked before. The resulting sensation was making him feel really weird. He then snapped out of his trance when he heard a familiar voice behind him. Looking round, he saw Nicole standing behind him.
“Honey!” he yelled breaking down and hugging her
“It was horrible” said Richard in between sobs “They made me work!”
“It’s ok honey” replied Nicole. She then looked up to see a Garthim approaching her
“Now!” she yelled
The back wall of the assembly floor exploded open to reveal every single resident of Elmore armed with the weapons they’d had confiscated. The Garthim responded by blowing a whistle. Hundreds of mutants and Garthim then rushed up to defend it
“Charge!” yelled Nicole

As the Elmore residents and Vader’s minions charged towards one another, Mr Fitzgerald heard a voice yell “Dad!”
He then saw Penny, his wife and other daughter running towards him. The whole family embraced in a group hug. Before they could exchange pleasantries, Mr Fitzgerald punched out a mutant running towards him
“We can catch up later” said his wife “Right now, we gotta fight!”

Meanwhile Garthim-Carrie was leading Chowder, Mcclane, Anais, Gumball and Darwin through the factory. They’d noticed a distinct lack of Garthim and Mutants
“Where is everybody?” asked Chowder.
As if to answer his question, Vader’s voice came over the intercome
“All personnel to progress to factory floor immediately.”
“That must be because of mom and the others” said Gumball. He turned to Garthim- Carrie
“Are we nearly there?”
“We should be there soon” said Carrie
Gumball looked around nervously
“I just hope we don’t run into Tina” said Gumball
The whole group stopped
“Who’s that?” asked Mcclane
“One of our friends” replied Darwin “She was really strong. In fact when the guys took over, they captured her and put some weird helmet on her. Now she does whatever they say”
“Oh well” said Chowder “At least she’s not here”
As if on cue, a loud footstep sounded out through the factory, followed by another which was louder. The group tried to run, but found themselves frozen with fear
“You had to open your big mouth” said Mcclane to Chowder

As the footsteps drew closer, the whole group were trembling and shaking. Then a large green shape appeared round the corner of the corridor in front of them.
Chowder felt his legs turn to jelly. The creature was an enormous T-Rex. Its skin was covered in green scales and its hands had long sharp claws on the end. Its teeth glistened like extremely sharp pearls. On its head was a metal dome covered in flashing lights. Instantly it spotted the group and let out a loud roar. Chowder thought his eardrums were going to burst
“Tina!” yelled Gumball and Darwin simultaneously
As Tina began to lumber towards them, the group found themselves running.
“Follow me!” said Carrie “It’s just up ahead”

Back on the factory floor, Nicole and Richard were helping the others fight off Vader’s minions. Richard was using a long metal pipe he’d found amongst the scrap while Nicole was angrily tearing them apart with her claws. Richard had seen Nicole angry before, but even he was shocked by how fierce her fighting was. As he watched her, he saw a Mutant sneak up behind her and take aim. Nicole didn’t notice.
“Honey!” yelled Richard. He leaped at her and pushed her aside, then slammed his pipe over the mutants head which burst like a rotten watermelon.
“Thanks Richard” said Nicole as Richard helped her up

Meanwhile, Chowder and co were still fleeing from Tina while following Carrie through the factory.
“There it is!” yelled Carrie, pointing to a door with a sign above it that said “Control room”
The group charged through the door with Tina in hot pursuit.
No sooner had they made it inside, when Tina’s head crashed through the door, knocking it off its hinges.  The group backed up in horror when Tina’s head stopped. The group realised her body was bigger than the doorway. They collectively sighed with relief. But their relief was short lived when the wall around the doorway began to splinter. To make things worse, a pair of Mutants were on duty in the room and had drawn their guns. One fired at Chowder, who dived out of the way. The blast hit Tina instead causing her to roar in pain. Carrie then knocked the head off the mutant with one swipe of her claw. Mcclane meanwhile shot the other one in the head.

