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After the success of last years thread, I'm back with another. As with the last thread, the only rule is that the art you share must belong to another deviant.

Here's a few of mine:
Anime Expo Art Show:: Otaku's room by kissai    Pokemon - Red and Leaf by sora7  Richie and Eddie by Granitoons  Katawa Shoujo - Lilly by dmy-gfx  Judge Dredd and Anderson pinup by LiamSharp   Mario The Renaissance Man by Atariboy2600 Quake shambler by ABELOrozAquariaFanArt by thetetine
If Chowder had been able to move, he would have remained motionless with fear. Every second he expected the eggs to burst open. After that, it’d all be over. Frantically Chowder and the rest of the group struggled against the cocoon. However it just seemed to make them stuck more.
“There’s really no point in struggling” said Vader “Only one thing can cut through this cocoon”
The whole group stopped to listen
“For Christ’s sake tell us!” said Mcclane
“My Lightsaber” replied Vader
“You mean that laser sword you had earlier?” Chowder asked
“Correct” said Vader “If I could use that, I’d be free in no time”
“Then do it!” said Luna
“Unfortunately I can’t!” said Vader
“Why?” said Luigi “If you don’t we’ll all be dead alien mothers!”
“Because it’s over there” said Vader.

Looking down, the group could see a small silver cylinder lying on the ground. It sat a few feet away from Vader’s cocoon. It felt terrible that the only way out was so near, yet they were unable to do anything.
“If only we had a fishing line or something!” said Serena
“I might be able to get it actually” said Vader “If I can use a few Jedi powers I just might be able to grab it.”
“I’ve heard of those” said the Doctor “You could make it fly over to your hand and-“
“Well don’t just sit there!” said Mcclane “Do it!”
“Ok” said Vader “First I’ll have to get my hand free”

With that, Vader began desperately moving his hand around. The cocoon was pretty tough so an ordinary hand would never break through. Luckily for him, Vader’s hand wasn’t an ordinary hand. He’d been left inside a suit to keep him alive since becoming a Sith lord. One of the advantages was that it let him punch harder.
After wiggling his hand around for a minute or two, Vader’s hand suddenly punched through the thick casing of the cocoon. He then held his hand out and began to concentrate.

As the group watched, the Lightsaber began to wobble. The group felt as tense as they’d ever been. Serena expected the eggs to burst open any minute. Then without warning, the lightsabre shot into Vader’s hand. With a press of the button, the red light shot out of it. Within seconds, Vader had cut himself free and was on the ground. He then smashed the egg that had been placed in front of him and cut Strong Bad and the Cheat free.

“Great!” said Chowder “Now hurry up and save us”
Vader turned to face him. His voice had a slight mocking tone to it.
“Who said I’d do that?”
“What!” Mcclane was livid and his face was red with rage “You can’t leave us here!”
“Can’t I?” said Vader “I don’t know if you’ve realised this, but you and I are enemies. As far as I’m concerned, leaving you here to become alien fodder is perfectly logical”

As Vader began to walk away, Chowder felt his heart sink.
“I should’ve known” he thought to himself “He’s working for the baddies. Of course he’d never let us go free”
His train of thought was then interrupted by the Doctor shouting out
“Excuse me Vader” said the Doctor “But I really think you should help us out”
Vader turned round
“Oh really?” he said “Why should I let my most hated enemies live?”
“It’s actually quite logical” said the Doctor “If you let us get killed by those eggs, you’ll have more foes to deal with”
Vader scoffed
“I assure you they would stand no chance against a master of the dark side”
“Oh but they would” said the Doctor “A Xenomorph is the single most perfect killing machine in the known universe. Just one of them is enough to wipe all trace of you from the face of the earth”
“I’ll take that chance” Vader said
“Besides” Strong Bad added “We’ll be quick enough to snatch the rune and escape before they’ve even hatched”
“But what about the rest of the runes?” said Chowder “I’ve got them all tucked away in here. If you don’t cut me down, you’ll never get them”
“But” Vader retorted “If I cut you down, I’ll just kill you and take them”

At this point, the group were caught in a Mexican standoff of sorts. Then Mirissa had an idea
“But” he said “You need us alive for a very simple reason”
“And what’s that?” asked Vader
“Because we know where in the cave, the shard is hidden”
“Err…yeah!” said Mcclane “Cut us down and we’ll help you find it”
“We are more than capable of finding it on our own” replied Vader
“Well it’s a very big cave” said Mirissa “If you get lost, you could be trapped forever. And let’s not get started on what’ll happen if that thing finds you again”
“I say we go for it” said Strong Bad
Vader sighed. Deep down, he knew he was going to regret this and yet something else told him it was the right thing to do
“Right then” Vader said to Strong Bad “You two destroy the eggs, I’ll cut them down”

Strong Bad and the Cheat then set about smashing the eggs. They were pretty much in their element doing this. Breaking things was a talent of theirs. Vader meanwhile, walked up to Chowder.
“Be careful” said Chowder “I don’t wanna end up split in two”
Vader ignored him and stabbed the beam into Chowder’s cocoon. Chowder could feel hotness near his body. Even so, Vader cut through it without even scratching a hair on Chowder’s body.
When Vader had cut through enough, the cocoon split and Chowder fell to the floor.
“Thanks” he said to Vader who didn’t even acknowledge him in return.

Eventually, Vader had freed the whole group while the eggs had been destroyed.
“Now” said Vader “Keep your side of the bargain and show me where the shard is hidden”
“Well the thing is...” The Doctor began, but Vader interrupted him
“But what!”
“Well” said the Doctor “We’re not promising to give it to you. Just to show you where it is”
“What!” Vader exclaimed
“Err….yeah” said Mike “Thing is, we kinda need that shard piece as well and-“
“Don’t you dare say you’re going to break your promise!” Vader replied, causing the whole group to stand back slightly
“If you do not take me to the shard right this instant, than rest assured I shall wipe you all from the face of the earth in the blink of an eye!”
The group took the hint
“Right” said Mcclane “Let’s get outta here before that thing comes back.”
The whole group silently agreed and the Doctor led them through the caves. Chowder thought it was strange that he was teaming up with three guys who’d tried to kill him and his friends several times. In fact, Chowder knew that they could easily kill him and his friends at the drop of a hat. So he decided to be on top guard. And to watch out for hats being dropped.

At first the charade went fine. The Doctor continued to lead the group through the caverns. They were eerily quiet. The group hadn’t seen any sign of Xenomorphs which was a positive thing, but it was narrowed out by the fact that they hadn’t seen any signs of the rune shard anywhere. Eventually Vader began to get impatient
“I trust that we are getting close to the shard” said Vader
“Oh don’t worry “said the Doctor “We’re nearly there.
The Doctor then grinned. Inside though, he was getting worried. Mainly because he wasn’t sure where the rune shard actually was. If Vader realised he’d been tricked the results weren’t not going to be pretty. But that was not all. The group had travelled so far inside the caverns that the Doctor was starting to worry about how they’d get back. Especially in a hurry. And to complicate the matters even more, they also had to contend with what would happen when they got to the shard (if they did of course), then they’d have to find a way to get it. Without being killed by Vader of course. The Doctor sighed quietly to himself. Sometimes a Time Lord could get far more problems than he needed.

