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Luna 3 by MissMikka

I like what you've done with this guitar. So allow me to explain in a bit more detail The patchwork effect on it's own is a pretty good...

Rocket Radio Trips out and goes to Space by DustyPaintbrush

One of the best drawings I think I've seen in ages. Why? Well let's break it down The surreal imagery of the image is some of the best ...

Trinity the Hedgehog in a dress by xXxShallowBayxXx

I don't want to sound mean, but I don't think this is very good. I feel that it's just another generic Sonic Character with bland colou...


Exactly what the title says. What do you like and why?

I like Nintendo because they were a major part of my childhood and I like their games

I like Sci fi and fantasy because it's an interesting genre. My three favourite works of Sci Fi are Doctor Who, Star Wars (even the prequels) and Dune

I like old cartoons because they were a major part of my childhood. Although I like some modern cartoons

I like Anime as well as Japanese culture in general since I'm a bit of a Japanophile

I like most forms of electronic music simply because it appeals to me
Have you ever really wanted to read a book, but haven't been able to?. If so what book was it and why

I tried to read Neuromancer by William Gibson, but It's very complicated. That said, I've not given up yet. Anybody got any hints?
Exactly what the title says. When you're starting a new story, what sort of preparations do you make. Or do you just write off the cuff
Harris fired his rifle at the infected at the window. It collapsed to the ground. Several more infected began to crowd at the door.

“What are we gonna do now?” asked Mark

“Die by the looks of it” said George

“Brilliant” said Martin “I finally have a good idea, and I’m gonna die!”

Millie huddled up to Joel. She whimpered. Tears were visible in her eyes

“It’s ok” said Joel “We’re gonna get out of this. You’ll see”

“I hate to burst your bubble” said Martin “But it seems unlikely”

“Well there must be something we can use” said Sam “What’s in the containers?”

“Not much” replied Harris “We’d been moving them about”

He paused for a second. Then he walked over to a crate and took the lid off. Inside was a bunch of flares and a hand grenade. Harris took the grenade out

“I’ve got an idea. If we throw this through the window it might take them out

“As well as the rest of us” said Martin

“You got a better idea?” replied Harris “Now get back against the wall!”

The group did so, while Harris prepared the grenade. As soon as they’d got to the back of the hut, he pulled the pin out and threw the grenade. He then ran to the back of the hut, crouched down and covered his ears.

The explosion was a deafening blast that took the front end of the hut and filled the room with smoke. The infected were blown flying and set alight.

As the smoke cleared, Mark looked up. What was left of the infected was lying on the ground. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air

“Everybody alright?” asked Harris

“Great” said Martin “Never felt better”

“Right then” said Harris “Let’s go find the colonel”

After a mostly harmless trek across the heath, they arrived at Colonel Rogers’s office. All was quiet

“Hello?” yelled Harris “If you’re alive, say something”

The group carefully opened the door and entered. The office was nearly pitch black.

As they looked around, Harris caught a movement in the corner of his eye. He looked in the direction and could just about make out a figure standing over a lump in the dark

“Colonel?” said Harris

“She’s dead” said the voice

The group instantly recognised the voice

“Leon!” yelled Mark

“Dead!!!” said Harris

“She’d been bitten” said Leon “So I did us a favour”

Harris let out a quiet sob

“Oh stop whingeing!” said Leon “It was either her or us.”

“You Liar” said Harris “I bet you killed her”

“No” said Leon “Check her neck”

Trembling, Harris walked over to Colonel Roger’s corpse. He lifted up her head. Sure enough, the flesh on her neck had a massive chunk missing.

“So” said Mark “We’re fleeing the country. We’d like you to join us”

“What’s the point?” replied Leon “We’re all doomed regardless!”

“What!” exclaimed Sam “Aren’t you supposed to be some sort of survivalist?”

“Was” replied Leon “But I’ve now realised we can’t win”

“We can’t give up now!” said Sam “Don’t you realise. This could be our chance to get out of here”

“Do you really think so?” asked Leon “Do you really think we can get out of this?”