Anais ran over to the computer and began to type.
“How long’s it gonna take?” asked Mcclane
“I don’t know” said Anais frantically hitting the keys
“Well hurry dammit!” said Mcclane.
“Err… guys?” said Darwin. The team turned round. The wall that was keeping Tina looked like it would break at any minute. Chowder grabbed a fire extinguisher and threw it at her. Tina caught it in her mouth and shook it about. Then her teeth crushed it, causing foam to leak everywhere.
“I dunno why I thought that would work” said Chowder

Down on the factory floor the Fitzgerald’s were working together with Mr Fitzgerald and his wife fighting them while Penny was protecting her sister.
“Get away from my family!” Mr Fitzgerald yelled as a mutant approached. He smashed it in the face causing it to fall on the ground. His wife did the same to a nearby Garthim.
Penny and her sister were hiding next to a pile of scrap metal. Penny was comforting her sister when a shadow fell on them. They both looked up to see a Garthim looming over them. Penny glanced over her shoulder and saw that her mum and dad were both busy fighting off. Without thinking she grabbed a sharp piece of scrap from the pile. Then she leaped in the air (She’d had plenty of practise as a cheerleader). When she was directly over the Garthim she thrust the spike downwards directly into the Garthims head splitting it open.
As the Garthim corpse slumped over, Penny looked round to see her sister cheering. She smiled to herself before running over and hugging her sister

Chowder’s group were still trying to stop Tina from entering the control room. Mcclane grabbed a chair and shoved it at Tina. She grabbed it in her mouth and chomped it down in one. Mcclane turned to Anais
“Are you nearly done?”
“I’m getting there!” said Anais
Chowder was standing to the right of Tina. As he watched the door frame splinter, he had an idea. It wasn’t terribly clever or sensible by any means, but on the other hand, Tina probably thought he looked pretty tasty.
As Mcclane, Gumball and Darwin watched, Chowder hurled himself at the side of Tina’s head. Instantly she began to shake her head about due to how itchy Chowder was.

Chowder gripped her head with all his might and began to climb towards the helmet that was controlling her. As he got close to the helmet, she shook much harder than before and he lost grip with one hand. To his surprise, he found that he’d still managed to hold on with his other hand. Chowder grabbed back on with his other hand and pulled himself up onto Tina’s head.

The helmet was much smaller then he’d imagined. It was also remarkable clean to the point where he could see his reflection in it. But there was no time to stop and make silly faces. Reaching into his back pack, he grabbed the heaviest thing in there. Chowder slammed the Crystal onto the helmet. It splintered and shattered. The impact knocked him off.
Tina stopped roaring and looked around. Then her memories came flooding back. In anger she pulled herself out of the doorframe and turned round. Rushing towards her was a group of Garthim and Mutants coming to see what all the noise was about. Tina roared in anger and charged towards them.

Mcclane, Gumball and Darwin rushed over to Chowder who was lying dazed on the floor
“Are you ok little guy?” asked Mcclane.
Chowder didn’t reply. Instead he looked at the crystal. It was as good as new
“Wow” thought Chowder “This thing really is tough”
“That was brilliant!” said Darwin
“Yeah!” said Gumball “You rock!”
At that point, the Computer Anais was working on beeped. Red lights started to flash and sirens started to wail.
“Warning” said a computerised female voice “Cooling system turned off. Factory will self-destruct in 5 minutes”
“Run!” yelled Mcclane
Carrie jumped out of the Garthim and followed the group as they fled into the factory.

Back in his office Vader was understandably none too pleased about the whole affair. Not only had he lost several good mutants and Garthim, but his factory was about to be destroyed. Making things worse, all the prisoners had escaped so he’d lost a good source of cheap labour. To top it all off, he was the one who had to tell Loki. With a sigh, he took out an emergency teleporter, he carried for making quick escapes back to Loki’s ship. Vader then pressed it. A blue light appeared round him and he vanished into thin air.

As they fled through the building, the computer sounded out again
“Warning. Three minutes to detonation”
Immediately after it finished speaking, the group ran through a set of double doors and found themselves on the factory floor. No people were there, Elmore inhabitant or otherwise
“They must’ve gone on ahead” said Darwin
The group hoped that was the case and carried on running. Pretty soon they came to the stairs at the other end and hastened up them.