A little while later, the group turned a corner and found themselves at a dead end. The whole group collectively sighed as they prepared to start trekking back through the caverns again.
“I think we’ve been here already” said Luigi while Serena whined “Can we go home!” The rest of the group simultaneously began to argue or cry or any number of emotions.  
“Enough!” Vader suddenly yelled. The whole group went silent
“What is the meaning of this? You said that you would take me to the shard! We’ve been wandering around these blasted caverns for the better part of half an hour. And you still haven’t found it!”
Vader stopped for a moment
“You lied didn’t you!”
The whole group scrambled to think of an explanation that would satisfy Vader and not end with their guts splattered all over the cavern walls.
“Nuh uh!” said Serena “We know exactly where it is!”
“Then why have we not found it yet!” said Vader
“Because….” said Mcclane, pausing for thought
Chowder leaped to Mcclane’s defence “Because we’re taking the scenic route”
“How the crap can this place have a scenic route!” said Strong Bad
“Well you’d be surprised” said Tom “The different kinds of rocks can be really interesting to learn about. Take the mystic basalt which is formed as an intrusive rock in a lava flow. Or-“
“ENOUGH!” Vader yelled.
“Either you present to me the shard in the next 10 seconds or so help me I shall leave the lot of you as nothing more than a greasy stain on the floor!”

The whole group went completely silent. None of them dared to speak, knowing full well that if they did, a very good chance existed that it’d be the last thing they ever said. Finally Chowder plucked up the courage to say something
“Ok” he said “I admit it. We’re lost”
At that, Vader began advancing on him. Chowder started backing up
“Now come on” he said nervously “Let’s not get too hasty. I’m sure we can worked this whole thing out and-“
“Shut up!” Vader had finally run out of patience. Without thinking, he picked up a stone off the ground and hurled it at Chowder. As he ducked, it sailed over his head and flew into the wall. However instead of merely bouncing off the wall, it caused it to shatter into pieces like a window.

When the group looked up from where they’d been cowering on the floor, they were both excited and relieved. Sitting on a pedestal just down the end of the cavern where the wall had been was a small brown stone.
“The shard!” Mario exclaimed.

Walking up to the pedestal, Chowder took out the nearly completed rune. When he got close enough to grab it, both the rune and the shard lit up. Chowder picked up the shard and held it to the near complete rune which then fused together.

Looking at the rune in his hand, Chowder could see that it had a pattern on it which looked like a large circle with lines containing smaller circles leading off of it. Chowder then walked back to the group

The rest of the group gathered around Chowder who showed them the rune
“Great!” said Mario “We’re past the half-way point now!”
“At this rate, we’ll be done in no time!” said Serena
“Very good” said Vader “Now I’m afraid you’ll have to hand over the runes.

The whole group spun round and stared at him
Chowder started to speak “I can’t…”  
“Don’t give me that” said Vader “If it wasn’t for me, you’d all be dead by now. I think we can agree that it’s only fair that you give me something in return”
“You don’t understand” said Mcclane “If we give em to you, we screw over millions of people”
“That’s not my problem” said Vader “I have a duty to my leader”
“Really now?” said the Doctor raising an eyelid “And what is that”
“To serve him and aid him in accomplishing his goals”
Serena nodded “Uh huh. And what goals are they?”
“Why to conquer this universe and bring it back to its glory days of course” said Vader
“And what will that be like?” The Doctor asked “Mass killings? No freedom of speech? Dissidents sentenced to death without trial?”
“Of course not!” Vader replied “We shall create freedom and equality under one glorious leader”
“No you won’t!” Mcclane replied “I’ve met people like you before. You only want freedom for those who think like you. Anyone who thinks differently? Screw them!”
At that, Vader withdrew his lightsaber and activated the beam
“Never insult Loki in front of me”
“And why not!!!” Mirissa said standing in front of the group “From what I’ve heard, your leader sounds like the most unlikable individual in the galaxy. If anything, he deserves to be insulted-!”
At that Mirissa made a fatal error. She got just within reach of Vader. Quick as a flash, he wrapped his arm around her and held his lightsaber to her throat

“Now” he said “We play by my rules. Either you give me the runes or I cut her throat. “None of the group dared make a move. He went completely silent. Inside he felt like crying. This was the exact choice he didn’t want to make. If he held onto the runes, then he’d be responsible for Mirissa’s death. If he saved her, then he’d condemned millions to death. So whatever he did, he’d be forever damned for it.

After a second tears formed in Chowder’s eyes.
“I’m sorry!” he said “I can’t give them!”
“Really?” said Vader “Do you want her life on your conscious for the rest of your days?”
“Shut up!” Chowder yelled “You’re nothing but a big bully! Does it feel good to hurt others!”
“Oooh” said Strong Bad “Big words!”
“Unfortunately they do not mean a thing” said Vader “Now where were we?”
Mirissa closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable. She just hoped she’d die quickly and painlessly. Then a roar sounded out from behind them.

Everything that happened next seemed to happen in slow motion. The Xenomorph queen emerged from the darkness, knocking over Vader in the process. He let go of Mirissa who fell to the ground and scurried over to the group. Before Strong Bad and the Cheat had a chance to react, the queen knocked them out of the way.

At this point, the group panicked. They had nowhere to run and no cover to hide behind. Everything seemed hopeless. In desperation, Mcclane drew his gun. The second he was about to fire, the queen swung her claw towards him and he jumped back. This caused him to accidentally pull the trigger and the pistol exploded with a burst of gunfire. However the bullet sailed over the queens head and instead struck a loose rock on the ceiling. It fell down and whacked the queen clean on the head, knocking her over.

“Now!” said the Doctor “Run for it!”
The group hurried down the corridor. With so little time though, the queen recovered in seconds and grabbed hold of Tom and Crow. The two of them screamed as the queen held them up to her hideous head. She held them so close, they could clearly make out the slime dripping from her jaw.
“Do something!” Servo yelled.
Without thinking, Mario hurled himself at the queen and struck her back with his foot. The blow sent her toppling forwards. For a second, the group thought she’d lost her balance. But unfortunately, not only did she quickly recover, but also managed to keep a strong hold on the bots. To make matters worse, the blow also outraged her. She spun round and roared in anger.

At the same second, Chowder saw Vader’s lightsabre handle. When he’d been knocked over by the queen, he dropped it on the floor. Chowder dived over to it and picked it up.
The rest of the group meanwhile, were frantically throwing everything they had at the queen. But nothing they did seemed to hurt her. All it did was make her madder. Serena jumped out of the way as the queen swung her free hand in her direction causing it to strike the rock with a force that made the walls crack. But she didn’t appear to show any pain, instead swinging her claw back with another blow.

Chowder frantically fiddled with the lightsabre. He wished he’d paid more attention to Vader when he’d used it. He shook it around and pressed every button he could. Just when he felt like getting up, the red light blade shot out of the handle nearly taking his face off in the process. Chowder then spun round. The queen was almost on top of the group and was still holding onto Tom and Crow.

Chowder charged towards the queen. When the lightsabre’s blade hit, its beam penetrated the skin like a knife through butter. Green blood splattered out and the queen roared in pain, dropping Tom and Crow. Chowder ran over to the group (Leaving Vader’s lightsabre on the ground. He didn’t want to take it, because that would be stealing)
“Let’s get outta here!” Mike said. The group did so, fleeing down the caverns.

“Where’s that damn Sub?” Mcclane said as the group bolted through the tunnels of the cave.
The Doctor whipped out his Sonic Screwdriver and scanned.
“Hang on” he said “I think it’s back the way we came”
Without thinking as to whether the Alien Queen was behind them, the group spun round and shot back through the cavern. After a few seconds they came to a tunnel in the left wall. In their hurry to escape the Xenomorph queen they’d completely missed it.

