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Timeless Meadow by sagethethird

Great image if I do say so. The colours of the image are very warm and striking which is a good thing as it means that anyone who see's...

Luna 3 by MissMikka

I like what you've done with this guitar. So allow me to explain in a bit more detail The patchwork effect on it's own is a pretty good...

Rocket Radio Trips out and goes to Space by DustyPaintbrush

One of the best drawings I think I've seen in ages. Why? Well let's break it down The surreal imagery of the image is some of the best ...

Trinity the Hedgehog in a dress by xXxShallowBayxXx

I don't want to sound mean, but I don't think this is very good. I feel that it's just another generic Sonic Character with bland colou...


When the group arrived at the scrap yard, the first thing they saw was a large fence around it with signs warning outsiders to go away.
“Well I’m off” said Chowder, walking away
“Where’re you going?” asked Mcclane grabbing him by the scruff of Chowder’s shirt
“Well we’re not allowed in, so we’ve gotta go home” replied Chowder
“What!!!” said Mcclane
“Well” said Chowder “Mung always says to obey the signs and-“
“Shut up” said Mcclane “We’re gonna have to disobey a few signs if we wanna save the world”
“Oh yeah” said Chowder. Mcclane put him back on the ground.

The group walked around the fence. After a while, Mcclane (who was leading the group stopped them). Looking forwards, they could see a gate guarded by two of the crab creatures from earlier.
“That’s probably our best bet” said Nicole.
“If we can get past those things” said Mcclane
“No problem” said Carrie drifting forwards.
Before the group could stop her, she’d appeared in front of the creatures.

As soon as the creatures saw her, they put their claws up.
“Hi boys” said Carrie “I was wondering if you could help me”
The creatures cocked their heads to one side
“I’ve found something that I think you’ll like”
The creatures eased closer to Carrie. She then shot into one and vanished. As the second one stared in shock. It then had its head taken clean off by the one Carrie had possessed. Carrie then walked back to the group in the crab thing’s body

“Well” she said “What do you think?”
Mcclane and Chowder were both silent. Finally Chowder spoke
“It’s…. Ok, I suppose”
“Well let’s get going” said Darwin
“Wait” said Mcclane “The place is gonna be crawling with guards.”
“Well I’ll stay like this” said Carrie “Then they’ll think I’m one of them taking prisoners back”
“Good idea” said Nicole “Let’s go
Carrie then led the group through the gate into the scrap yard

The scrap yard was filled with the metal remains of old cars, gadgets or anything made of metal. As Carrie led them through, they could feel the stares on the other creatures (Which consisted of more crab creatures and the brain mutants from earlier) as well as other prisoners who were moving scrap. Noticing the stares, the Carrie/crab let out a series of noises. Most of the creatures stopped looking at that point, but a few continued to stare.
“How did you do that?” asked Chowder
“Whenever I possess something I can read its mind and learn what it knows” said Carrie “I told them I was escorting new prisoners”
“Why are they staring at us?” asked Darwin
“They probably haven’t had any new prisoners for a while” said Nicole
“How do you know?” asked Mcclane
“I don’t” replied Nicole

After walking through the hordes and hordes of scrap for a while, the group arrived at a huge metal factory with four chimneys.
Carrie walked up to the front door and rang the intercom. A series of similar crab noises followed. Carrie responded by telling the intercom in crab noises that she had prisoners for the factory.
The voice on the intercom told her it would inform the boss.

In his office, Lord Vader was sitting comfortable and going over the paper work for the day’s production. He’d just reached page 3 of the invoices when his desk radio turned on. A series of crab noises came through the radio. A translator installed in his helmet allowed him to understand that new prisoners had been brought in
“Excellent” he thought before telling the crab on the other end of the radio “Wait there. I shall attend to them myself”
He then set off from his office to the front entrance of the factory

“So what do we do when he gets here?” asked Mcclane. The group were waiting in the room just inside the front entrance. The room was made of steel and had various monitors and lights along the walls. It smelt oily and was very hot. On a small desk in front of the front door was an intercom with a microphone
“Simple” replied Crab Carrie “When the guy in charge gets here, I’ll find out what’s happened to our friends. Then we’ll sneak into the factory, rescue them and shut the place down”
“What could be simpler!” said Chowder.
The door at the end of the corridor then opened revealing a man dressed in black with a black cape and black helmet that completely covered his face. He was breathing heavily. Chowder wondered if he was a pack a day smoker. When the figure reached them, he inspected them.
“I see” he said “And you found them wandering the street”
The Carrie crab replied with “That’s right” in a series of crab noises.
“Wrong!” he yelled, causing the whole group to jump
“You’re no Garthim!”
With that, he fired a bolt of lightning from his hand which struck the garthim destroying it. A few seconds later, Carrie appeared in the wreckage. She shot at Vader only for him to hold his hand out, causing her to fling back.
“Now” said Vader “You’re going to come with me.”
He looked at Mcclane
“Especially you, outsider”

“Screw you!” yelled Mcclane (although he used a much stronger word then screw) who then whipped out his handgun and fired 3 shots into Vader’s chest.
Vader looked down at where the bullets struck. Unfazed he looked back up
“That was a very foolish move”
Vader then held out his hand
“This is what happens to people who oppose me”

As the group collectively grimaced and prepared for the inevitable, Carrie shot at Vader. He screamed as she hurled herself onto his mask
“Run!” she yelled
As the group ran past Vader who was struggling with Carrie, Darwin yelled “Come with us!”
“Go on without me!” said Carrie
Darwin screamed “No!” as Nicole dragged him away into the factory
Vader managed to knock Carrie away. He then ran over to the intercom and turned it on
“Attention all units. Intruders are loose in the factory. Find them and bring them to me!”

Chowder and the gang had taken cover in a small alcove in-between some machinery. Mcclane peaked out from the alcove to see a group of Garthim and Mutants heading towards them. He leaned away. The group watched as the minions walked past. The seconds felt like an eternity as the creatures looked around the room. Eventually they walked away without noticing the group who breathed a collective sigh of relief.

“So what’s the plan?” asked Nicole
“We go back and save Carrie” said Darwin who turned to leave
“No!” said Mcclane “You go back in there, you’ll be captured. Or worse-“
“So you’re saying we should just leave her!!!” said Darwin
“We got no choice” said Mcclane “We can’t face up to that guy until we know what we’re dealing with.”
“Neither can Carrie” said Darwin  “If we leave her behind, we’re as bad as them”
“Well we can’t do a goddamn thing!” said Mcclane “If we’re gonna save this town, we gotta make a few sacrifices”
“Then I don’t wanna be a part of it” said Darwin with tears in his eyes “I’m goin’ home! If you wanna save this town, do it yourselves”
“Hey buddy-“ said Gumball, moving in to comfort his adopted brother “I’m sorry. But he’s right. If we wanna save our town, we’re gonna have to listen to him. He’s our best hope at the moment”
“And leave our friend to die?” said Darwin “Some hope”
“Can I say something” said Chowder. Everyone turned to look at him
“Go ahead” said Anais
“Well…” said Chowder, looking at the floor “I don’t know if this is the right thing to say but here goes. My master always says that sometimes we have to make choices. Sometimes they’re not always the best ones, but we just have to do what we can.”
Darwin looked at Chowder
“You really think so?”
“Well I’m not completely sure” said Chowder “But I know we’ve got to save the town.”
“I guess you’re right” said Darwin. He turned to Mcclane
“So what’s the plan?”