“Warning. One minute until detonation” said the computers voice, echoing through the room
“We’re not gonna make it!” said Darwin
“Yes we are!” said Mcclane “Look. There’s the lobby!”
The group charged through the lobby and out of the factory. They were immediately greeted by the other residents of Elmore.
“Get down!” yelled Mcclane “It’s gonna blow!”
Everyone dived for cover behind whatever they could find. A few seconds later, the factory exploded in a massive fireball. The Elmore residents cheered. Finally they could go back to their normal lives.
“We did it!” said Chowder
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 4
Chapter 4 of my ongoing story
When I first started writing this, I hadn't seen the TAWOG episodes, the Shell and the Mirror, hence why Penny is still in her peanut form and Carrie's father is absent
A little game I came up with. Go through the radio stations of the Grand Theft Auto games (A list can be found on the GTA wiki) and list all the songs that you like. They have to be on a radio station and have to be by a real band
My list:
Cybotron: Clear
Gary Numan: Cars
808 State: Pacific 202
Frankie Knuckles: Your love
Slam: Positive Education
Josh Wink: Higher State of Conciousness
Blancmange: Living on the Ceiling
Art of Noise: Beat Box
Depeche Mode: Everything Counts
New Order: Blue Monday
Yazoo: Don't Go
Justice: Waters of Nazareth
Steve Roach: Arrival
Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene 4
Coldcut feat Lisa Stanfield: People Hold On
The Orb: A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain
Alpha Wave Movement: Artifacts and Prophecies
Pet Shop Boys: West End Girls
Stardust: Music Sounds Better With You
Aphex Twin: WindowLicker

When the group arrived at the scrap yard, the first thing they saw was a large fence around it with signs warning outsiders to go away.
“Well I’m off” said Chowder, walking away
“Where’re you going?” asked Mcclane grabbing him by the scruff of Chowder’s shirt
“Well we’re not allowed in, so we’ve gotta go home” replied Chowder
“What!!!” said Mcclane
“Well” said Chowder “Mung always says to obey the signs and-“
“Shut up” said Mcclane “We’re gonna have to disobey a few signs if we wanna save the world”
“Oh yeah” said Chowder. Mcclane put him back on the ground.

The group walked around the fence. After a while, Mcclane (who was leading the group stopped them). Looking forwards, they could see a gate guarded by two of the crab creatures from earlier.
“That’s probably our best bet” said Nicole.
“If we can get past those things” said Mcclane
“No problem” said Carrie drifting forwards.
Before the group could stop her, she’d appeared in front of the creatures.

As soon as the creatures saw her, they put their claws up.
“Hi boys” said Carrie “I was wondering if you could help me”
The creatures cocked their heads to one side
“I’ve found something that I think you’ll like”
The creatures eased closer to Carrie. She then shot into one and vanished. As the second one stared in shock. It then had its head taken clean off by the one Carrie had possessed. Carrie then walked back to the group in the crab thing’s body

“Well” she said “What do you think?”
Mcclane and Chowder were both silent. Finally Chowder spoke
“It’s…. Ok, I suppose”
“Well let’s get going” said Darwin
“Wait” said Mcclane “The place is gonna be crawling with guards.”
“Well I’ll stay like this” said Carrie “Then they’ll think I’m one of them taking prisoners back”
“Good idea” said Nicole “Let’s go
Carrie then led the group through the gate into the scrap yard

The scrap yard was filled with the metal remains of old cars, gadgets or anything made of metal. As Carrie led them through, they could feel the stares on the other creatures (Which consisted of more crab creatures and the brain mutants from earlier) as well as other prisoners who were moving scrap. Noticing the stares, the Carrie/crab let out a series of noises. Most of the creatures stopped looking at that point, but a few continued to stare.
“How did you do that?” asked Chowder
“Whenever I possess something I can read its mind and learn what it knows” said Carrie “I told them I was escorting new prisoners”
“Why are they staring at us?” asked Darwin
“They probably haven’t had any new prisoners for a while” said Nicole
“How do you know?” asked Mcclane
“I don’t” replied Nicole

After walking through the hordes and hordes of scrap for a while, the group arrived at a huge metal factory with four chimneys.
Carrie walked up to the front door and rang the intercom. A series of similar crab noises followed. Carrie responded by telling the intercom in crab noises that she had prisoners for the factory.
The voice on the intercom told her it would inform the boss.

