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Ah Sonic ocs. The worst kind of recolour. Like most of them, this looks exactly like any other Sonic OC. In fact (and I may be wrong he...

Timeless Meadow by sagethethird

Great image if I do say so. The colours of the image are very warm and striking which is a good thing as it means that anyone who see's...

Luna 3 by MissMikka

I like what you've done with this guitar. So allow me to explain in a bit more detail The patchwork effect on it's own is a pretty good...

Rocket Radio Trips out and goes to Space by DustyPaintbrush

One of the best drawings I think I've seen in ages. Why? Well let's break it down The surreal imagery of the image is some of the best ...


What would be the most inappropriate hold music a company or phoneline could play in relation to the type of company or phoneline.

For example, a fire brigade office could play "Burn baby burn"
It's no secret on this forum that I'm a Nintendo fan. So I thought I'd ask what are your favourite games published by Nintendo
“Hey Chowder! Wake up!”
Chowder opened his eyes to see Mcclane and the others looking over him
“Whuh…what happened?”
“You fainted” said Mcclane.
Chowder rubbed his eyes and looked around. They were in a mysterious room. It was almost completely red and looked alien and unlike anything Chowder had seen on earth.
“Where are we?” asked Chowder
“We’re in the Martian cylinder” said Bulma “You passed out from shock.”
“I’m glad you’re alright” said Luigi
“Yeah” said Yamcha “We all thought you’d died”

Just then part of the back wall of the room started to move upwards revealing a green octopus like creature with big black eyes and a v shaped mouth. Bulma jumped back slightly
“What do you want?” asked Puar
The Martian held up a gun and gestured to the right
“I think we should follow him” said Oolong.
The group did so and stepped out into a corridor that was very much alien in appearance like the cell they’d been in. The Martian lead them through several smaller corridors all of which seemed like a strange alien hybrid of machine and organic form. Eventually they arrived in a room filled with glass tubes. The top of the tubes had pipes leading into some sort of tank. A second Martian stood by the door and two more were operating a control panel.

As the group stepped in, Chowder noticed a figure in one of the tubes. As he got closer, Chowder recognised him instantly.
“Doctor” Chowder yelled. He then attempted to get closer only to get clobbered on the head by one of the Maritian guns.
Mcclane rushed over to Chowder and helped him up. The rest of the group glanced at the Doctor. His eyes were closed although it wasn’t clear if he was unconscious or dead.

The Martians then forced the group up to the cylinders. As they did, Oolong panicked
“Oh no! You ain’t puttin’ me in there!”
He tried to run, only to be stopped by a laser blast at his feet.
“Point taken”

Mcclane began to walk up to the cylinder. Right before he did, he grabbed its tendril that was holding the gun and began to struggle with it. The Martian behind them aimed at Mcclane only to be stopped by a flying kick to the face from Yamcha. Its head burst open when the blow connected and various green liquids spilled out.

The two Martians from behind the control panel squirmed down only for Puar to transform into a Katana. Bulma grabbed hold of her and swung it at the martians cutting through them like a slimy green blancmange.
At the same time Mcclane felt the Martians tentacles beginning to overpower him when it suddenly recoiled in pain, revealing Chowder biting the top of its head. Mcclane then punched it in the face which knocked it to the ground. The group then ran over to the cylinder the Doctor was in

“How do we open it?” asked Mcclane
“Like this” replied Puar who then turned into a wrench and struck the glass causing it to shatter
“Hey….Doctor?” said Bulma lightly shaking the Doctor. Shortly after, he began to open his eyes.
“He’s alive!” said Yamcha
He and Mcclane then helped the Doctor out of the cylinder. Slowly he began to catch his breath
“What happened?” asked Chowder
The Doctor told them how he’d been captured.
“They were going to drain my blood you see, Time Lord blood would’ve been really good for them?”
The group looked around. A silence rung through the cylinder.
“So what next?” asked Mario
“We get outta this place!” said Oolong
“No” said the Doctor “First we’ve gotta destroy this thing or else you can say goodbye to this world”
“Ok” said Mcclane “Any suggestions?”
“Self-destruct” said Chowder “They always have them in the movies”
“Oh don’t talk crap!” said Mcclane “I mean these guys can’t be that dumb!”
“He’s on to something though” said the Doctor “If we can find the control room, we might just be able to find some way of destroying it”
“Um…guys” said Bulma “Let’s get outta here before those creeps come back”