As the group made their way through the factory, they were all on high alert. With every mutant and Garthim in the factory looking for them, they had good reason to be
“So let’s go over it one more time” said Chowder
Mcclane sighed “Again! I’ve told you. We’re gonna find out where the rest of the town are being held. Then we’ll try and find out where the control room is and set them free”
“Ok” said Chowder “I think I got it”
“Hey” said Richard “What’s that sign say?”
The group could see a set of double doors at the end of the corridor. Above it was a sign. When they got closer, the group saw that it said “Factory floor”
“That sounds promising” said Nicole

When the group made it through the doors, the first thing they did was collectively gasp. They were on a metal walkway about two stories up, overlooking an enormous production area. All around the factory, cartoon characters were loading metal into huge metal machines which were making extremely loud clanking noises. The scrap was taken through the machines which were being operated by mutants and was being made into weapons of some sort. The whole room smelled of oil and machinery. To top it all off, it was like being in a sauna

“So that’s why they set up base in the scrap yard” said Anais. The group made their way along the walkway until they came to a set of stairs. They walked down the stairs, treading carefully so that they wouldn’t get spotted. When they reached the bottom, the group crept closer to one of the production lines and hid behind a pile of scrap metal where they could get a better look at what was going on.
“Hey!” yelled one of the townspeople to a Garthim that was flogging him with a whip “I’m movin!. The figure in question had a long spindly body and a disproportionately large head and was made from origami paper. He was loading metal into a machine, although obviously not quick enough as evidenced by the way the Garthim was whipping him
“Stop!” yelled a female voice.
A girl resembling a peanut with antlers ran up to the Garthim
“We’re working as hard as we can! How do you expect us to meet your demands?”
The Garthim said nothing. Instead it simply raised its whip. As the girl shut her eyes in anticipation, she thought she heard someone call out her name. Both she and the Garthim looked at where the voice came from, only to see nothing.

“Are you crazy!!!” said Mcclane “You’ll get us discovered”
Gumball moved Mcclane’s hand off his mouth and pulled himself up from the floor.
“But that’s her! That’s Penny!”
“Well there’s nothing we can do” said Nicole “We’ve got to keep moving”
“But how are we gonna get through without being spotted?” asked Anais “There’s guards everywhere”
While they were talking, Chowder looked to his right. Concerned, he then turned to the group and said “Guys?”

The rest of the group looked to their right and saw a mutant staring at them. Mcclane swore under his breath as it approached them
“I’ve got it!” said Richard who grabbed a sharp piece of metal from the pile
“No!” yelled Mcclane. But it was in vain. Richard hurled the metal spike at the mutant. It hit it’s head and carried on going before coming out the other side and stopping half way. The mutant then fell on the floor causing the bit of metal lodged in its head to hit the ground with a loud clang. Mcclane looked over the pile of scrap and saw that several Garthim and Mutants were approaching them.
“Run for it!” he said

Penny watched as a strange looking man ran out from behind the pile followed by a small purple creature. She then did a double take and couldn’t believe her eyes when Gumball and his family ran out, following the man.
“Gumball!” she yelled. Unfortunately he didn’t hear her. So without thinking she ran after him. (Due to budget cutbacks, there were no restraints on the prisoners on the factory floor. Plus it allowed them to move quicker. Additionally the guards stopped them from attempting to flee by intimidating them)

“Get outta my way!” yelled Mcclane as a mutant stepped in front of him. He punched it hard in the face knocking it sideways where it collided with a large piece of machinery. Mcclane carried on running with the rest of the group.
Chowder ran along the floor until another mutant appeared in front of him. Without thinking, he hurled himself onto the floor and slide right between its legs.
The mutant looked up just in time to see Nicole’s fist collide with its face which knocked it to the floor.
Just before they reached the door, a duo of Garthim stepped out in front of them. The group stopped as the Garthim began to approach them.
“We’re trapped!” said Darwin
“No! Really!” replied Mcclane.
They then heard a voice from behind them yell “Over here!” The group looked at where the voice came from to see Penny peeking out from a small door to their right. They ran towards the door and straight through into the room which appeared to be a small office with another door in front of them. As soon as they got in, Nicole slammed the door
“Quick!” she said “Barricade it!”
Mcclane and Richard quickly grabbed a filing cabinet and moved it in front of the door.
“So” said Mcclane, turning to Penny
“Gumball!” yelled Penny
“Penny!” yelled Gumball
As the two of them embraced, Penny was the first to speak
“I thought you were dead” she said
“Me too” said Gumball
Penny looked confused
“You thought you were dead?”
“No…” said Gumball “But it doesn’t matter. It’s just that I’ve always wanted to say-“
Mcclane coughed to get their attention.
“Sorry to break up your reunion, but we’re a little pressed for time. So whaddya no?

Penny sighed nervously
“Well everyone in the town’s been captured. As you probably saw we’re being forced to make weapons against our will”
“Yeah” said Mcclane “We’re here to help you. Our first plan is to free the rest of the townsfolk. If we get enough people helping us we might just be able to stop them”
“Then you should head downstairs” said Penny “We work in shifts. The guys not on shift are kept downstairs in cells.”
“Wait” said Chowder “Are your family down there to?”
“Yeah” said Penny “I offered to go up in my mom’s place”
“But why?” asked Chowder
“Because I thought it was the right thing to do” said Penny “I’m younger and in better shape then her”
“That’s so like you” said Gumball “Always caring for others”
Penny blushed and turned back to Chowder
“Who are you guys anyway?”
“My name’s Chowder and this is John Mcclane” replied Chowder “I’m the legendary hero who’s going to save the world and Mcclane is my loyal sidekick”
“Thank you for that” said a voice from behind the door. Said door then opened revealing a familiar figure in black along with several Garthim. A few seconds later another one ran up and joined the group
“Vader!” exclaimed the whole group

Once Vader had the group apprehended and had their weapons and equipment confiscated, he demanded that Chowder and Vader be sent to a place known as the torture chamber whilst the rest of the group be sent to the prisons. The torture chamber was exactly how Chowder imagined it. A blank grey room with every instrument of torture covering the walls and a few bloodstains for good measure.
As soon as Vader had brought them into the room, he had the two Garthim accompanying him, chain Mcclane and Chowder to the walls. Then he approached the two of them
“Now” said Vader putting his mask close to Chowder’s face “You can make this painless for yourself very easily. Where are the runes?”
“The what?” asked Chowder
“Do not play dumb with me” said Vader “My superiors are looking for the Runes that hold this world’s power. So it’s very much in your best interests to be honest with me.”
“Or whaddya gonna do?” asked Chowder mockingly
“What do ya think!” said Mcclane “Look around you!”
“Very observant” said Vader.
He then gestured to the Garthim. One of them walked over to the right wall and picked up a long metal pole with a prong at the end. The other grabbed a similar pole only this one had a small metal buzzsaw on the end.
“Good choices” said Vader. He gestured to the Garthim on the left
“This Garthim has an electric prod which is currently set to 5000 volts. Which is the lowest level.”
Mcclane and Chowder simultaneously gulped. Vader continued
“This Garthim on the other hand has a small buzzsaw which is capable of tearing through diamonds with little to no effort. Now are you sure you don’t want to tell me”
“I’m telling you we don’t know nothing!” yelled Mcclane. Sweat was running down his face and Chowder practically had tears in his eyes
“As you wish” said Vader “I don’t have time to waste, So I’ll leave you with the Garthim”
He walked towards the exit, stopping before he left the room
“By the way. When they talk or die, let me know”
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 3
Chapter 3 of the Fictionland Chronicles

The Origami man working at the factory is Larry Needlemeyer, another recurring character in TAWOG 