In his office, Lord Vader was sitting comfortable and going over the paper work for the day’s production. He’d just reached page 3 of the invoices when his desk radio turned on. A series of crab noises came through the radio. A translator installed in his helmet allowed him to understand that new prisoners had been brought in
“Excellent” he thought before telling the crab on the other end of the radio “Wait there. I shall attend to them myself”
He then set off from his office to the front entrance of the factory

“So what do we do when he gets here?” asked Mcclane. The group were waiting in the room just inside the front entrance. The room was made of steel and had various monitors and lights along the walls. It smelt oily and was very hot. On a small desk in front of the front door was an intercom with a microphone
“Simple” replied Crab Carrie “When the guy in charge gets here, I’ll find out what’s happened to our friends. Then we’ll sneak into the factory, rescue them and shut the place down”
“What could be simpler!” said Chowder.
The door at the end of the corridor then opened revealing a man dressed in black with a black cape and black helmet that completely covered his face. He was breathing heavily. Chowder wondered if he was a pack a day smoker. When the figure reached them, he inspected them.
“I see” he said “And you found them wandering the street”
The Carrie crab replied with “That’s right” in a series of crab noises.
“Wrong!” he yelled, causing the whole group to jump
“You’re no Garthim!”
With that, he fired a bolt of lightning from his hand which struck the garthim destroying it. A few seconds later, Carrie appeared in the wreckage. She shot at Vader only for him to hold his hand out, causing her to fling back.
“Now” said Vader “You’re going to come with me.”
He looked at Mcclane
“Especially you, outsider”

“Screw you!” yelled Mcclane (although he used a much stronger word then screw) who then whipped out his handgun and fired 3 shots into Vader’s chest.
Vader looked down at where the bullets struck. Unfazed he looked back up
“That was a very foolish move”
Vader then held out his hand
“This is what happens to people who oppose me”

As the group collectively grimaced and prepared for the inevitable, Carrie shot at Vader. He screamed as she hurled herself onto his mask
“Run!” she yelled
As the group ran past Vader who was struggling with Carrie, Darwin yelled “Come with us!”
“Go on without me!” said Carrie
Darwin screamed “No!” as Nicole dragged him away into the factory
Vader managed to knock Carrie away. He then ran over to the intercom and turned it on
“Attention all units. Intruders are loose in the factory. Find them and bring them to me!”

Chowder and the gang had taken cover in a small alcove in-between some machinery. Mcclane peaked out from the alcove to see a group of Garthim and Mutants heading towards them. He leaned away. The group watched as the minions walked past. The seconds felt like an eternity as the creatures looked around the room. Eventually they walked away without noticing the group who breathed a collective sigh of relief.

“So what’s the plan?” asked Nicole
“We go back and save Carrie” said Darwin who turned to leave
“No!” said Mcclane “You go back in there, you’ll be captured. Or worse-“
“So you’re saying we should just leave her!!!” said Darwin
“We got no choice” said Mcclane “We can’t face up to that guy until we know what we’re dealing with.”
“Neither can Carrie” said Darwin  “If we leave her behind, we’re as bad as them”
“Well we can’t do a goddamn thing!” said Mcclane “If we’re gonna save this town, we gotta make a few sacrifices”
“Then I don’t wanna be a part of it” said Darwin with tears in his eyes “I’m goin’ home! If you wanna save this town, do it yourselves”
“Hey buddy-“ said Gumball, moving in to comfort his adopted brother “I’m sorry. But he’s right. If we wanna save our town, we’re gonna have to listen to him. He’s our best hope at the moment”
“And leave our friend to die?” said Darwin “Some hope”
“Can I say something” said Chowder. Everyone turned to look at him
“Go ahead” said Anais
“Well…” said Chowder, looking at the floor “I don’t know if this is the right thing to say but here goes. My master always says that sometimes we have to make choices. Sometimes they’re not always the best ones, but we just have to do what we can.”
Darwin looked at Chowder
“You really think so?”
“Well I’m not completely sure” said Chowder “But I know we’ve got to save the town.”
“I guess you’re right” said Darwin. He turned to Mcclane
“So what’s the plan?”