The group ran out of the bloodsucking room and into the corridor they’d came from before making a left. After running through the cylinder for a fair amount of time, they realised something was amiss
“Where’s everybody gone?” asked Luigi
“Building weapons” replied the Doctor “When the Martians arrive, they build their robots after they land. I never got why. It’d make more sense to arrive prepared”
“Well where’s the weapons?” asked Puar
Almost immediately after she asked, the group opened a door and found themselves in a large factory room overlooking a workshop. It was so similar to the factory in Elmore that Mcclane and Chowder were getting Déjà vu. But it wasn’t the only thing given them Déjà vu.

“The robots!” said Mcclane “That’s the same thing we saw in Elmore!”
“So?” said Chowder
“So they must be working for Loki!” said Mcclane
Chowder screamed “Oh NO! Oh God No!”
He carried on screaming for several seconds while Mcclane tried to calm him down. After a while he realised that the gang were all looking at him and stopped
“Sorry” said Chowder blushing

“This is worse than I thought” said the Doctor “If Loki’s got the martians on his side….”
He shuddered at the thought.
“Who’s Loki?” asked Yamcha
Mcclane and Chowder explained (with some difficulty) who Loki was and why they were trying to stop him.

“Well” said Bulma “Now we just have one more reason to stop them!”
The group were interrupted by a squelching sound from behind them. Looking round, they saw a trio of Martians pointing guns at them. They’d been alerted by the sound of Chowder’s screaming.

“Let’s make this quick!” said Yamcha who then launched a flying kick at one of them stricking it in the face. It crumbled onto the floor with a boot print right between its eyes

Another one of the Martians fired at the Mario’s.
“Yow!” yelled Luigi as the two of them jumped out the way. They landed on the left and right side of the Martian respectively. Before it had time to react, the brothers jumped on it causing its head to cave in like a mouldy potato.
The third Martian took one look at the group who were advancing on it menacingly and promptly shot itself in the heat with its ray gun. When it did so, a blast of smoke and light shot out from it’s body. When the smoke cleared it was nothing more than a melted mess resembling an overcooked green marshmallow only less edible.
“Right” said Mcclane “Let’s move it!”
“Wait a minute” said Puar “How are we gonna find it?”
“I have a smattering of Martian” said the Doctor “I’ll see if I can read any signs we find”

Navigating through the Martian cylinder was easier than Chowder expected.  The Doctor was able to translate the signs and they were soon walking through. As stated earlier, there were very few Martians around, so travelling was pretty easy. After a while they arrived at a door with a sign that said above it (in Martian) Control Room. Chowder pulled the door which didn’t budge.
“It’s locked” he said
“Leave it to me” said the Doctor, producing his Sonic Screwdriver. Chowder asked what it was and the Doctor explained it to him before using it to open the door. The group peaked in.

Inside two Martians were sitting at an enormous control panel. They were so engrossed in their work that they didn’t notice the door behind them open.
“I’ll handle this” said Bulma

She crept into the room, taking care not to alert the Martians. When Bulma got within a few feet of them, She grabbed them and slammed their heads together crushing them into a pulp.
“Right” said Bulma, turning to face the group. She then noticed the group were looking shocked
“What’s your problem?” Bulma asked, slighty angry
“Nothing!” said the whole group in unison who then stepped into the room.