“Well we can try” said Sam “And in the end that’s all we can do”

Leon paused for a second

“Fine” he said “I’ll give it a try”

The group made it to the edge of Hampstead Heath with little difficulty. When they reached the edge, George inspected the streets

“By the looks of it, we’re on Gordon House road” replied George

As the group stepped out onto the street, Leon collapsed in pain

“What’s wrong?” asked Sam

As Leon groaned, he looked up

“Well I spose there’s no point beatin around the bush”

He then lifted up his sleeve revealing a bite mark. The whole group took a step away from him

“How did it happen?” said Rhys

“I let it” replied Leon

The rest of the group were shocked

“Why?” asked Joel

“Isn’t it obvious?” replied Leon “I said so earlier. We’ve lost. I’m just joining the winning side”

“What about the colonel?” replied Harris “Did you…?”

“Yep” replied Leon “And I’ll say this. Flesh tastes good”

“You’re sick!” screamed Harris

As Leon went to reply, he convulsed. Then he stood up. His face was covered in the same purple veins as the infected and his eyes were red. He let out a loud screech.

Harris began to raise his rifle when Millie screamed out.

The whole group looked up to see a huge crowd of infected running towards them

“Run!” screamed Olivia

The group took off down the street as Leon and the other infected pursued them. A few seconds later, they arrived at a T-junction.

“Quick!” said Olivia to Rhys “We’ll go left!”

“But that way leads away from the river!” said George

“I know” replied Olivia “We’ll try and distract them!”

Before either group could say anything else, Olivia and Rhys turned left while the rest of the group turned right.

“I hope they’re ok” said Sam

“They’ll be fine” said Mark “It’s us I’m worried about”

As they turned the corner into the next street, Mark’s fears were realised. Standing in front of them was another large crowd of infected. The crowd instantly saw them as they ran down the street.
As infected travelled towards them on both sides, Joel yelled “Quick! In there!”

The group followed him into a pub on the right side of the street. As soon as they got in, Joel slammed the door shut. From outside, they could hear the infected clawing at the doors.

“How long are they gonna hold?” asked George

“Not long” replied Mark

“Well what are we waiting for” said Harris “Let’s go!”

As they ran to behind the bar of the pub, the door behind them splintered with a loud bang causing Millie to scream. Joel grabbed her.

A few seconds later, they walked into the kitchen. It was very empty although a set of mobile trays (which were used for storing orders) sat next to the door. The strong smell of gas hung in the air. At the same time, the door behind them burst. Sam screamed as the infected began to lurch towards the kitchen.

George and Harris were able to seal the doors shut with the moveable set of shelves while Joel and Sam walked up to the door. As they pulled on it, however the door remained stuck

“It’s jammed!” yelled Sam

George swore loudly

“That tray’s not gonna stand forever. We’ve gotta hurry”

As Sam and Joel frantically pulled on the door, Mark had a sudden revelation

“We’ve got to kill them!” he said aloud

“What!” said Joel “Why”

“Because they’ll just keep coming after us” replied Mark

“Well how do you wanna do it?” asked Martin

As Mark tried to think of a suggestion, he inhaled. The smell of gas filled his lungs. Then he remembered the pub.

“Gas” he said “If we can ignite the gas, the explosion would kill them all”

“That’s good” said Joel “But there’s one problem. Who’s gonna detonate it?”

The whole group went silent

“I’ll do it” said Mark

“NO!” screamed Sam “We’ve been through too much together! You can’t die now!”

“I’m sorry” replied Mark “I’ve got no choice”

“But there must be a way!” said Sam “There has to be!”

“I wish there was” said Mark “But either I die or everyone does”

Tears formed in Sam’s eyes.

“Do it” she said.

She then leaned forward and the two of them embraced. After what seemed like an eternity, Mark let go

“So anyone got a light?” he asked

“I’ve got one” said George who then pulled out a small zippo lighter and handed it to Mark

“Good luck” said Joel

“You’ve been a good friend” said Martin.

“Right!” yelled Harris “The door’s open. Everybody run!”

As the group (sans Mark) ran through the open door, Sam turned to him and said “I love you”

Immediately after the group had left, Mark slammed the door shut. He then looked around the room until he noticed a leaking pipe

“Everybody take cover!” yelled George.

The group ran to the far end of the street and hid behind a group of cars

Back inside the pub, Mark kicked away the tray. As soon as he did, the infected burst through the door. Wasting no time, he ran up to the leaking pipe.