As they ran through the tunnel, Chowder suddenly spoke up.
“Ya know, I wish we hadn’t left Darth and the other two back there”
“Why” said Mcclane “In case you didn’t remember, he’s tried to kill us multiple times”
“I know” said Chowder “But you know what?”
“What?” said Mcclane
“I don’t know if he’s really as bad as he says” said Chowder “Mung always says there’s good in everyone”
“Get real kid!” Mcclane said “The guy’s a psycho! That should be pretty obvious by now!”
“I dunno” said Chowder “Earlier he acted like he didn’t know what his goal really was”
“What’s your point?” Mario chimed in
“I’m just saying that maybe there’s more to all this than meets the eye” said Chowder.

A little while later, the group breathed a sigh of relief as they entered the egg bowl (As Chowder would later call it) from earlier.
“We’re nearly there!” said the Doctor “Just a little more”
Sure enough, once the group made it around the bowl, they were met with the sight of the submarine still parked where’d they’d left it.

The group climbed into the submarine in record time. Mirissa then ran up to the controls and pressed a few buttons. Nothing happened
“What’s happening?” said Luna “Why aren’t we moving?”
“The engine’s stalled” said Mirissa “I can get it working, but it’ll take some time”
“Ah well” said Mike “At least things can’t get any worse”
Right on cue, this was followed by a familiar roar. A few seconds later, the Xenomorph queen lumbered into the cavern
“You had to open your big mouth, didn’t you?” said Crow

As the queen drew closer to the sub, the whole group felt a combined wave of terror and despair. “Do something for crying out loud! Anything!” Serena said to Mirissa with tears in her eyes
“I’m trying!” Mirissa replied while frantically working with the sub’s control panel.
A few seconds later, the queen slammed her fist into the subs’ front window. The whole sub shook, but surprisingly the glass stayed intact.
For a second the group felt a slight relief. It looked like the glass would hold long enough for them to escape. Unfortunately this was dimmed when the queen punched the glass a second time, causing a small crack to appear.

As everything seemed hopeless, Chowder spied a button on the panel. He then remembered what Mirissa had said earlier about the torpedoes. At first he hesitated. The queen was so close that a very real chance existed that the sub would be blown to bits in the blast. This doubt was shattered when the queen punched the glass a second time and the crack grew slightly bigger.

The whole group watched as Chowder leaped forward and pressed the button
“NO!” Mirissa yelled. But before anyone could stop him, he’d already pressed it.
“Torpedoes launching now” said a calm female voice “Please stand back”
With that, a torpedo shot out of the front of the submarine and into the queen. However instead of exploding,  it sent the queen flying backwards into a wall. A second later, a massive explosion shook the cavern as the torpedo and queen both exploded in a terrific blast that threw Chowder and co to the ground.

“Am I dead?” Chowder asked.
The Doctor picked himself up from the ground
“I don’t think so”
As the rest of the group got up, Mcclane turned to Chowder
“What the hell is wrong with you!” he exploded “You could have vaporised all of us!”
Then his expression softened
“But you also saved our lives. I suppose that nullifies it a bit”
Chowder blushed and looked at the floor smiling.

The Doctor meanwhile waved his sonic screwdriver over the cracks in the glass until they disappeared.
“Right” he said “That should hold until we get back to land. How long until the controls are fixed”
“I’d say, about five minutes” Mirissa replied
“Good” said Luna “Now we just have to twiddle our thumbs until we can get out of this blasted place”
Since I'm in the mood for humour, I'd like to see what the Deviantart community has to offer jokewise. Knock-Knocks, puns, tall stories, anti humour, it doesn't matter. Just tell the best joke you can.
The group stared at the Doctor for a few seconds. Then Mcclane broke the silence
“So where is it?”
The Doctor grinned “I have good news and bad news”
“What’s the bad news?” asked Luigi. He’d decided to get it over and done with.
“It’s in a cave at the bottom of the ocean” The Doctor replied.
“Well what’s the good news?” Luigi asked despairing
“It’s only a mile from here” The Doctor replied again.

“Well there’s only one thing we can do” said Luna “We’ll have to see if there’s a submarine we can borrow and hope the owners are friendly enough to let us use it”
“Well it was simple enough borrowing the meteor detection facility” said the Doctor “I’m sure, something as simple as a submarine won’t be too difficult to get a hold of on a planet like this”

The Doctor was right. Finding a submarine was the easy part. The hard part was securing the license to use one. The laws for the ocean were extremely strict meaning the group had to fill in a ton of paperwork.
After finally signing off all the sheets (Which had taken at least 3 hours.) The group left the office. Outside they found Mirissa standing there
“You again?” said the Doctor “Why are you here?”
Mirissa looked around nervously
“Well I sorta overheard you were travelling to the bottom of the ocean and I was wondering if I could tag along”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” asked Mike “It could be dangerous”
“I know” replied Mirissa “But to be honest, I don’t care. It’s a little dull hanging around here all the time and I could do with a little change of scenery”
Chowder was confused
“I don’t get it” he said “How can you want to spend time in a gloomy old cave when you’ve got a place like this?”
“Oh it’s not as good as you’d expect” said Mirissa “Sure the sun and beaches is great. But after doing it for a while, you eventually get sick of it.”
“I understand what you mean” the Doctor said “I never stay in one place for long. Sooner or later, it just gets monotonous”
“Well I’m glad we see eye to eye” Mirissa said
“Woah woah woah, hold on a second” said Mcclane “Are you really sure you want to come with us. Our adventures are always filled with danger with the risk of death at any moment.”
Mirissa smiled “Sounds like my kind of adventure.”
Chowder turned to Mcclane
“Aw come on” he said “All the other people who’ve offered to help have been worth it”
Mcclane sighed “Fine”
He then turned to Mirissa
“Just don’t blame us if you get killed”
Mirissa laughed “I won’t”

The sub the Doctor had found for the group was a very plain looking vehicle. It was a yellow colour with a round glass window on the front. The group soon discovered that they’d need plenty of supplies. Even a short trip such as this, contained several risks.
Mcclane and Mike were helping the workers load the crates onto the sub while the Doctor set up the controls for the vehicle. Chowder took a good look around the sub and hoped it would hold up to their adventures. As he stepped back admiring its sophistication, he didn’t see Mcclane walking towards him and inadvertently get under his feet.

“Watch it!” Mcclane yelled at Chowder, nearly dropping the crate he was carrying in the process.
Chowder jumped
“Sorry” he said.
When Mcclane set the crate down at the end of the sub, none of them heard a voice come from inside the crate.

“Geez!” said Strong Bad “It says Fragile on the crate for a reason!”
Him, The Cheat and Vader had managed to conceal themselves inside one of the crates while nobody was looking.
“Don’t complain about it” said Vader “You’re the one who suggested it”
“You got a better way of getting on board?” asked Strong Bad
“Shut up” said Vader “The sooner we get the runes, the better”
“Why?” Strong Bad sounded slightly hurt “Don’t you like us?”
“Shut up” said Vader “Let us discuss the plan.”
He listened to what was happening outside. From what he could gather, nobody outside was listening in. Vader began to speak quietly just to be safe.
“Now from what I gather, the rune is in some sort of cavern at the bottom of the sea. Hence why we’re travelling in a submarine. So the plan is simple. We let them lead us to the rune, then we kill them, steal the runes and escape in the submarine”
The Cheat squeaked excitedly
“I agree The Cheat” said Strong Bad “What could be simpler?”
“Nothing” said Vader “And nothing can possibly go wrong”

An hour later, they were still preparing to depart and the group were getting restless
“Can we go now?” asked Serena “It’s sooo boring waiting like this!”
“Sorry” replied Mirissa “Just need to perform a few more tests and we’ll be off”
Meanwhile Mcclane who had finished packing the crates, gestured to the Doctor. When the Doctor walked over, Mcclane took him aside and began speaking to him quietly.