Stepping into the room, the group saw that the panels were covered in buttons, switches and flashing lights.
“So where do we start looking?” asked Oolong
“How about that one?” asked Puar
Looking at where she was pointing, the group saw a large red button on the console. Above it were some Martian words which according to the Doctor read:
Warning! Pressing this button will start an unstoppable countdown which will end with the ship exploding in a massive fireball. Only to be used in an emergency. 80 Tampi fine for misuse.
“Well that’s nice and clear” said Mcclane. The next thing he knew, Chowder was pressing the button

“What’dya do that for!” yelled Mcclane as lights began to flash and sirens began to blare out
“I thought I’d press it like you wanted” said Chowder
“Let’s get outta here!” yelled Puar.
Before Mcclane and Chowder had time to argue more, they joined the rest of the group in running into the corridor.

“How we gonna get outta this place anyway?” asked Yamcha as they fled through the corridors
“The TARDIS” said the Doctor “If we can get there, we’ll be fine”
“Yeah” said Oolong “If”
The next thing the group knew, was that a laser blast had been fired from behind them
“We’ve got company!” yelled Bulma.
The company in question was a group of Martians.
“I’ll stop em!” said Mcclane
“No!” said the Doctor holding him back, “There’s no time!”
A blast sailed over the heads of the group as they turned a corner

“Are we nearly there?” asked Chowder
“Yeah!” said the Doctor “Just keep running!”
Chowder looked back to see the Martians were stumbling after them. They were moving surprisingly fast considering they had to run on masses of tentacles.

Turning a corner, the whole group sighed with relief as the Tardis came into sight.
Reaching the door, the Doctor felt in his pockets for the keys. The rest of the group could just about see the shadows of the Martians on the wall
“What’s taking ya so long!” asked Oolong
“I’ve got very deep pockets!” said the Doctor

As the Martians came round the corner and took aim, Chowder acted without thinking. He leaped onto a wall and grabbed what looked like a fire extinguisher. Then he pushed down on its top nozzle.
Foam blasted out hitting the Martians and bowling them over. At the same time, the Doctor managed to grab his keys and open the lock. Chowder was so busy blasting the Martians he didn’t notice

“You’re not gonna hurt my friends!” he yelled, only to be pulled into the Tardis. A few seconds later, the doors closed and it started to dematerialize. The Martians continued firing at it in vain until it disappeared. They were then vaporised by the cylinder exploding in a massive fireball.

“So where do you guys wanna get dropped off?” asked the Doctor
“Well if you can go anywhere, we’d like west city” said Yamcha “I gotta start training again”
“Training?” asked Luigi
“Yeah” said Yamcha “For the World Martial Art Tournament”

Landing the TARDIS was simple enough. Despite landing in front of a large yellow building in the middle of a busy city, no one seemed to notice. (The Doctor later explained that this was due to the TARDIS’s perception filter)
“See ya around” said Oolong as he stepped out of the TARDIS
“Thank you so much for the help” said Bulma, shaking the Doctor’s hand
“No problem” said the Doctor.
“By the way” said Yamcha “If you ever need help fighting off bad guys again, just give us a call”
“We certainly will!” said Mario.
Chowder watched as Bulma and her friends disappeared into the yellow building

After the Doctor had shut the door, he rushed over to the console and pressed a few buttons. The TARDIS began to make that weezy sound it always made and shake
“Well” said the Doctor grinning “Shall we continue looking for the Sailor Scouts
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 11
After a break (In which I travelled to Florence) here's the next chapter of my latest series.
A Tampi is a unit of Martian Currency from Edgar Rice Burroughs's John Carter of Mars novels
The 80 Tampi fine for misuse is also a reference to a similar law on the London Underground
If you were going to make a jukebox musical themed around 1 band or artist and you could use any band or artist, who would it be.
I'd go with the Chemical Brothers or Genesis
Travelling through the space time continuum was much smoother then Chowder had expected. (He’d also never expected to travel to another universe in a blue box but there you go)
“Are we there yet?” he asked the Doctor
“Any minute now-“replied the Doctor before being cut off by an alarm
“What’s happenin?” asked Mcclane “Are we in trouble?”
“Hardly” replied the Doctor “But we’ve got some unexpected company”
Luigi screamed
“Oh gosh no! We’re under attack!”
“Calm down” replied the Doctor “We’re not under attack. But the TARDIS has detected a foreign object travelling through the timestream”
“So?” said Mcclane “It don’t concern us”
“We don’t know that!” said Chowder “It could be some of Loki’s minions”
“We still can’t go after it” replied Mcclane “We gotta find those runes”
“Well my vote goes towards chasing after it” said Mario “It could be bad”
“I dunno-”  Luigi started to say but Mario shushed him.
Chowder looked at the Doctor
“What do you think we should do?”
“Personally I’m all for investigating it” said the Doctor “It looks like it’s heading to the world of Animeshon anyway”
“Oh fine then” said Mcclane huffing.
The Doctor flicked a switch
“Hang on!” he said
Chowder began to ask why, only to find himself being blown away
“What’s happening!” he yelled
“We’re travelling ahead of it!” said the Doctor “We’ll land a few hours before it does!”