In the original Dark Crystal film, the Garthim didn't make any sounds. I changed this to allow more interaction between them and the main villains
“Are we there yet?” asked Chowder
“For the millionth time in as many days: NO!” yelled Mcclane
The two of them had been on the road for a while and had had several inappropriate adventures on the way (including one particularly memorable incident involving an Orca Whale and several cans of Pringles) and tempers were high. Chowder’s was due to the fact they were low on food meaning he had to eat less than usual to conserve rations and Mcclane’s was due to Chowder’s constantly asking questions. Right now they were passing through some green fields and had arrived at the base of a hill which looked different to the scenery of Marzipan city. They looked like they’d come from the same world as Mcclane

“Well I’m tired” said Chowder flopping onto the grass. He then opened his backpack and took out a sandwich
“What are you doing?” asked Mcclane
“What does it look like?” replied Chowder “I’m eating”
Mcclane sighed “But you ate 45 minutes ago!”
“I know” replied Chowder, in between bites “But I’m hungry again, so I gotta eat”
Mcclane snatched the Sandwich out of Chowder’s hands and put it in his backpack
“Hey!” said Chowder running towards Mcclane “Get your own!”
Mcclane held his hand out and put it on Chowder’s forehead, stopping him. He then closed his eyes and sighed
“I’ve told you, we’ve got to conserve food. If we run out, we’ll end up starving to death”
“But I’m hungry!” said Chowder
Mcclane exploded “For crying out loud! You’re always hungry! You don’t think about anything except eating! You just have to accept that you can’t always have what you want! But you don’t. The only person you care about is yourself and-“
Mcclane noticed there were tears in Chowder’s eyes. He stopped ranting
“Hey” he said “I’m sorry. It’s just the stress of this journey is getting to me”
“Really?” asked Chowder
“Yeah” said Mcclane
He sat down on the grass and took out the marble. Mcclane then pressed the button and the image of the Critic and the Nerd appeared

“What is it this time?” asked the Critic
“Yeah” said the Nerd “We’re very busy”
“We just wanna know how much longer” replied Mcclane
“Again!” said the Critic and the Nerd in unison
“Well I’m sorry” said Mcclane “But we’re running low on supplies”
“Look” said the Critic “Just keep heading south and you’ll get there in time”
“That’s what you said last time!” said Chowder “And the time before that!”
“Whoa” said the Nerd “I think the signal’s fading”
“No wait!” said Mclane as the image of the two of them disappeared. He swore and threw the orb on the ground. Chowder ran over to it and picked it up. He then inspected it
“Oh good” said Chowder “It’s not damaged”. He then put it back in his backpack

“Well” said Chowder “Let’s go”
“Go?” said Mcclane
“Yeah” said Chowder walking away “To Elmore where we can find that pipe and then travel to the mushroom kingdom and then-“
“Forget it” said Mcclane who then started walking in the other direction
“Where ya going?” asked Chowder
“Home” replied Mcclane
“What!” said Chowder “What about saving the world?”
“Screw it” said Mcclane “I’m on this adventure against my will. We’ve been travelling forever. We ain’t gonna reach Elmore, so I’m quittin while I’m ahead”
“But we can’t!” said Chowder “We’ve got to do it. For our friends and family’s sake!”
“You can” said Mcclane “But I’m outta here”. He then began to walk away
“Fine!” said Chowder who walked off in the opposite direction

Walking away from Chowder, Mcclane felt good. He was right. The whole thing was a waste of time. Besides he needed to police New York City, he didn’t have time to worry about some stupid adventure
“But is it right?” he asked himself “Leaving the little guy to do the deed on his own” Then he shook his head. Who cared? Chowder was able to take care of himself. Then he heard Chowder’s familiar voice in his head. He tried to block it out. Only he then realised that Chowder was in fact calling for him. He turned round to see Chowder running down the hill towards him
“Quick!” said Chowder “You gotta see this”
Mcclane ran after Chowder who ran back up the hill. When they got to the top, Mcclane sighed with relief.

Sprawling below the hill in front of them was a massive city. It stretched for miles with buildings as far as the eyes could see.
“Come on” said Chowder “Let’s go”
The two of them set off down the hill towards the city of Elmore

When they got inside the town, they instantly realised something was wrong. The streets were completely empty and no sounds could be heard. Not even the typical sounds of traffic in the distance
“What the hell?” said Mcclane
“Hello!” yelled Chowder “If there’s anybody here, say something”
He got no answer.
“Come on” said Mcclane “Let’s see what we can find.”

They’d been travelling for about 5 minutes when they turned into another street near what they were estimating was the centre of town. The street was empty like every other one they’d encountered with occasional signs of conflict such as smashed windows or destroyed cars. This street also had a large school bus abandoned on its side.
“What do you think happened?” asked Chowder
“I don’t know” replied Mcclane “Maybe they’ve all been wiped out”
“No!” said Chowder “There must be somebody still alive around here. Maybe they’re all playing hide and seek”
“What!?” said Mcclane
“You know” said Chowder “Hide and seek where everyone except one guy hides and the other guy has to find them”
“I know what it is!” said Mcclane “Now shut up. We’ve got to find somebody who can help us”
“And some food” added Chowder. He then turned to his right and saw what he was looking for
“Hey look” said Chowder pointing.
Mcclane looked where Chowder was pointing and saw a small petrol station at the end of the street
“This is no time to be thinking about food!” said Mcclane “We’ve gotta find out what’s goin on!”
“Aw please” said Chowder “There might even be someone there”
Mcclane sighed “Oh all right then. If it’ll make you happy”
The two of them set off down the street.

When they entered the petrol station, Chowder was amazed by how big it was. The ones in Marzipan city usually had two or three shelves. This however had enough shelves to be a small supermarket. However most of the shelves were empty as was the cashier desk next to the doors
“Hello!” yelled Chowder. The hello echoed through the store, but he got no response.
“Come on” said Mcclane “Let’s make this quick”. The two of them then split up with Chowder going to the left and Mcclane going to the right.

Walking through the empty shop gave Chowder a sense of unease. There were no products on the shelves and nobody appeared to be in it. When he reached the end of one aisle without finding any food or drinks, he was ready to give up when he heard footsteps on the other side of his aisle. Chowder decided to find out who it was. Even if it was just Mcclane he could at least find out if he’d had any luck.

When Chowder walked round the aisle, the figure he saw was almost certainly not Mcclane. It was bluish in colour with several red vein-like patterns across its head and big black eyes. The top of its head resembled a brain while the body was segmented like a bug. Its feet and hands had two claws rather than fingers and it was clutching something in its right hand. It was walking with a limp, as though it had been wounded
“Hey!” yelled Chowder “Are you ok?”
The thing held up the object which Chowder saw was a metal oval with a small ball on the end. It also had a grip with a trigger.
“Gun!” yelled Chowder and ran to his left as a blast of light shot at where he’d been standing.

As he ran down the aisles, Chowder felt a terrible sense of déjà vu. Which meant that he wasn’t concentrating on where he was going and ran straight into a wall.
When he’d collected his bearings, he found that he’d ran into a corner. He turned round to find that the creature was standing over him and had blocked him in. It raised its gun. Before it could fire, a noise like a watermelon being stabbed sounded out. Then the creature fell over revealing a knife in the back of its head and Mcclane standing there
“Ya know, we’ve really gotta stop doing this” said Mcclane

“John!” yelled Chowder, running up to him and hugging his leg
“It’s ok” said Mcclane pushing him off “Just don’t do that”
“Where did you get the knife?” asked Chowder
“There’s a sale at the back” replied Mcclane “Now let’s get outta here”

As the two of them walked through the shop, the silence was deafening. Neither of them could comprehend what was going on. Chowder hoped the residents of Elmore were safe.
They’d just walked out of the petrol station and into the street when a voice yelled “Hey!”
They looked at where the voice came from and saw a small blue figure and a small orange figure walking up to them. As the figures got closer, Chowder and Mcclane were able to get a better look at them.