As the group made their way through the factory, they were all on high alert. With every mutant and Garthim in the factory looking for them, they had good reason to be
“So let’s go over it one more time” said Chowder
Mcclane sighed “Again! I’ve told you. We’re gonna find out where the rest of the town are being held. Then we’ll try and find out where the control room is and set them free”
“Ok” said Chowder “I think I got it”
“Hey” said Richard “What’s that sign say?”
The group could see a set of double doors at the end of the corridor. Above it was a sign. When they got closer, the group saw that it said “Factory floor”
“That sounds promising” said Nicole

When the group made it through the doors, the first thing they did was collectively gasp. They were on a metal walkway about two stories up, overlooking an enormous production area. All around the factory, cartoon characters were loading metal into huge metal machines which were making extremely loud clanking noises. The scrap was taken through the machines which were being operated by mutants and was being made into weapons of some sort. The whole room smelled of oil and machinery. To top it all off, it was like being in a sauna

“So that’s why they set up base in the scrap yard” said Anais. The group made their way along the walkway until they came to a set of stairs. They walked down the stairs, treading carefully so that they wouldn’t get spotted. When they reached the bottom, the group crept closer to one of the production lines and hid behind a pile of scrap metal where they could get a better look at what was going on.
“Hey!” yelled one of the townspeople to a Garthim that was flogging him with a whip “I’m movin!. The figure in question had a long spindly body and a disproportionately large head and was made from origami paper. He was loading metal into a machine, although obviously not quick enough as evidenced by the way the Garthim was whipping him
“Stop!” yelled a female voice.
A girl resembling a peanut with antlers ran up to the Garthim
“We’re working as hard as we can! How do you expect us to meet your demands?”
The Garthim said nothing. Instead it simply raised its whip. As the girl shut her eyes in anticipation, she thought she heard someone call out her name. Both she and the Garthim looked at where the voice came from, only to see nothing.

“Are you crazy!!!” said Mcclane “You’ll get us discovered”
Gumball moved Mcclane’s hand off his mouth and pulled himself up from the floor.
“But that’s her! That’s Penny!”
“Well there’s nothing we can do” said Nicole “We’ve got to keep moving”
“But how are we gonna get through without being spotted?” asked Anais “There’s guards everywhere”
While they were talking, Chowder looked to his right. Concerned, he then turned to the group and said “Guys?”

The rest of the group looked to their right and saw a mutant staring at them. Mcclane swore under his breath as it approached them
“I’ve got it!” said Richard who grabbed a sharp piece of metal from the pile
“No!” yelled Mcclane. But it was in vain. Richard hurled the metal spike at the mutant. It hit it’s head and carried on going before coming out the other side and stopping half way. The mutant then fell on the floor causing the bit of metal lodged in its head to hit the ground with a loud clang. Mcclane looked over the pile of scrap and saw that several Garthim and Mutants were approaching them.
“Run for it!” he said

Penny watched as a strange looking man ran out from behind the pile followed by a small purple creature. She then did a double take and couldn’t believe her eyes when Gumball and his family ran out, following the man.
“Gumball!” she yelled. Unfortunately he didn’t hear her. So without thinking she ran after him. (Due to budget cutbacks, there were no restraints on the prisoners on the factory floor. Plus it allowed them to move quicker. Additionally the guards stopped them from attempting to flee by intimidating them)