In another time and place, a group of four were hiking through a vast desert
“Oh god!” said one of them, a small pig like creature “When are we getting outta here!”
“Not long now” replied their leader, a black haired man
“You said that 2 hours ago!” said the first guy
“Just shut up!” said another member, a blue haird female “I don’t see you helping out!”
“Where are we anyway” said the fourth member of the group, a cat like creature with the ability to shape shift, in an attempt to defuse the situation.

As the quartet tried to gather their bearings, the pig man heard something.
“Hey!” he said “What’s that”
The group looked around. As he’d said, a noise was sounding. It sounded like a wheezing alarm sort of sound.

Inside the Tardis, the group were pulling themselves together after the journey.
“Ow my head” said Chowder
“Where are we?” asked Mcclane
The Doctor checked a scanner on the TARDIS console
“Several years in the future from the Sailor Scouts”
“Erm…Guys” said Mario, gesturing to something behind him

The group looked at where he was pointing to see a trembling blue haired woman standing in shock.
She looked like she’d come from the same world as Chowder, but her eyes were much bigger.
“Erm….hi” said Mcclane approaching her, slowly “Look. I can explain”
“Where the hell am I!” she screamed
“You’re in the TARDIS” replied the Doctor, getting up from the console
“The what!” she yelled back
“The TARDIS” replied the Doctor “Time and relative dimensions in space-“
“What the heck’s that!” yelled the girl. Then she sighed
“Oh great. Oolong must’ve spiked my drink to get back at me”
“No!” said the Doctor “It’s all real. We’ve just materialized in the same space as you”
The woman looked shocked and jumped back slightly
“You’re not here to rob me or kidnap me are you!?”
“No” said Chowder.
He walked towards her and held out his paw
“We’re friendly. What’s your name?”
The woman hesitated.
“Bulma. Who are you?”
Chowder told her his name and the names of the others
“Well it’s nice to meet you” said Bulma “You’re a cute little guy”
Chowder blushed
“Let’s go outside” said Mcclane
“Sure” said Bulma “I’ll introduce you to my friends.

Outside the TARDIS, the rest of Bulma’s friends were wondering what it was. After all it wasn’t every day for them that a blue box appeared out of thin air
“What d’ya suppose it is?” asked the pig man
“I couldn’t tell ya” replied their leader
“Well maybe there’s something inside” said the cat
“Well I ain’t goin’ in” said the pig man “It doesn’t look at all friendly”
As soon as he finished speaking, one of the door’s on the box opened and Bulma’s head appeared from round it
“Bulma!” yelled the Pig man
Bulma stepped out, followed by Chowder and the gang. Bulma’s friends took a step back.
“Let her go, you fiends!” yelled the cat
“Guys, relax” said Bulma “They’re friendly”
“Yeah” said Chowder “We’re here to help you”
“Well if you say so” said the black haired man “I’m Yamcha”
“I’m Oolong” said the pig man
“And I’m Puar” said the cat
The group introduced themselves
“So whaddya doin around here anyway?” asked Yamcha
The Doctor told them about the object that had been detected in the space time continuum
“Well we haven’t seen anything weird land around here” said Yamcha
“That’s because it hasn’t landed yet” said the Doctor “Many people think time is a straight line when it’s more of a ball”
“This makes my head hurt” said Chowder
“Don’t worry” said the Doctor “All I know is that the object will be landing around here in a few hours”
“Well then” said Bulma “We’d better get some rest. Then we’ll be ready for it”