The blue figure looked like a small cat wearing a beige sweater and black trousers while the orange figured looked like a fish wearing trainers.
“Excuse me” said Chowder “Can you help us? We’re looking for a-“
“Shut up!” yelled the blue figure “Put your hands in the air!”
“You gotta be kidding” said Mcclane
“Just do it” said the blue cat
“Erm… dude?” said the fish “What are you doing?”
“Shhhh!” said the cat “They could be baddies”
“I don’t think they are” said the fish
The cat rolled his eyes
“Of course they are! Look at them!”
“Hey” said the Fish “Looks aren’t everything. They may look different, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. Besides they might be able to help us”
The fish then turned to Chowder and Mcclane
“Sorry about my brother” said the Fish “He’s just a bit nervous. Although you can’t really blame him after what happened”
“So what happened?” asked Mcclane

“Well…” said the cat nervously “A few days ago, some bad guys came to our town. They said that the town was under new management. When we refused, they trashed the town and made us work for them”
“Those bastards!” said Mcclane
“What’s that mean?” said the fish
“I’ll tell you when you’re older” said the cat
“Well who are you guys anyway?” asked Chowder
“I’m Gumball” replied the cat “And this is my adoptive brother Darwin”
“Is there anyone else?” asked Mcclane. Gumball looked around to see if nobody was watching
“Well there’s our Mom, Dad and little sister Anais”
“Can you take us there?” asked Chowder
“Sure” said Darwin “Follow us”
As Gumball and Darwin set off through the streets of the Elmore with Mcclane and Chowder following, Mcclane had a thought
“Hey. What’re you guys doin out here anyway?”
“Looking for supplies” said Gumball

A few minutes later, the group had arrived at an intersection. Gumball peaked round a corner, then looked back at the team with a terrified look
“Quick!” he said “Hide”
“From what?” asked Chowder. Then the whole group heard a loud boom and felt the ground shake slightly. Without hesitation, Mcclane and Chowder followed Gumball and Darwin inside the remains of a pizza place and hid behind the counter. After a few seconds, a large metal pole slammed down outside the shop window. Mcclane got up from the counter and walked over to it. Chowder followed him
“No!” said Gumball.
When Mcclane and Chowder got to the window, they both gasped.

Towering over the shop was an enormous white three legged robot. Its 3 legs were stiff and mechanical and moved in perfect timing, allowing the machine to remain perfectly balanced. Looking at the front, they could just make out a metal tube poking out of the bottom of the front, which Mcclane guessed was some kind of weapon. The two of them ducked back behind the counter and waited.

A few minutes later, Gumball got up from behind the counter and looked out the door. The street was empty again, so he gestured to the other three who followed him out the door.

A while later, the group were still trekking through the town. They’d left the city area and were now in a residential neighbourhood.
“Are we there yet?” asked Chowder
“Nearly” said Gumball
“But I’m bored!” said Chowder “And hungry!”
“Don’t worry” said Darwin “We’ve got food at our place”
Chowder perked up at this
“Well come on John!” he said “We’ve gotta hurry”
A few minutes later, the group turned into another street.
“There we are” said Gumball pointing to a house. It was blue with a patio and white bannisters at the front.

Gumball and Darwin led them to the front of the house. However instead of going up the patio to the front door, they began to walk round to the left side.
“Where are ya goin?” asked Mcclane “The entrance’s right there”
“Yeah” said Gumball “But our family’s round here.”
Chowder and Mcclane followed them around the side of the house to a trap door. Gumball and Darwin looked around, then knocked on the door. Silence. Then a female voice asked “Who is it?”
“It’s Gumball and Darwin” replied Gumball “We’ve brought friends”. A few seconds later, the trapdoors opened revealing a female cat similar in appearance to Gumball.
“Where have you been!” she yelled. Gumball and Darwin looked at the floor
“Sorry mom” replied Gumball
“Yeah” said Darwin “We were just trying to find food”
“You still put yourselves in danger. And worried us!” said Nichole
“But we did it for you!” said Gumball “We’re low on food. We’ve got to find something!”
Nichole sighed “Well Ok… Just don’t let it happen again”
Mcclane coughed to get her attention. Nicole turned and saw them
“Are these the friends you were talking about?” she asked
“Yeah” said Darwin
Nichole eyed them suspiciously
“Well ok” she said “You can come in”

The basement of the house had only a faint bulb for light. Packets of food and bottles of water sat in the corner and sleeping bags were scattered all over the floor. In the corner was a large pink rabbit in a suit and tie sleeping. A smaller pink rabbit was sitting in the corner playing with a small purple doll. As soon as she saw Gumball and Darwin, her eyes widened
“Gumball, Darwin!” she yelled running up to them and hugging Gumball
“Hey Anais” said Gumball hugging her. As soon as Anais let go of Gumball, she looked at Mcclane and Chowder confused
“Who are these guys?” asked Anais
“They’re our new friends, Chowder and Mcclane” said Darwin
“Hi” said Chowder nervously approaching Anais
“What’s wrong with you?” asked Anais
“You look a lot like some girl I don’t like in my hometown” said Chowder
“Who’s the big guy?” asked Mcclane
“That’s my dad” replied Gumball “You can call him Richard”
“Hey Richard!” said Nicole, walking up to him “We’ve got visitors”. Richard opened his left eye slightly
“Ok” said Richard yawning “Wake me up when dinner’s on”. Nicole sighed and turned to Mcclane and Chowder
“Sorry about this” she said “He’s a really nice guy usually”
“I’ll bet” said Mcclane “But we’ve got more important matters to attend to. “We need to find something called a “Warp pipe? Ever heard of it?”
The whole family minus Richard who was asleep, looked at Mcclane with a blank look on his face. Finally Darwin spoke
“Erm…no we haven’t”
“Well is there anyone who does?” asked Mcclane
“I dunno” replied Gumball “We haven’t seen anybody since the bad dudes came”
Mcclane sighed
“Well we’re gonna have to get goin’ then. There must be someone in this town who knows something”
As they turned to leave, Gumball spoke up
“Take me with you”
“No honey!” said Nicole. Mcclane and Chowder both turned to face him
“She’s right kid” said Mcclane “You’ll never survive out there”
“But you let Chowder come with you!” said Gumball
“Only because I’m the legendary hero” said Chowder
“But I can help” said Gumball, getting down on his knees
“Please! I’m begging you!”
“Why do you wanna come with us so bad?” asked Chowder.
“Well…” said Gumball. He hesitated and look at Chowder “It’s silly. But there’s this girl I love. Her name’s Penny and she’s probably the greatest girl in the world. I don’t know if she’s even alive. But I’ve gotta know”
“Ew!” said Chowder “Girls are annoying! They just chase you everywhere and never leave you alone”
“Not this one” said Gumball “She’s the greatest girl in the world”
Chowder huffed and folded his arms
“Well I don’t get girls”
“Trust me” said Gumball “When you meet the one…”
“Well it doesn’t matter!” yelled Mcclane “You can’t come and that’s final!”
“I agree” said Nicole, standing up from where she’d been sitting
“I can’t risk putting my own children in danger. If something happened to you…”
Nicole shut her eyes and clenched.
“But we have to go!” said a small voice

Everyone looked at where the voice came from and saw Anais standing there with her eyes wide open.
“I know we’re all scared. And that’s natural. But we’ve got to do something. Sooner or later we’ll run out of supplies. And that’s not worth thinking about”
Nicole opened her mouth to say something, but Anais continued
“Not only that, but our friends could be in danger. We can’t just stand there while they’re suffering.”
She stepped forward
“And that is why I want to come with you”
Chowder and Mcclane’s jaws were hanging wide open. Finally Chowder spoke
“Ok. You guys can help us.”
“I’ll come too” said Darwin “I’m smarter than I look”
Nicole sighed
“Ok” she said “I’ve not really got a choice”
She then walked up to Richard and shook him. Richard opened his eyes
“What is it?” he asked
“Come on” said Nicole “We’re going out”
“That’s great honey” said Richard “I’ll stay here and guard the house”
Nicole scowled at him
“Oh OK” he sighed.