He hesitated for a moment and thought of Sam. Then coming to his senses, he flicked on the lighter

From the street, the rest of the group watched as the pub exploded in a massive fireball. Sam burst into tears while the rest of the group simply hung their heads.

As they walked away silently, none of them noticed a section of rubble from the former pub move. A few seconds later, it burst open revealing a figure. The figure looked around. When it saw them, it began to stumble after them.

“Look!” yelled Joel “Down there!”

The group saw a small boat tied to a dock. They rushed over to it as quickly as their legs could carry them.

As soon as they got onto the back of the boat, George rushed into the cabin.

“It’s got a decent amount of fuel” he said

“Will that get us across the channel?” asked Martin

“It should do” said George. He then began working the controls

As Martin looked out the door, he gasped. Sam turned around and screamed

Standing there was a figure covered in burns and torn clothing. There was just enough left of it to recognise who it was

“Leon!” said Sam

Leon (or what was left of him) jumped at Sam and grabbed her in a blur. Instinctively she held her hands out.

The next thing she knew, she was pinned to the floor of the boat holding Leon above her. In the distance she could hear a scream. Then a large pole slammed down on Leon’s head. His head let out a crack, but he still didn’t move.

As Sam pushed him away, all her thoughts came flooding in at once. At that moment, she was certain she was going to die. Then she thought of Mark and how he’d died for her. She felt anger surge through her veins. Then with one shove, she forced Leon off her and over the back of the boat causing him to disappear under water.

The group slowly creeped towards the back. When they got a few inches away, Leon’s burnt hands shot out of the water and grabbed on to the back.

As Leon climbed up the sides, Sam yelled to George “Reverse it!”. Without hesitation, George set the boat in reverse

Leon let out a scream as he was sucked into the propeller which let out a gruesome shredding noise. After a few seconds, all the sounds stopped and there was only the sound of the river running silently.

Sam, Martin and Harris peered over the edge. All that was left of Leon was a large red stain in the water and several pieces of torn clothing.

Several hours later, the group were travelling out at sea and were sitting on the deck of the boat. All was silent  except for the sound of Millie sobbing. Joel was quietly comforting her. Then the cabin door opened and George came out.

“There’s land in sight” he said “We should be docking soon”

Several miles away, Olivia and Rhys were still walking through the streets of London. It was raining and the two of them were cold and tired. Just as they were about to give up hope, they saw a light in an upstairs window. The two of them rushed over and knocked at the door.

After a few seconds, the door opened and a man who appeared to be of Indian descent appeared.

“Can I help you?” he asked

“Hi” said Rhys “We’ve got nowhere to stay, You couldn’t help us out could you?”

“Sure” replied the man “Come in”

The room inside the building appeared to be a corner shop of some sort with boxes of food scattered around the room and a counter next to the door

“By the way” said Olivia “I’m Olivia and this is Rhys. Who are you?”

“I’m just Singh” replied the man “Follow me”

A few minutes later, the two of them had arrived at their room and were just laying down on the beds that had been set out for them

“Can I ask you a question?” asked Olivia

“Shoot from the hip” replied Rhys

“Do you think they’ll ever defeat them?” asked Olivia

Rhys thought for a second

“I guess so” he replied “Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that at the moment, they’re pretty much the dominant species in Britain.”

“Hey” said Rhys “Don’t worry about it. No matter how bad things get, they’ll always get better sooner or later”

“I guess so” said Olivia

“Well I’m getting some shut eye” said Rhys who was starting to lay down

“Just one more thing” said Olivia

With that she leaned over and kissed him passionately. Neither of them noticed the door which was slightly ajar, close

As Singh walked down the corridor away from the guest room, his wife walked past him.

“What are you so happy about?” she asked, noticing the big smile on his face

“Not much” replied Singh “I’m just pleased that humanity isn’t completely dead.
The Flesh Eater Strain chapter 21
Well here it is. The final chapter of my zombie story. I hope you've enjoyed it, even if it wasn't my best effort

If you have, good on you. If not, don't worry. My next project is possibly the biggest I've ever undertaken for the site
Part of my problems is that I have trouble accepting other people's opinions. So I just thought I'd ask the good folks on this forum What you do when someone disagree's with you.

Feel free to share any opinions you might have on any subject


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