“Do you really think that we’ll find the last shard in this cave?” Mcclane asked
“Well I have no reason to doubt what we’ve found” The Doctor replied
“I know” said Mcclane “But you said it yourself doc. That computer you used was really outdated. You don’t think it could be wrong or mistaken, do ya?”
The Doctor furrowed his brow
“I shouldn’t think so. It may be old, but it’s certainly reliable”
“All I’m saying is don’t get too excited” Mcclane said “Cause I ain’t”
As the Doctor turned to leave, Mcclane placed a hand on his shoulder
“There’s another thing”
The Doctor raised an eyebrow “Oh yes?”
“It’s about Mirissa. Do you really think we should bring her along?”
“I see no reason why not myself” said The Doctor “I’m sure she’s more than capable”
“Are you kidding!” Mcclane raised his voice slightly “She’s just a fisherman. With no fighting skills or any kind of weapon to defend herself!”
Now it was the Doctor’s turn to slightly raise his voice “And how do you know that! Have you ever seen her in a fight?”
“Well no-“ Mcclane replied
“Then you cannot be sure of what she can do” said the Doctor “I see a lot in her and I’m confident she’ll be able to help us.”
He looked around. Nobody appeared to be listening
“Besides even if she doesn’t, It’ll be a good experience for her”
“Well fine” said Mcclane “But if she dies, don’t complain to me about the guilt you’ll feel”
With that, he walked away, leaving the Doctor alone.

Eventually Mirissa had finished the pre dive checks
“Right!” she said “We’re leaving!”
With a rush of excitement, Chowder watched as the submarine sailed away from the island. Looking out of the window, he watched as the island drew further and further away until finally it was just a tiny dot on the horizon.

The group continued travelling out to sea for a while. The Submarine’s engines were very quiet. If it hadn’t been for the subtle vibrations of the floor, you’d have thought it was travelling by sail. Looking out of the window, Chowder realised just how vast the oceans of Thalassa really were. From the air where he’d had a better view, he’d been able to see for miles across the oceans. It was only when he actually got down on the ground that he realised that they were enourmous. He shuddered thinking about what it would be like to be cast adrift.

“So how we doing?” Mcclane asked.
“We’re nearly at the diving point” Mirissa replied
“And what do we do when we get there?” Mcclane asked
“Well we dive obviously” The Doctor replied with a sense of dripping sarcasm
“Yeah I know that” Mcclane said “I mean what we gonna do bout the cave?”
“Simple” said the Doctor “We travel around until we find an entrance. Then we travel up the entrance. When we find a dry area, we’ll leave the sub and look around on foot.”
“What if it’s completely flooded?” asked Mike
Mirissa chipped in “We’ll swim around the cave until we find it. The Doctor had us pack some diving gear specifically for this occasion”
“And what if the cave hasn’t got a way in?” asked Luigi
“We’ve got a few torpedoes for blasting in an entrance” said Mirissa “They’ll do the trick”
“Can I just voice a small note of concern?” said Luna “Namely the fact that we might get blown up as well”
“Oh don’t worry about that” said Mirissa “As long as we’re a fair distance from the explosion we’ll be fine”
She then looked back at the Subs navigational charts
“We’re here!” she said “Prepare to dive!”

The underwater landscape was even more incredible then anything Chowder had seen up to that point. All manner of fish consisting of every shape and size were swimming all around them. The seabed likewise was covered in coral of every colour of the rainbow and then some. Chowder made a vow that when the adventure was over, he’d someday take Mung and Schnitzel here for a holiday.

After descending through the ocean’s abyss, they eventually came to an enormous trench running all across the ocean floor.
“According to the coordinates” said the Doctor “The cave should be located somewhere in there.”
“Ok!” said Mirissa “We’re going in!”

The trench was a lot wider than it looked from above. In fact, Chowder thought the trench could probably hold a million subs with plenty of space to spare. It was also much darker than the ocean had been up to that point. Even the submarine’s lights weren’t much good at illuminating the vastness of the trench. Mike realised this immediately
“You know, It’s gonna take forever if we have to scour every inch of this place in the dark”
“I know” said Mirissa “It’s a good thing this sub has sonar equipment”
With that, she flicked a switch and a small screen turned on, revealing a green spinning radar that beeped every other second.
“All we have to do is scan the area repeatedly. If there’s a cavern nearby we’ll soon detect it”
“Yeah” muttered Mcclane “If”

When Mirissa had said soon, she hadn’t exactly taken into account how difficult it would actually be. They’d spent an hour running through the trench and still the radar hadn’t detected anything. Its constant beeping was beginning to annoy the group.
“Can we go home now?” asked Serena
Luna was too fed up to even correct Serena. The rest of the group were getting tired as well. Suddenly a different ping from the radar alerted them
“Have you found it?” asked Crow
“We’ve found something” said Mirissa “But I don’t know whether it’s the one you’re looking for”
“Go there anyway” said the Doctor “It’s the best lead we’ve had all day”

After following the sonar for several minutes, they came to a hole in the wall of the cavern.
“Can we get in?” asked Mario
“It looks just big enough for the sub to squeeze through” replied Mirissa “But we’re gonna have to do it carefully”
With that she manoeuvred the sub into the hole. Inside it was even darker than before with the only illumination being the sub’s front lights. Slowly but surely the sub began to inch through the caverns. Then Mirissa spoke again
“Looks like it’s getting narrower”
“How narrow?” asked the Doctor
“We can still get through” said Mirissa “But we’re gonna have to take it as carefully as possible”

Throughout the journey through the tunnel, tensions were high in the group. If they got trapped down here, they’d be in serious trouble. To say nothing of what would happen if the sub was damaged beyond repair or worse, destroyed. To Mirissa’s credit, she kept her cool through the whole journey. Others probably would have cracked under the pressure.
Eventually the group saw a second source of light through the front window.
“Looks like we’re nearing the end of the tunnel” said Mirissa
“And hopefully, the last shard” said the Doctor.
A few moments later, they came to a wall. Mirissa moved the sub upwards. Then they emerged in a small cavern. In front of them, was a large entryway leading deeper into the cave. Mirissa checked the sub’s instruments.
“Looks like it’s above water. Should we disembark?”
“Of course” replied the Doctor “We could use some fresh air”

After the group had left the sub, one of the supply crates moved slightly. It then wriggled around until a red light shot out of the top. This light proceeded to cut through the lid of the crate until it had formed a square shaped hole in the crate’s lid. Then it flew off and Strong Bad, The Cheat and Darth Vader climbed out

“Well that was fun” said Strong Bad “Except now I got a cramp in my back”
“Shut up” said Vader “I told you it was a terrible idea.”
“Well I ain’t doing it again” Strong Bad said and The Cheat squeaked in agreement.
“You won’t have to” said Vader “I’ve got a plan. First we let Chowder and his friends lead us to the shard while simultaneously disposing of any traps in the caverns. Once he gets it, we kill him and his friends, steal the runes and escape in the submarine.”
“Do we really have to kill them?” Strong Bad asked
“Of course” said Vader “I seriously doubt he’d just give us the runes if we asked”
“Just seems a little harsh, that’s all” said Strong Bad
“Would you rather deal with Loki?” Vader replied
Strong Bad went quiet
“I thought so” Vader said “Now let’s go quietly”

The caverns were much darker than any they’d been to previously. The group decided that they’d stick together this time when they had no idea what was inside the tunnels. The Doctor led the way using his Sonic Screwdriver to light the darkness up ahead. The tunnels themselves were completely silent. Not a sound could be heard apart from the occasional drop of water. Unlike the caverns on Gethen which looked as though they had been set up for the legendary hero to find, these caverns looked more natural as though they’d been there for many years.