After walking around town for an hour, the group still hadn’t found anyone. They were beginning to feel hopeless
“Maybe there’s no one left” said Mcclane
“Don’t say that!” said Darwin whirling round to look at him “We’ve got to try, no matter what!”
“You keep saying that” said Mcclane “It’s getting boring”
“So what should we do next?” asked Nicole
“Well we’ve got to keep looking” said Anais “Somebody else must’ve survived
While the group were arguing, Chowder’s mind wandered off. He thought about food. It must’ve been at least 2 hours since he’d eaten. Then he perked up. Inside a video shop across the street, he saw a dark shadow move in front of the front window.
“Hey guys!” he said “I saw something inside that shop over there!”
The whole group instantly stopped arguing and looked at him
“It’s our best shot so far” said Nicole “Let’s go”
When the group got inside the shop, the first thing they saw was a large dark shape in the corner. The shop itself had various electronic gadgets and computer games on its shelves.
“Hello?” said Mcclane.

The creature spun round, revealing itself to be a large black crab like creature with several legs and huge pincers. It began to lurch menacingly towards them. Mcclane drew his gun and fired a shot at it. But it had no effect.
“Run for it!” yelled Nicole
“The door’s jammed!” said Richard frantically pulling it.
As the group tried to open the door, escape seemed hopeless. Until a TV on the shelf turned on
“Hey” said the host of the show “Leave them alone!”
The creature stopped and looked at the TV. Confused, it began to walk towards the set which jumped off the shelf and smashed it hard on the head, destroying the TV and knocking the creature to the ground.

As the group eased closer to the destroyed TV, a female voice said “Hi Gumball”. Then a small white figure with an emo haircut and a bow on her head appeared floating in the air
“Ghost!” yelled Chowder who hid behind Mcclane
“Carrie!” said Gumball and Darwin
“You know this thing?” said Mcclane
“Hey!” said Carrie “I’m not a thing, I’m an emo ghost”
“How did you escape being captured?” asked Nicole
“Don’t be dumb” said Carrie “Nobody captures me”
“Is there anybody else?” said Mcclane
“Yeah” said Carrie “Those bad dudes have them prisoner at the junk yard”
“The junk yard?” said Darwin
“Yeah” said Carrie
“How do we get there?” asked Mcclane
Carrie looked surprised
“You’re not seriously thinking of going there are you?” she said “Nobody I know has come out of that place”
“Course we are” said Mcclane “If we’re gonna save the world, then we’ve got no choice”
“Then I’m coming with you” said Carrie “You look like you could use my help”
“Sure thing” said Chowder “We need all the help we can get. Now how do you get to the junkyard?”
“I know the way” said Nicole “Follow me!”
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 2
Chapter 2 of the FictionLand Chronicles
The brain headed monster that attacks Chowder and Mcclane in the petrol station is a Metaluna Mutant from the 1955 science fiction film This Island Earth

The black crab like creature is a Garthim from Jim Henson's the Dark Crystal

The white three legged robot is a Martian War Machine from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds musical

In the original film, the Metaluna Mutants didn't use guns. I gave them that so they'd be more threatening. The guns in question were designed to look like they came out of a 50s b movie

The Petrol Station, Pizza Shop and Video shop are all actual locations in the TV show, The Amazing World of Gumball

In an early draft of the story, I was the main character and it was told in the first person. This was eventually scrapped as it came off as too Mary Sueish 
Post people who've inspired you. They can be famous, family members or just friends.
As for me, you've got:
My Dad: My dad was determined for me to live a normal life despite my disabilities and really helped me get where I am
My Grandad: Grandad inspired me with his stories and was the one who really got me into reading.
Canon Eddie: The priest at the church in my hometown, He helped me when I first became seriously interested in religion. If nothing else he proved to me that not all religious people are bad
Ian: My occupational therapist who helped me get into supported living which also helped me straighten my life out.
J.R.R Tolkien: One of the biggest influences on my writing. Other notable influences include H.G. Wells, Frank Herbert, Arthur C Clarke and H.P. Lovecraft
Timeless Meadow by sagethethird
Great image if I do say so.

The colours of the image are very warm and striking which is a good thing as it means that anyone who see's it remembers it.

I'm a big fan of fantasy landscapes and art, but this is still one of the best I think I've seen in ages. There's something about it that brings to mind the Ralph Bakshi film Wizards

The painting technique is also brilliant. It's very vivid and detailed allowing people to understand what's going on while still standing out

In all, this is a fantastic image and I hope you do more.
“The world of the imagination is as old as we are. It has been humanity's constant companion with all of its fictional locations, like Mount Olympus and the gods, and since we first came down from the trees, basically. It seems very important, otherwise, we wouldn't have it” : Alan Moore

Far away from our reality, exists a world known as Fictionland. Well I say world, it’s more of a collective of universes themed around different forms of fiction. But I digress.
For many years, it has remained peaceful. Until now when a group of heartless evil villains have arisen and are determined to enslave the realm of fiction and all its inhabitants.
But fear not, gentle viewer. There is an obscure prophecy. It states that a legendary hero will arise and save them all. Or something to that effect. But enough beating around the bush, it’s time to start the story

It was a sunny day in Marzipan city and a young chef’s apprentice by the name of Chowder was making his way through the town to the market. He wasn’t much to look at, being a small purple cat bear rabbit thing. Nor was he particularly bright and was always forgetting key things. But he was willing to learn and was determined to make it as a master chef. It had been his dream since the day he was born. Which is why he’d become apprentice to Mung Daal of the Mung Daal catering company who had sent him down to market to obtain some Bombergranates.

As he entered the market, a big smile crossed his face. His old friend Gazpacho who ran the stand was still working there.
“Hey Gazpacho!” Chowder said as he approached the stand “What’s up?”
“Not a lot” replied Gazpacho “I tried painting, today”
Chowder raised an eyelid “How’d it go?”
Gazpacho looked around nervously “Well mother said I shouldn’t. She says it encourages evil thoughts”
“Oh” said Chowder, not really understanding how that worked “Well anyway, I need a bag of Bombergranates
Gazpacho brightened up at this request
“Oh sure!” he said, handing Chowder the bag. “That’ll be 5 dollops!”
Chowder handed Gazpacho the money, thanked him and walked away.