“Get outta my way!” yelled Mcclane as a mutant stepped in front of him. He punched it hard in the face knocking it sideways where it collided with a large piece of machinery. Mcclane carried on running with the rest of the group.
Chowder ran along the floor until another mutant appeared in front of him. Without thinking, he hurled himself onto the floor and slide right between its legs.
The mutant looked up just in time to see Nicole’s fist collide with its face which knocked it to the floor.
Just before they reached the door, a duo of Garthim stepped out in front of them. The group stopped as the Garthim began to approach them.
“We’re trapped!” said Darwin
“No! Really!” replied Mcclane.
They then heard a voice from behind them yell “Over here!” The group looked at where the voice came from to see Penny peeking out from a small door to their right. They ran towards the door and straight through into the room which appeared to be a small office with another door in front of them. As soon as they got in, Nicole slammed the door
“Quick!” she said “Barricade it!”
Mcclane and Richard quickly grabbed a filing cabinet and moved it in front of the door.
“So” said Mcclane, turning to Penny
“Gumball!” yelled Penny
“Penny!” yelled Gumball
As the two of them embraced, Penny was the first to speak
“I thought you were dead” she said
“Me too” said Gumball
Penny looked confused
“You thought you were dead?”
“No…” said Gumball “But it doesn’t matter. It’s just that I’ve always wanted to say-“
Mcclane coughed to get their attention.
“Sorry to break up your reunion, but we’re a little pressed for time. So whaddya no?

Penny sighed nervously
“Well everyone in the town’s been captured. As you probably saw we’re being forced to make weapons against our will”
“Yeah” said Mcclane “We’re here to help you. Our first plan is to free the rest of the townsfolk. If we get enough people helping us we might just be able to stop them”
“Then you should head downstairs” said Penny “We work in shifts. The guys not on shift are kept downstairs in cells.”
“Wait” said Chowder “Are your family down there to?”
“Yeah” said Penny “I offered to go up in my mom’s place”
“But why?” asked Chowder
“Because I thought it was the right thing to do” said Penny “I’m younger and in better shape then her”
“That’s so like you” said Gumball “Always caring for others”
Penny blushed and turned back to Chowder
“Who are you guys anyway?”
“My name’s Chowder and this is John Mcclane” replied Chowder “I’m the legendary hero who’s going to save the world and Mcclane is my loyal sidekick”
“Thank you for that” said a voice from behind the door. Said door then opened revealing a familiar figure in black along with several Garthim. A few seconds later another one ran up and joined the group
“Vader!” exclaimed the whole group

Once Vader had the group apprehended and had their weapons and equipment confiscated, he demanded that Chowder and Vader be sent to a place known as the torture chamber whilst the rest of the group be sent to the prisons. The torture chamber was exactly how Chowder imagined it. A blank grey room with every instrument of torture covering the walls and a few bloodstains for good measure.
As soon as Vader had brought them into the room, he had the two Garthim accompanying him, chain Mcclane and Chowder to the walls. Then he approached the two of them
“Now” said Vader putting his mask close to Chowder’s face “You can make this painless for yourself very easily. Where are the runes?”
“The what?” asked Chowder
“Do not play dumb with me” said Vader “My superiors are looking for the Runes that hold this world’s power. So it’s very much in your best interests to be honest with me.”
“Or whaddya gonna do?” asked Chowder mockingly
“What do ya think!” said Mcclane “Look around you!”
“Very observant” said Vader.
He then gestured to the Garthim. One of them walked over to the right wall and picked up a long metal pole with a prong at the end. The other grabbed a similar pole only this one had a small metal buzzsaw on the end.
“Good choices” said Vader. He gestured to the Garthim on the left
“This Garthim has an electric prod which is currently set to 5000 volts. Which is the lowest level.”
Mcclane and Chowder simultaneously gulped. Vader continued
“This Garthim on the other hand has a small buzzsaw which is capable of tearing through diamonds with little to no effort. Now are you sure you don’t want to tell me”
“I’m telling you we don’t know nothing!” yelled Mcclane. Sweat was running down his face and Chowder practically had tears in his eyes
“As you wish” said Vader “I don’t have time to waste, So I’ll leave you with the Garthim”
He walked towards the exit, stopping before he left the room
“By the way. When they talk or die, let me know”
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 3
Chapter 3 of the Fictionland Chronicles

The Origami man working at the factory is Larry Needlemeyer, another recurring character in TAWOG 

In the original Dark Crystal film, the Garthim didn't make any sounds. I changed this to allow more interaction between them and the main villains


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