After trekking down a long tunnel for about five minutes, the group came to an opening. Stepping out, they found themselves in a large bowl shaped room. The path ran round the rim of the cave. But the group’s attention were drawn to something else. The entire bowl of the cave was covered in small egg shaped pods. They were green in colour and appeared to have some sort of slime dripping off them.

“What are they?” Luigi asked
The Doctor scanned them with a wave of his Sonic Screwdriver
“Well they’re not plants or rocks. Whatever they are, they’re living breathing creatures”

The group stepped around the bowel of the cavern as carefully as they could. They had no idea what was in the eggs and they really didn’t want to know. Previous experience had taught them that.
“Oh man, they’re so gross!” Serena mumbled. She then stepped in something sticky. Looking down she saw that her right foot was touching some green slime and proceeded to scream causing the entire group to jump in terror.

Looking around, Serena saw the whole group was staring at her.  She blushed and smiled awkwardly
“Sorry” she said
“Geez Serena!” said Mcclane “You trying to wake the dead or something!”
“I just don’t like gross slimy things” said Serena
“Then don’t look in my pants” said Chowder “I was so startled I think I’ve ruined em”
Mirissa giggled
“Why don’t we change the subject” The Doctor said “We’ve got enough to worry about without the matter of your soiled pants”

Elsewhere in the caves, Strong Bad and the Cheat were trembling. Serena’s scream had been so loud, it had echoed right through the caves.
“What was that?!” Strong Bad asked
“If I was feeling particularly malicious” replied Vader “I would assume it was Chowder and his friends encountering something nasty and being torn to shred”
Strong Bad and the Cheat shivered
“I hope you’re wrong” said Strong Bad “I’d really hate to run into a colossal sharp toothed monster in this place”
The Cheat squeaked angrily at Strong Bad
“Man calm down The Cheat!” Strong Bad said “I was only kiddin”
Vader meanwhile was still looking ahead. His remark about Chowder was only half a joke. He could sense something horrible was lurking in these caverns and hoped that Chowder and his friends would find it first.
Then he heard something. It was only a faint noise, but it was there.
“Did you hear that?” Vader asked
“Hear what?” Strong Bad asked
“Didn’t you hear a deep breathing sound just now?” Vader replied
“Now you’re scaring me” Strong Bad said “I ain’t heard nothing”
Vader ignored him. Something was definitely moving around in the caverns. He then stopped and held out his hand

“There it is!” said Vader “Do you hear it?”
He got no reply
“Don’t start joking around!” he yelled “I haven’t the time for this!”
When he still didn’t get an answer, Vader spun round. What he saw shocked him
Towering over him was an enormous black creature. It held Strong Bad and the Cheat in its tail. Vader was speechless. He didn’t even have a chance to yell out before it grabbed him.

After leaving the cavern full of eggs, Chowder and co found themselves travelling back through the tunnels. Silence had fallen over the group again and they were extremely wary.
After a while, the Doctor saw something in the glare of his Sonic Screwdriver.
“Oh great!” said Serena holding her nose “What’s that horrible smell!”
The group stopped and the Doctor scanned around them. The screwdriver’s light revealed that the tunnel had widened out forming a round room of sorts. Then something else appeared briefly in the light.

It appeared to be the corpse of a dead creature. It was now impossible to tell what it had looked like before death as its body was very decomposed.
“What is it?” asked Mike
“Well there are creatures thought to live down here” said Mirissa “They mostly live below the surface in the caves beneath the sea bed”
“Any relation to the eggs?”  Mcclane asked
“No” said the Doctor “Whatever this creature is, it appears to be a mammal of some sort”
“You can tell that, just from scanning?” Mike said
“I can” The Doctor said “The Sonic Screwdriver is a very reliable piece of equipment”
“Then can you tell us how it died?” Mario asked
“Old age, I hope” Luigi said with a whimper
“I’m afraid that isn’t so” said the Doctor “From what I can tell, it died from a chest explosion”
Luigi whimpered while Serena went white
“That’s the worst thing I’ve heard all day!” she bawled before bursting into tears
“Oh do be quiet Serena!” Luna said “I think you’re overreacting”
“That’s easy for you to say!” Serena said “I don’t wanna have my chest explode-“
At that, she stopped. From behind them, the group could hear movement.

The Doctor shone the screwdriver around to where the sounds were coming from revealing a small creature. It was a brownish colour with no legs or eyes, but plenty of sharp teeth. As soon as the Doctor shone the light at it, the creature squeaked and began to squirm towards them.

“Get away from me!” Mcclane yelled. Almost on impulse, he whipped out his handgun and opened fire. The sound of the gun echoed through the cavern as the creature burst into a small green patch of liquid on the ground. For a second, nothing could be heard except the breathing of the group. Then the Doctor stepped forward and scanned the patch
“Acid blood” he said “I’d hate to see what a fully grown one looks like.”
At that, the group heard a loud roar from behind them.

Turning round revealed a giant black creature looming over them. It didn’t appear to have any eyes, just a long black head and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. Its tail stretched around the cave and slime was dripping out of its mouth.
The group were so terrified, they couldn’t even move. Than Mcclane spoke
“Run for it!”

The group attempted to flee. But it was all in vain. As he began to run, the creature’s tail slammed into the back of Chowder’s head, knocking him over. He hit the ground with a thud. Then everything went black

“Chowder!” Mcclane yelled. He drew his gun and opened fire on the creature. Unlike the small creature they’d seen earlier, the bullets had no effect as if the creature was made of iron. Instead the creature just kept coming towards them. Before long it was on top of them. All the group could do was scream.

A little while later, Chowder found himself coming round. The scenery in front of him was blurry, but from the looks of it, he could see he was still in the cave. Namely he was in some sort of  circle shaped chamber Then his nose began to itch. Chowder tried to reach up and scratch it only to find that he couldn’t move his arms. As his vision cleared, Chowder looked down to see he was attached to the wall.
“Oh good. You’re alive” said a voice next to him.

Chowder was able to turn his head slightly. Next to him was the rest of the group who were also stuck to the wall.
“What happened?” he asked
“It overwhelmed us” said Luna “That beast is much tougher than it looked”
“And it looked tough to start with” said Serena
“What the hell is that thing anyway?” asked Mcclane
“A Xenomorph queen” said the Doctor
“A what queen?” said Mike
“Xenomorph” said The Doctor “One of the most deadly species known to the universe. They travel from planet to planet looking for host organisms. Then they lay it in the body of a host. After a while it bursts out of the hosts body, killing the unfortunate individual”
“That explains the creature we saw earlier” said Mirissa
“Then we’ve gotta get free!” said Luigi
“Hmmph” said a voice to the left of the group

Looking to their left, the group saw, Strong Bad, the Cheat and Vader all stuck to the wall as well
“How the hell did you get here!!!” said Mcclane
“We stowed aboard the sub” said Strong Bad “You really gotta learn to check your cargo”
“Well it doesn’t really matter now” said Crow “You’re in the same boat as us”
Then the group heard movement from down a tunnel just to the north of their chamber.
“What’s that?” asked Mario
“Sadly I think the queen has arrived” said Vader

To the group’s chagrin, Vader was right. A few seconds later, the hideous black form of the Xenomorph queen, lumbered into the chamber. She looked around before advancing on Chowder
“Please Mrs monster!” said Chowder “I don’t taste good”
For a moment, Chowder thought he was going to be lunch. Instead the queen placed on of the eggs just in front of him. She then proceeded move round the chamber doing the same to the rest of the group
“What’s she doing?” Chowder asked “Doesn’t she think we’d taste good?”
“Wake up!” said Mcclane “Didn’t you hear what the Doctor said? We’re gonna be the next hosts!”
I've been thinking. Who are the artists so manly that just listening to them can give you testosterone poisoning. My personal vote goes to Motorhead and Judas Priest. So feel free to share artists who capture the art of manliness perfectly. 