The streets of Marzipan city were full of characters as far as the eyes could see. Chowder pushed his way through the crowds. As he did, he heard a female voice say “Hi Chowder”
Chowder turned to his right and saw a pink rabbit girl standing there.
“I’m not your boyfriend!” he yelled
Ignoring him, she began to move closer.
“W…What are you doing Panini?” Chowder asked, sweating
“Well Chowder” replied Panini “You’ve got a big heavy load. I could help you carry it”
“N…no!” said Chowder “I can do it on my own”
“But Chowder” said Panini “We look so cute together,
Chowder screamed and ran off with Panini in hot pursuit

After running around for several minutes, Chowder came across a dirty alleyway. Without thinking, he ducked into the alley and hid behind one of the bins.  Listening in, he could hear Panini outside the alley calling for him. He held his breath and hoped for the best. A few minutes later, Panini’s voice trailed off into the distance.

Chowder stepped out from behind the bins. He sighed with relief and began to walk away. Two seconds later, he tripped over something sticking out of the ground and found himself face down on the floor.
Picking himself up, Chowder looked down at the lump he’d tripped over
“Now who left that there? Seriously?” he said
He bent over to take a look at it. Most of the object was buried in the ground except for a small black dome shaped lump sticking out of the ground. Chowder, being the curious type, decided to get a better look at it. And hopefully return it to its rightful owner. So he put both hands on it and heaved with all his strength. A few seconds later, it popped out of the ground and left him sprawled on his back

After he’d got himself up, Chowder was able to get a look at the object. It appeared to be a completely black sphere made of glass. Its surface was completely smooth. Chowder licked it to see what it tasted like. Which turned out to be nothing. So he spat it back out completely disappointed.

“Hello!” he yelled “Did anyone loose a giant marble?”
He got no reply
“Last chance!”
Again nobody answered
“Great!” said Chowder pocketing the ball before heading back to the catering company.

The Mung Daal Catering Company was famous throughout Marzipan city for its cooking. Ran by legendary chef Mung Daal, it was at one point, considered the finest eatery in the city. Small wonder then, that Chowder was determined to make it as a chef there.

As he walked in he was greeted by the sounds and smells of kitchen work and food being prepared. At the end of the kitchen, a blue elderly man with a big moustache was preparing food next to Schnitzel, a rock man who also worked at the cafe. The blue man looked up from his work and saw Chowder entering with a sack
“Chowder, my boy!” he said “Did you get the bombergranites?”
“Sure did Mung!” replied Chowder, opening the sack a little
“Great” replied Mung “Let’s get started!”

A few seconds later, the trio had gathered around the cooking table and had got all the ingrediants ready
“Now listen carefully!” said Mung “Bombergranites are extremely dangerous! One false move could demolish the entire building!. So be careful!”
“What was that?” asked Chowder who then dropped a bombergranite he’d been fiddling with.
Mung got as far as “No-“ before the Bombergranite exploded in a terrific blast which took out the windows and was almost certainly heard at least 5 miles away

Chowder blinked twice as the dust from the explosion settled
“Sorry Mung” he said
“It’s ok Chowder” said Mung, in a way that didn’t suggest it was ok

Later that evening, Mung was tucking Chowder into bed. Both of them were completely drained from the day’s events.
“Mung?” said Chowder “Do you think I’ll ever be a great chef?”
“Of course” said Mung “I’ve every faith that you’ll succeed”
“It’s just that I mess up. A lot” said Chowder “And you get mad”
“Hey don’t worry about it” said Mung
“Really?” said Chowder, brightening up
“Sure” said Mung “Everyone makes mistakes. They’re only a problem if you don’t learn from them”
“And I always try to learn from my mistakes. Well good night”
“Good night” said Mung. He then walked out the room and closed the door.

As soon as Mung had left, Chowder switched on his bedroom light, waking up Kimchi (his pet stink cloud)
“Hey Kimchi!” said Chowder, causing Kimchi to let out several flatulence-like noises in annoyance
“Sorry for waking you up” said Chowder “But I thought you’d wanna see what I found today”
Chowder then jumped off the bed, went over to his clothes draw and opened it. He rummaged through the draw and pulled out the giant marble thing from earlier.
“Check it out!” said Chowder, holding up the marble for all to see. Kimchi let out a surprised flatulence sound.

“Yeah it is pretty impressive” said Chowder “I bet it’s worth loads and I’ll be able to buy all the thrice cream I want and I…”
He then pressed a part of the marble which made a clicking noise.
As Chowder bent down to see what he’d done, a beam of light shot out of the orb temporarily blinding him. When he opened his eyes, there were two men in the room.

The men looked about thirtyish. One of them had a beard, a brown hat and jacket, a white shirt and a red tie. The other had glasses, a white shirt and black hair

“Hello I’m the Nostalgia Critic” said the man in the hat
“And I’m a nerd” said the man in the white shirt.

Chowder squinted at the two men.
“Hi I’m Chowder” he said, greeting the two of them.
The two men turned to face him. As soon as they saw him, they both sighed
“You gotta be kidding me!” said the Nerd
“Now let’s not jump to conclusions” said the Critic “Looks aren’t everything”
“Excuse me?” said Chowder “What do you mean ‘Legendary Hero?’ I’m just a chef”
The Nerd let out another sigh
“Well that’s just great!” said the nerd “Our hero, destined to save the whole of reality itself is a chef!”
“Why you gotta be so mean?” asked Chowder
“Sorry” said the Critic “I forgot to mention. He’s the Angry Video Game Nerd”
“Damn straight!” said the Nerd
“So who are you guys anyway?” replied Chowder. He reached out to touch the Critic’s leg only to find his hand went straight through.

“Don’t bother touching us” said the Critic “We’re not really here”
“Oh no!” said Chowder “That Clabbage cobbler I had last night’s repeating on me! Mung was right when he said I shouldn't eat clabbage more than three days after its expiry date!”
“What! No!” said The Nerd
“Let me explain” said the Critic “We are the guardians of your world”
“What, just the two of you?” said Chowder
“No!” said the Critic “There are several of us. We’re just the two guys in charge”
“Yeah!” said the Nerd “We’ve been watching your world since the dawn of time”
“All the time?” said Chowder
“All the time” replied the Critic
Chowder thought for a second
“Even when I pee?”
The Critic and the Nerd both jumped up at this line
“Goddamnit! said the Critic “Will you stay focused!”
“Sorry” said Chowder, shrinking down
“Anyway” said the Nerd “Can we continue?”
Chowder nodded
“The world as you know it will soon come to an end-”
Chowder burst into tears
“Oh man! And there was so much I wanted to do!”
“Oh for crying out loud! This is the legendary hero who’ll save us all!!!” said the Nerd, intercut with several words that Chowder didn’t expect a wise ancient guardian to use
“Okay just calm down!” said the Critic
“T-that’s easy for you to say” said Chowder between sobs
“If you’d let me finish” said the Critic “What I was saying was that you can prevent it!”
“Me!!!” said Chowder
“Yep” said the Nerd “We’re sending someone to meet you tomorrow”
“Who is he?” asked Chowder
“You’ll know him when you see him” said the Nerd
“So what do I do?” asked Chowder
“For now, just wait until he arrives.”
“Thanks” replied Chowder. He turned to go back to bed
“And another thing” said the Nerd “Be careful. There are nasty people after you. Keep your eyes peeled or you’ll probably die a horrible death”
“What!” said Chowder
“So goodnight” said the two of them in unison.
The light vanished leaving Chowder alone in the darkness of his room.