And let's try to keep the silly answers to a minimum
After seeing the recent Kickstarter success of the show, I thought I'd see what the rest of the site thinks of the series. For me, it was the first American comedy show I ever enjoyed. My favourite episode is Cave Dwellers (Mainly because I'm a sucker for cheesy 80s swords and sorcery fantasy films) I also liked Gorgo because a British giant monster movie just seems awesome. And because the film is watchable on it's own. 

My least favourite movie featured on the show was Monster A Go Go which I not only consider the worst movie ever featured on the show, but also the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. Even the riffs (Which were some of the strongest I'd seen) couldn't make it funny. Unfortunately the show wasn't that well known in the UK so I was lucky enough to discover it at all really

So I'll stop blabbering and let you give your thoughts
Vader, Strong Bad and the Cheat meanwhile had had enough of running away. They were lost and confused in the cold wilderness of the Gethen landscape. Everything around them was white, frozen or both. When they stopped, Strong Bad had a thought
“Hey Darth?”
“What is it this time!” Vader snapped
“Geez sorry” Strong Bad replied “I just wanna ask, how we gonna get off this planet anyway if the teleporter’s busted”
“Unfortunately there is only one way” said Vader “I shall inform Loki of our failure and see if I can arrange a craft to collect us”
The Cheat squeaked in shock.
“I agree The Cheat!” Strong Bad said “You know how Loki’s gonna react!”
“I am well aware of Master Loki’s…behaviour” replied Vader “But would you rather be stuck here on this planet?”
“Fine then” said Strong Bad

In the command room of Loki’s star destroyer, Loki was working on some papers. He was then interrupted by a buzzing sound from his computer. Loki turned it on to see that Vader was contacting him. He pressed a button to answer the call

“Vader!” Loki’s voice came through the communicator “I hope you bring good news!”
Vader hesitated.
“Hello!” said Loki “Are you there!”
“Yes I’m here” Vader replied
“Then out with it!”
Vader sighed and began to speak
“Well we did steal the runes from Chowder and trapped him in an underground cavern-“
“Brilliant!” Loki’s reply was almost deafening
“Please let me finish” replied Vader “We did manage that, but er….”
Vader tried to think of a way to sugar coat the bad news. Unfortunately nothing sprung to mind and he decided the easiest way out was simply to be honest.
“He escaped and stole them back after leaving us marooned here”
If Loki’s pleased response had been loud, then his angry response was like a volcanic eruption
“WHAT!” he bellowed down the line
Vader managed to say “I do not know how-“before Loki interrupted him
“I don’t care for the details! What I want to know is how does Chowder and his miserable friends repeatedly outsmart you! You are supposed to be an all-powerful sith lord and you keep losing to a chef! In fact I’ve every reason to leave you three on the planet right this second”
“I assure you that will not be necessary” Vader replied
Loki’s voice took on a sceptical tone
“Oh really? And why should I believe that?”
“Because” replied Vader “We are on the trail of Chowder even as we speak.”
“Go on” said Loki

“I doubt you are aware we stowed aboard Chowder’s ship” said Vader “I took into account the many times he has outwitted us and faced the possibility of being stranded on the planet while he escaped. Therefore I have installed a homing device inside his ship which should lead us directly to the planet where the last shard is located.”
“Well then” said Loki “I’ll just deploy a squad of Martian war machines to the location and take it by force”
“There is only one slight problem with your plan” Vader replied “We’re the only ones who can track it. However if you rescue us, I can guarantee you we shall not only bring you the runes, but also punish Chowder and his friends in the name of your glorious cause”

The radio went silent as Loki mulled over the decision. Finally he spoke again
“Fine then. I shall send a Martian craft to find you. It should be there in the better part of half an hour.”
“Alright!” Strong Bad said while the Cheat squeaked happily. However they were then interrupted by Loki
“But if you fail me. Then do not bother returning”
Strong Bad and the Cheat gulped while Vader replied “Understood”

Looking through the window, Chowder could see a decently sized blue planet. Swirling across it were white streaks which he assumed to be clouds.
“Right!” said the Doctor “We should be entering the atmosphere of Thalassa in about half an hour”
“I’ve got a question” said Luigi “When we touch down, where are we gonna look?”
“Well” said the Doctor “I did a bit of research on the planet on the way. Apparently there are numerous caverns on the ocean floor. I would wager a guess that that’s our best bet”
“The ocean floor!” Luigi exclaimed
“That’s what I said” the Doctor replied grinning “The easy part’ll be hiring a submarine. Being an ocean planet, vehicles like that are largely easy to get hold of.”
“The hard parts the bit I ain’t looking forward to” Mcclane said
“Quite” said the Doctor “Thalassa’s surface is almost entirely ocean with islands dotted across the landscape. We need some way of narrowing the area down”
“I guess the only thing we can do is ask the locals” said Mike
“It’s all we can do” said Luna
“And hope they’ve heard something” said Tom
Chowder thought for a second
“And what if they don’t know anything?”
“Then it’s back to square one I’m afraid” said the Doctor

Upon entering the planet’s atmosphere, Chowder got a look at the ocean for the first time. Glittering blue like a planet sized sapphire, it undulated with vast waves. The shine of the reflecting sun sparkled across the landscape cutting through it like a knife through butter. After a while, an island appeared in the distance.
“Approaching East Island” Gypsy said “Please fasten your seatbelts and wait for landing”
“We haven’t got any seatbelts!” Serena yelled
Gypsy looked around
“Oh” she said “Then just wait for landing.”

Not far away, a young woman by the name of Mirissa was getting ready for morning fishing. On ocean planets, fish were a staple diet. Of course, the planet’s general remoteness and lack of major civilisations meant that heavy fishing industries were largely unknown. The upside to all this meant that you were never in danger of running out of food from overfishing. However it also meant that major shopping branches were unknown as well. As a result, if you were low on food, you had to catch it instead of just popping down the shops.

Climbing into her boat, Mirissa gently pushed it away from the shore and watched the ripples form in the water as the boat slowly journeyed away from land. All that could be heard was the slow crashing rhythm of the sea with the occasional cry of birds.
After the boat had gotten just a few feet from the shore, Mirissa became aware of another noise in the distance. It sounded like a low rumble and was coming from behind her. Turning round she gasped in awe.
Moving through the sky was a large grey craft shaped not dissimilar to a bone. It appeared to be cruising at a steady rate and did not seem to be in any noticeable danger.
“Visitors” she thought.
Without a second to waste, Mirissa turned her boat around and headed back to the shore. She then ran off yelling that she’d seen a spaceship.

On the approach the island looked like it had come straight out of a holiday brochure with yellow sandy beaches, palm trees and the like. Houses were also sitting across the area. Painted in white, they looked just like the type of place one would stay in on a week away. Chowder thought it must be great to live there. When they got a bit closer, the group could make out a crowd of people looking up at them
“What’s that?” asked Mcclane “A welcoming party?”
“I just hope they’re friendly” said Serena

The crowd that had gathered looked up at the sight of the ship. It slowly descended and began kicking up a cloud of dust and sand when it got close to the ground. When it finally touched the surface, the engines went quiet and the crowd watched with bated breath as to who might be emerging from inside. Sure enough a door on the side opened revealing a group of strange figures.

One of them, a man with curly hair and a long scarf stepped forward.
“Hello Thalassa!” he said “I present to you, the legendary hero!”
With that, he stepped aside to reveal a small purple creature similar to a stuffed toy. The creature stepped forward, smiled and waved
“Um…hello. As my friend here just said, I’m the legendary hero who’s gonna save the universe and all, so if you could-“
“D’yer think our eyes are painted on!” came a voice from the crowd “You ain’t a legendary hero. You’re far too silly looking!”
Chowder was taken aback by this. As he struggled for a response, the Doctor leaped to his defence
“And why is that so bad? I often say that there’s no point being grown up if you can’t be a little childish sometimes”
The man went silent.
“I thought so” said the Doctor
“Now on to business” said Mcclane stepping forward “We’re looking for a legendary treasure. Anybody here heard anything?”

The crowd fell silent. Then a voice spoke up
“What’s it look like?”
“It looks like the top of this” Chowder said. He then produced the rune that was 2/3rds completed and held it above his head for the whole crowd to see. He got no responses.

At that point, the whole group were at a loss as to what to do when a woman’s voice said “Excuse me”
The group looked to their left to see a young woman approaching them through the crowd. Her skin was tan like the rest of the crowd (Probably as a result of living in the sun all her life) and her hair was a similar colour.
When she reached the front of the crowd, she stopped.
“Sorry about that” she said “My name is Mirissa”
“Hello there!” the Doctor said “Have we met”
“I don’t think so” Mirissa replied with a confused look on her face. Then she shook her head
“Oh what am I doing? What I meant to say is, I think I know someone who can help you”
“Oh please tell us!” Serena said.
Mirissa continued “Her name’s Waldron. She’s the mayor of this colony. And as far as I’m aware, she’s the one in the know around these parts.”
“Great!” said Mike “Where is she?”
“Follow me” said Mirissa “Her office’s just a few minutes away from here”

After being lead through the town, the group eventually arrived at a building much larger than the rest. Mirissa pushed open the front door and the team walked inside. The lobby of what they assumed was the town hall had a tiled floor and a largely minimalist sparsely decorated interior. A single fan cooled the room while a young lady sat at a desk in the centre filing her nails.

Mirissa walked up to the desk and snapped her fingers to get the woman’s attention.
“Oh hey Mirissa” the woman said in an extremely bored tone of voice that didn’t exactly suggest she was happy to be working there. This was compounded by the fact, she barely even looked up from her desk.
“I need to speak with the mayor” Mirissa replied
“I’m afraid she’s very busy” replied the woman. She then looked up a bit more and noticed Chowder and co. Raising one of her eyebrows, she asked “Who’s your friends?”
“Oh them” said Marissa “Their leader is a legendary hero and he’s looking for some legendary hero artefact”
The woman at the desk chuckled “Sorry honey. I haven’t got time for practical jokes”
“But it’s not a joke!” Chowder said stepping forward
The woman at the desk looked at him
“So who are you?”
“Well you might not believe this” replied Chowder “But I’m the legendary hero”
The desk lady chuckled a second time
“Now I know you’re joking around”
“But I’m not!” said Chowder. At that point Mcclane stepped forward.
“Now listen lady” he said in a manner that was much sterner then anything the rest of the group expected from him
“We’ve come a long way to get where we are. We’ve crossed streams of lava and been attacked by giant sandworms. Now we need to speak to your boss as quick as possible. Or else…”
The woman at the desk was taken aback. Assuming that Mcclane was threatening her, she said “Or else what?”
Luna jumped onto the desk “Then the universe and all it holds dear will be wiped out in the blink of an eye”
The woman nearly fainted. However despite the fact that she’d never encountered a talking cat before, she remained calm. After all, she had a duty to maintain.

“Look” she said “I’m very sorry, but you can’t get in to see the mayor without an appointment.”
“Well when’s the next one available?” asked Mike
The woman filed through some notes on her desk. After a while, she stopped and looked up at the group.
“The earliest I can book you in for, is two weeks from today”
“What!” Mcclane yelled “Don’t you understand, this is a matter of life and death!”
“Much more then that” said the Doctor
“Well I’m sorry” said the woman, “But I already told you the mayor is a very busy woman and-“
Before she could get any further, a door on the wall behind her flung open.

The person who stepped out was a middle aged woman with brownish hair that had the occasional streak of grey running through it. Her face was covered in lines that suggested she’d done a lot in her life and coped with more stress in a day than most people could handle in a lifetime.
“What is the meaning of this racket!” she said. Then she noticed Mirissa.
“Mirissa dear! What is it this time?”
“Look for yourself” replied Mirissa
At that, the woman noticed Chowder and his friends.
“Well they’re a strange bunch”
“I know” replied Mirissa “But apparently one of them is the legendary hero
The woman raised an eyelid
“Oh really? Which one”
Chowder stepped forward and introduced himself
“That’s me, lady. I know I don’t look much like a legendary hero, but we need to speak to the mayor”
“Well why didn’t you say so!” said the woman “Mayor Waldron at your service! Step into my office and we’ll talk further”

The mayor’s office was less sparsely decorated than the lobby of the town hall. It had various photographs all over the walls and a desk that was piled high with papers. In the corner was an overflowing waste paper basket while a small fan was keeping the room cool. Its hum was the only sound in the room apart from the sounds of the sea which could be heard from an open window on the back wall. Mayor Waldron sat down at her desk.
“Sorry about the fuss out there. You know how bureaucratic things have gotten recently.”
“Ah don’t worry bout it” said Tom “After what we’ve been through, bad staffing is the least of our problems”
“So anyway” said Waldron “How can I assist you”

After the group had finished explaining their situation to the mayor, she sat back in her chair.
“My word!” she said “That’s quite a story. But how do I know it’s true”
“Well we have this” replied Chowder.
He then took out a small satchel from his backpack and opened it. The mayor peered inside. The satchel contained a set of brown stones. Chowder reached inside and took one out. The stone was different from the others in that it was shorter with a flat top.
“This one’s incomplete” Chowder said “Apparently the last part is found someone on this planet”
He then put the shard back in the satchel for close keeping
“Well I’m sorry to disappoint you people” said Waldron “But I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The whole group let out a simultaneous groan.
“Great” said Serena “We’re back to square one”
“Has anything ever happened in this planet’s history?” asked Mario “Any weird prophecies or stuff like that?”
“Not that I’m aware off” replied Waldron “You have to remember that this planet was only colonised in the last 500 or so years. For the most part it’s been uninhabited. The only notable event was a couple of years ago”
“What happened?” asked the Doctor
“A generational earth ship called the Magellan landed here” said Waldron “They needed to replenish their ice shields”
“What’s an ice shield?” Chowder asked
“It’s a shield made of ice that protects ships from micrometeor damage” replied Waldron “So we helped them by setting up an ice block freezing facility”
The Doctor perked up at this
“Is this facility still here?”
“Sort of” replied the mayor “A few years ago, we had it changed into a meteor detection facility. After all, we didn’t want to risk what happened on earth in 2077”
“Perfect!” exclaimed the Doctor, causing the rest of the group to jump
“Sorry” he said “But I think that might just be what we’re looking for”
He turned to the mayor
“I assume that’s ok?”