Several miles away, a man said “Oh my god!”
He was in some sort of void with nothing around him. Not even a floor. He tried to remember where he’d ended up. The last thing he could remember was falling asleep in his bed in New York City.
“Excuse me!”
He turned to see a figure in front of him. The darkness of the void made it hard to make out the figure’s features
“Who the hell are you?” he asked
“That’s not important” replied the figure
“Well what is?”
“That you listen very carefully. In a moment you will find yourself in another realm. You must find a person known as Chowder. For reference he looks like this”
A small figure appeared in front of him. The man chuckled. It looked like a child’s stuffed toy wearing a purple hat
“You seriously expect me to find this thing?”
“Of course” replied the figure “If you don’t, everything you know and love will be wiped out”
“Woah woah woah” said the man “Wiped out by who?”
“All will be explained shortly” said the figure
As soon as he finished speaking, several other figures appeared around him.
“What the hell are you doing?” said the man
“Hold still” replied the figure “This won’t hurt a bit”
A blinding flash filled the man’s vision. When his eyes cleared, he looked around. And gasped.

The next morning, Chowder woke up and got himself ready. He then went downstairs to the kitchens to get ready for the day’s orders. When he opened the door, he saw that Mung and Schnitzel were already hard at work.
“Morning Chowder” said Mung, as Chowder entered the room “Sleep well?”
“Yeah pretty much” replied Chowder
“That’s great” said Mung. He then noticed that Chowder was looking concerned
“Hey is something wrong?” Mung asked
“Well… There is one thing, but it’s a bit silly”
“Don’t worry about it my boy” said Mung “A problem shared is a problem halved”
“Well…” said Chowder “Ok”
Chowder let out a sigh before telling Mung about how he’d seen the two men and what they’d told him. When he finished, Mung looked at him confused
“Well that’s a bit of a mouthful there”
Schnitzel then commented on how Chowder was probably crazy. Although to you and me it would have sounded like a series of Raddas.
“Of course he’s not crazy!” said Mung. He turned back to Chowder
“You probably just had a dream. You’ve been working really hard recently, so it’s only natural”
“I guess” said Chowder
“Now” said Mung “Let’s get to work”

As Chowder started work on that day’s orders, he thought about what Mung said. Surely it must have been a dream. He’d had some weird dreams recently such as one where he grew up and married Marzipan. There’s no way he could be a hero. He was just an apprentice chef. He shook his head and got back to work. Yeah. There was no ancient nerd guardians, no evil villain and no…
“Crystal!” yelled Chowder. He looked round to see Mung and Schnitzel staring at him.
“Just a second Mung!” said Chowder “I’ll prove to you it wasn’t a dream”
Chowder then disappeared through the back door

At the front desk of the restaurant, Mung’s wife, Truffles was working on the accounts when the door opened. A large man who looked extremely out of place in Marzipan City walked in. He was wearing dark sunglasses and a leather jacket walked in. He also appeared to be wearing a gun.
“Can I help you?” asked Truffles
“Chowder” replied the man in an extremely flat monotonous voice
“He’s in the kitchen” said Truffles
She turned to the kitchen door behind her and started to yell “Chowder!” when the man pushed past her
“Hey!” she yelled “That’s employees only!”

As the figure walked into the kitchen, the first thing he said was “Chowder”
“Erm… he’s just gone upstairs” said Mung when Chowder suddenly burst into the room holding the crystal
“Hey Mung!” yelled Chowder
The figure then drew a gun and aimed it at Chowder.
“What the-!” said Chowder. He then jumped to avoid a laser blast which struck the area where he’d been standing a few seconds ago.

As the figure took aim to fire for a second time, Chowder knew he only had seconds to react. He couldn’t run out the usual way as the figure was guarding it. Nor could he run upstairs as he’d be trapped.
In a split second, Chowder leaped towards the window. As soon as he hit it, it shattered and fell on to the floor. Chowder felt the laser blast fly past his head as he sailed past the window frame and landed into the street.

The figure turned and made his way outside.  Mung and Schnitzel just stared in shock.
“What just happened?” asked Mung
Shnitzel made a few radda noises and pointed. On the floor was the crystal that Chowder had brought down.

Chowder picked himself up from the pavement. All around him were pieces of broken glass and confused bystanders.
“Run for your lives!” he shouted “There’s a mean guy after us and-!”
He was interrupted by a laser blast shooting past his head. Without hesitation he ran down the street screaming.

Fleeing down the street, Chowder could feel his heart pumping. When he looked round again, the man was taking aim. Chowder dived onto the ground and the shot narrowly missed him. He picked himself up and carried on running as fast as his legs could carry him.

A few seconds later he arrived at a road crossing. Without thinking he ran into the road without looking. A snail car (the primary mode of transportation in Marzipan city) swerved past him honking its horn. Chowder screamed. But he couldn’t stop now, so he just closed his eyes and continued running.

Behind him, Chowder could hear the sounds of the man getting closer. This was followed by the sound of a truck horn getting closer. Chowder screamed and ran faster then he’d ever ran. He then felt a truck whoosh by him.

Chowder stopped to catch his breath. He couldn’t see the man through the cars. He sighed with relief. But his relief was cut short when a laser bolt blasted through a passing truck.
Chowder sighed again and began to run.

The other man was still exploring the town. He’d been unable to locate the Chowder he’d been told to find. He was getting frustrated, due in no small part the difficulty of navigating a surreal cartoon town, let alone finding a single resident. He cursed loudly and was about to give up when he heard something screaming. He turned and saw the very person he was looking for run down a street into an alley. This was followed by a figure in a black leather jacket and sunglasses walked down the street into the same alley.

As Chowder ran into the alley, he screeched to a halt. The end of the alley was blocked by a brick wall.
“No!” Chowder yelled. He turned to run only to be met with the sight of the strange burly man blocking the exit. As the burly man took aim, Chowder cowered on the floor and wished for some spare underpants.
“Hey you!” yelled a voice.
As the burly man turned round, a shot rang out. Chowder screamed. The Burly man fell down with a bullet hole in his head.

Chowder looked up to see another strange man standing over him. He was balding, fairly beefy and was carrying a gun.
“Who are you?” asked Chowder
“Name’s John Mcclane” replied the man “And you’re Chowder?”
“That’s me” said Chowder who then ran up to Mcclane and hugged his leg
“Thank you so much!” said Chowder. Then it dawned on him
“How do you know my name?”
“I got told by some weird shadowy guys. Next thing I know I’m here and…”
A click and a whirr came from the burly man. He then stood up and said “Chowder”
“Run” said Mcclane

As the two of them ran down the street again, Mcclane had an idea. He ran into the road, causing a Snail car to stop.
“Watch it buddy!” yelled the driver.
Mcclane grabbed Chowder, ran over to the car, opened the door and threw the driver out.
“Sorry” said Mcclane “It’s a matter of life and death”
He turned to the dashboard
“Now how do you drive this thing?”
“Well…” said Chowder “Mung usually turns the little key and-“
A laserblast shot through the back windshield and blasted through the front
“Hurry!” yelled Chowder
“I’m trying ok!” said Mcclane.
The snailcar then started up and the two of them shot off down the street. Chowder looked behind him and saw the burly man disappearing into the distance.

As Chowder and Mcclane vanished down the end of the street, the burly man ran into the middle of road causing a Snail truck to stop. He then flung the door open, tore the driver from his seat and sped off after Chowder and Mcclane.