“Is that it?” Chowder asked.
On the beach in front of them was a large grey building with a bunch of radar equipment on top
“Certainly is” replied the Doctor who was carrying a bunch of boxes.
“What you got in there?” asked Crow
“Just some old energy searching equipment” said the Doctor “I’d actually forgotten I had it to be honest.”
“Will it work?” asked Mario
“I’m almost certain it will” replied the Doctor grinning
“Oh really?” said Luigi frowning “How certain?”
“About 99%” said the Doctor. He then pushed open the door and the group went inside.

“Where’d everybody go?” Serena asked
“They’ve stepped out for a bit while we use the place” said the Doctor.
“Why’s that?” asked Mcclane
The Doctor looked sheepish
“Safety” he mumbled
“What!” said Luigi “Don’t tell me we’re in more danger!”
“Keep your hair on” the Doctor replied “We’re perfectly alright”
“Then why did they leave for “Safety!” Luigi said
“Alright I’ll be honest with you” said the Doctor “I’m not entirely sure if this equipment is perfectly compatible”
“Meaning?” asked Mike
“Meaning there’s a slight chance we could be blown to bits”
Mcclane facepalmed
“Why didn’t you tell us earlier!”
“Because we wouldn’t have been allowed to use it” said the Doctor “And as unappealing as it sounds, it’s really our best chance”

The group went silent. Then Luna spoke
“Well I can’t think of a better way to find it. I suppose we’ll just have to risk it.”
“She’s probably right” said Mario
“Well I’m glad we’re all in agreement” said the Doctor “Now help me get this set up”

An hour later, after unpacking the equipment, re arranging several computer components, reattaching the different wires and plugging in the systems, the detector was ready to go. It’s parts were spread all over the control centre and took up nearly all the floor space. The Doctor stood at the main control computer.
“Well it should be up and running now” he said
“What is it?” Luna asked
“A yegojuslataeric emissions locator” the Doctor said “First model”
“A yego-what?” Crow asked
“Put it simply- It finds energy from other universes” said the Doctor “Only problem is, this version’s quite primitive. And it’s never had to find energy as powerful as the runes before. So we’ll have to be careful or-“
The Doctor shook his head.
Chowder looked up
“I need you to man the detectors at the end”
“What do I do?” Chowder asked
“When I say now” said the Doctor “Press the button.”
The Doctor then looked at Mcclane “John?”
“Yeah Doc?” Mcclane replied
“See that box at the end with the leavers and the screen. That’s the cooling device. Unfortunately it needs to be operated manually to stop it overheating.
“Lemme guess?” Mcclane said “You want me to do that?”
“Precisely!” said the Doctor
As Mcclane walked over to it, he muttered “I can see why you ain’t used this as much”
Meanwhile the Doctor turned to Mike and the bots.
“Now see that CPU there?”
Mike and the bots looked at the place he was pointing. A large grey box stood on the floor with a series of buttons.
“When I say now, you need to press them in the order green, yellow, red, yellow, green. Can you remember that?”
“Sure thing” said Mike “I’ve always been great at Simon”
“Good” said the Doctor “Because it’s very important. If you need to remember it, just think palindromes”
“Palin-what?” said Tom
“Palindromes” said the Doctor “In other words, the button sequence is the same in reverse”
“What should we do? “Mario asked, referring to him, his brother, Serena and Luna.
The Doctor thought for a second.
“Just sit tight”
He then walked over to the main control panel and typed in a sequence of code. The machinery bleeped and began to start up.

“Right” the Doctor said to Chowder “I’m going to need to borrow one of the runes.”
Chowder then opened his bag and took out one of the runes. The Doctor took it and fixed it into a slot on a cpu that was connected to the main system of the tracking station. Text appeared on the screen that read “Analysing for energy”
“Here we go” said the Doctor

At once, all the machinery began to start. Hums and buzzes filled the air as the machine began scanning across the entire planet
“How’s the heat?” The Doctor asked Mcclane
Mcclane checked the gauge. As far as he could tell, they were still at a safe level of heat.
“We’re doing fine at the moment!” he said. Then a bleeping sound filled the air and the gauge began to rise.
“Heat levels rising! What do I do?”
“Open the vents and turn up the fan speed!”
Mcclane pulled a few of the leavers and the gauge began to rise slower
“It’s still rising!” he yelled
“Just a few more seconds!” The Doctor replied.

On the screen numbers flashed by while what appeared to be images of the planet’s surface scrambled everywhere. Then a series of short bleeps sounded out
“Now Chowder!” The Doctor yelled.
Chowder pressed down on the button. The images began to change. Now they were shooting in a single direction at a frightening speed. A second bleep began to fill the air
“The temperature’s at an unsafe level!” Mcclane said
“Just a little while longer!” The Doctor said.
Then a second beeping filled the air. The image on the screen changed to a dark redendering of what appeared to be an underwater cave. The text changed to the words “Pinpointing!”
“Now Mike!” The Doctor yelled

Mike stared at the buttons on the console
“Erm…I think I’ve forgotten”
The Doctor looked up
“Yeah” said Mike “I don’t remember exactly…
“Temperature level’s getting dangerous!” Mcclane yelled
With no time to waste, the Doctor yelled “Green, Yellow, Red”
Mike pressed it
A shower of sparks from the console blew the Doctor backwards causing him to collapsed on the floor with his eyes shut
“What do I do!” Mike panicked “What do I press!”
Chowder ran over to the Doctor
“Wake up!” he said, slapping the Doctor’s face. The Doctor didn’t stir.

As all seemed hopeless, Mike looked up and saw Luigi panicking in the corner. He had an idea
“Alright Luigi” he thought “I hope you picked the right colour to wear”
With that, he pressed the green button. The text on the screen changed to say “location found”. Then the power cut out and the whole room went dark and silent. A few seconds later the emergency power kicked in and the lights turned back on.

“Hey Doc wake up!” The Doctor heard a voice say. Slowly the faces of the rest of the group came into view
“What happened?” The Doctor asked
“Well I pressed a button” Mike said “I dunno if it was the right one though”
The Doctor bolted up. He scanned the room. The computer appeared to have overheated although it was mostly intact. Then the Doctor spied something. Next to the main computer was a small printer. On it was a piece of paper. He got up and rushed over, grabbing the piece of paper and began to read
“What is it?” asked Serena
The Doctor smiled
“I think we’ve found the location of the last shard"
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 27
After sobering up from my Christmas/New Year celebrations, I bring you the first deviant of 2016. Namely chapter 27 of my ongoing crossover fanfic.
The planet Thalassa is from Arthur C Clarke's novel The Songs of Distant Earth

The meteor impact in Italy that Mayor Waldron refers to is from Clarke's earlier novel Rendezvous with Rama

While I have read The Songs of Distant Earth, I've since given the book to a charity shop. So I've had to use other sources to write this chapter. Therefore I apologise for any inaccuracies.
Since it's the new year, I figured I'd kick it off in style. Namely by asking what the title says
Some of my faves include:
Animal Crossing
Pokemon X and Y
Dragon Quest 9
Xenoblade Chronicles X

Feel free to share descriptions or even images of your customisation
First I'd like to wish everyone reading this a happy Christmas regardless of what they believe and I hope they enjoy their day

Now I'd like to ask a question. If a band has views that are radically different to you, can you personally still enjoy them.

Now anyone who frequents the forums will know that I'm a liberal Catholic. And yet I enjoy Nine Inch Nails despite the fact that some of their songs are quite opposite to my beliefs to be honest. Same with Gary Numan, although his later stuff is more opinionated and is usually his weaker stuff

In a similar (But much darker) vein, I also enjoy a French Rock Band called Noir Desir even though their lead singer went to prison for manslaughter

So I'd like to ask, can you enjoy a band who has either: radically different views to your own or has had a member who has committed a serious crime?.


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