Speeding through the streets of Marzipan city, Chowder assumed they were safe. Until a truck horn sounded from behind them.
Mcclane looked out the wing mirror and swore loudly. Chowder looked out and saw a Snail Truck following them. He squinted and saw that the Burly man was driving it.
“Hang on!” said Mcclane “This is gonna call for some serious driving like a maniac!”
He made a sharp turn that flung Chowder across his seat. Only his seatbelt stopped him from slamming into the door

Chowder pulled himself up and stared out the window. Mcclane was swerving all over the road. He narrowly missed an oncoming car causing Chowder to scream
“Don’t worry!” said Mcclane “We’re nearly there”
“Don’t worry!!!” said Chowder “We’re being chased by an evil guy who wants to kill us and I’m trapped in a car with the most dangerous driver ever! How am I not supposed to worry!!!”
“Relax” said Mcclane “We’re here”

Chowder looked out of the window and saw the edge of the city. The city was held up several feet in the air by some giant dude (Chowder had never really been good at geography)
“We’re trapped!” said Chowder. Then he realised Mcclane was heading towards the edge
“What are you doing!” said Chowder
“Relax” said Mcclane “I have a plan”
As the Snail car got closer, Chowder covered his eyes in fright. Then the car swung round flinging him across the seat again. Chowder could see the truck getting closer.

“Undo your belt!” said Mcclane
Chowder did so
“Now when I say Jump, We jump” yelled Mcclane sending the car towards the truck

As they got closer, Chowder could feel the sweat running down his face. Then when they were barely a few feet away from the truck, Mcclane yelled “Jump!”
Without thinking, Chowder hurled himself from the car. The truck slammed into it and carried on past them.
Inside the truck, the man was frantically trying to stop. Unfortunately the breaks had failed due to the truck being pushed beyond its limits during the chase.

Mcclane and Chowder watched as the truck shot over the cliff and disappeared from view. A few seconds later, they heard an enormous boom
“Yippee Ki Yay” said Mcclane, followed by a word that indicated the man was a fornicator of matriarchs. He turned to Chowder
“So what’s the deal with you anyway? Why are you so special?”
“I dunno” replied Chowder. He told Mcclane about the crystal thing he’d found and about the two men who’d appeared in his room.
“That’s a pretty cool story” replied Mcclane “So where’s the crystal”
Chowder searched his pockets, but couldn’t find anything
“Aw man. I must’ve dropped it at the company”
“Company?” said Mcclane
“Yeah it’s where I work” said Chowder “Come. I’ll show you”
Chowder then set off for the catering company with Mcclane following him

A few minutes later, they arrived and went inside. When they got into the kitchen, Chowder opened the door
“Hi Mung-“ he started to say, then stopped. Inside the room were the Critic and the Nerd
“What’s going on?” asked Chowder
“They told us everything” said Mung
“Please! Come in!” said the Critic.
Chowder entered the kitchen
“There’s another guy with you!” said the Nerd “Hey!” he yelled “Get in here!”
“I think they mean you” said Chowder, looking at Mcclane
Mcclane entered. Schnitzel let out several Radda’s
“What did he say?” asked Mcclane
“He wants to know who you are and what you’re doing here” replied Mung
“I’m John Mcclane” said Mcclane “I just got told that I had to help your friend out here, then I find myself in this weird city and here I am”
“That’s right” said the Critic “You are the guy who’ll help Chowder save the whole of reality”
“Oh really” said Mcclane, raising an eyebrow “From who or what exactly”
“From Loki” said the Critic.
An ominous silence fell throughout the room. Finally Mcclane broke the silence
“Who the hell’s that?”
“Only one of the nastiest bastards, this side of the universe” said the Nerd
“Yeah” said the Critic “For years he’s tried to take over the world and failed. Now he’s set his sights on the entire multiverse”
“So he’s gathered together a ton of likeminded guys” continued the nerd “and is slowly conquering the lands of the universe, one by one”
“So where does Chowder come into this?” asked Mcclane
“Well…” said the Critic “For as long as we can remember, we’ve been preparing for this day”
“So why don’t you stop him?” asked Mcclane
“Yeah” said Chowder “You’re all powerful”
“Because” said the Critic “We can’t influence this world from the outside. We can send stuff in, like the crystal, but we’re unable to do anything about outside actions”
"Well how did you teleport Mcclane here?" asked Chowder
"We were able to combine our powers together" replied the Critic "But actions like that take a lot of energy. Which is why we can't teleport you guys again without potentially blowing a hole in the universe"
“So anyway” said the Nerd turning to Chowder “You and Mcclane must stop him”
“No way!” said Chowder with tears in his eyes “I can’t”
“You must!” said the Critic “You alone are the only hope for the whole of this world”
“May I have a second?” asked Mung.

As Chowder sobbed into his hands, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Mung standing over him, smiling. Chowder stopped sobbing
“You can do it Chowder” said Mung “You’ve done some brilliant things while working for me. A good chef knows that he can achieve any task, as long as he works hard and believes in himself”
“Besides” said Mcclane “I’m going with you”
“Really?” said Chowder
“Yeah” said Mcclane who then turned to the Critic and the Nerd
“What should we do first?”
“Find the Doctor” said the Critic
“Why?” asked Chowder “Are we sick?”
“No!” replied the Nerd “He’s one of an ancient race known as Time Lords. They use things called TARDIS’S to travel through time and space. And you’ll need to be able to do that”
“So where do we find him?” asked Mcclane
“He usually hangs around a place called Totter's Yard in London, England” said the Critic “To get there, you’ll need to find a warp pipe”
“Sounds like a plan” said Mcclane “Where’s the nearest one?”
“Unfortunately there’s no warp pipes in Marzipan city” said the Nerd “The nearest one’s in a town called Elmore. Once you’ve found it and travelled to the Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll have to find the one that leads to England”
“So let’s go already” said Chowder

A few hours later, Chowder and Mcclane had packed supplies for their journey and were being seen off by Mung, Schnitzel and Truffles
“Are you sure you’ve got everything” said Mung
“Yeah” replied Chowder “We’ve got enough food between us to keep us going for ages”
“Good” said Mung. He then put his hands on Chowder’s shoulders
“Good luck” Mung said “And if I don’t see you again, I just want you to know that you are the best apprentice I’ve ever had”
Chowder sniffed “Really?”
“Really” replied Mung
Chowder pressed the button on the crystal and the familiar faces of the Critic and the Nerd appeared
“How do we get to Elmore?” asked Chowder
“It’s simple” replied the Critic “Just climb down from Marzipan city and head south and you should get there”

“Well then, let’s go!” said Mcclane
“Goodbye Mung” said Chowder as he and Mcclane left the company for what Chowder hoped wouldn’t be the last time
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 1
Well here it is. In the words of Khialat "A big epic Crossover"
As I mentioned before, this is probably the biggest project I've ever undertaken for the site. So I hope you enjoy

The original idea for this came about in an incident in my youth. I was always a big fan of classic cartoons. One day after watching old Caspar cartoons, I asked my Mum where Caspar lived and she said that he probably lived in cartoon world" That got me thinking about what a cartoon world would be like. Many years later, here's the result of that statement

As you can probably guess from the opening quote, another major influence on the series was Alan Moore's graphic novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which was also set in a world of fiction

All the foodstuffs mentioned in this chapter are actual foods from Chowder

The burly man sent to attack Chowder is the Terminator (or more accurately, the T-800) as played by Arnold Schwarznegger from the 1984 film The Terminator

The reason Mcclane and the T-800 appear strange to Chowder is because while Chowder and the residents of Marzipan city appear as 2d cartoon characters, Mcclane and others appear as live action characters

Chowder's dream about marrying Panini isn't as stupid as you might think. In the Puppet segment that plays over the ending credits of the final episode of Chowder, the Puppet Chowder tells Mung he had a dream where he grew up and married Panini

The reason why the Critic and the Nerd are the realms guardians is simple. Who better to act as the guardians of fiction then characters who's duty is looking at works of fiction. Now at this point, a smart person like you may be asking "But how can they be wise and ancient if they're fairly recent characters?". The answer is simple. Their forms change over time to match current fiction, so this is only their most recent form.


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