Later that night, the group had set up a makeshift camp and were fast asleep. Even at night the desert was pretty hot, so the group were mostly sleeping without blankets.
Chowder in particular was having a really nice dream. It involved him being served an all you can eat buffet at a 5 star restaurant. Mung, Schnitzel and Truffles were there as well.
As he mumbled in his sleep, a light woke him up. Annoyed at being disturbed from such a lovely dream, Chowder looked around for the source of the light and saw a shooting star travelling through the sky. He was about to make a wish when he realised it was very close. In fact it looked like it was going to land near them
“What the hell?” said a voice from behind Chowder. He turned round to see Mcclane looking up at the star .The rest of the group were waking up as well.
“So that’s it” said Luigi

As the group watched, they realised it was getting awfully close. Too close in fact
“Incoming!” yelled Yamcha
Before he’d even finished, the group were running for their lives. They dived behind some rocks and a second later, heard an earth shattering bang that made every bone in their bodies shake.

After cowering for a few seconds, Chowder looked up. The TARDIS appeared to be ok. But that was nothing compared to what he saw next
“Oh cool!” said Chowder, causing the rest of the group to look up from the rocks.

An enormous crater had formed a few feet away from where the TARDIS had landed. The group rushed over to it. In the centre of the crater was a giant silver cylinder.
“What is it?” asked Bulma
“Beats me?” said Mcclane “Hey doc, you got any ideas?”
“It looks familiar” said the Doctor “But I can’t recall for the life me why?”
Chowder took out the communication marble from his bag and switched it on. The Critic and the Nerd appeared.
“Woah!” said Oolong “Who are you guys?”
“We’re your gods” replied the Critic
“Hell yeah!” said the Nerd “Now bow”
Chowder began bowing when Mcclane stopped him
“Look” he said “We don’t have time for this crap. So cut it out and help us out”
“Woah calm down” said the Nerd
“Yeah” said the Critic “It was only a joke.”
He then straightened his tie
“So what’s the problem?”
“Look to your left” said Mcclane
The Critic and the Nerd did so and saw the cylinder.
“Well it definitely looks familiar” said the Critic
“Yeah” said the Nerd “If by familiar, you mean a giant silver turd”
Mcclane rolled his eyes
“But do you know what it is?”
“Well” said the Critic “We’ll get back to you”
The image of the Critic and the Nerd then disappeared. Mcclane swore heavily

“Well there’s only one way to find out” said the Doctor
“What’s that?” asked Puar
“I’m going in” said the Doctor
“How?” asked Chowder “You can’t go knocking on their door”
“You’re right” replied the Doctor, grinning “But I can use the TARDIS”
“You’re not going alone are you?” asked Mario
“Of course” said the Doctor “We can’t risk everyone’s lives.”
“Then what are we supposed to do?” asked Bulma
“Wait here until I return” replied the Doctor
As he opened the door, Mcclane spoke up
“And if you don’t return?”
The Doctor turned and grinned.
“Avenge my death”
He then disappeared into the TARDIS. It began groaning and whooshing before vanishing into thin air.

Emerging from the TARDIS, the Doctor found himself in a metal corridor filled with the sounds of machines working and a smell that reminded him of swamp water
“Hello!” he called out.
The Doctor received no cry. He reluctantly stepped out of the TARDIS and into the belly of the craft.
Walking around the place gave him the creeps. He couldn’t remember why though.

As the Doctor stepped into a dark metal corridor, he saw movement faintly at the end of it
“Hey!” he yelled running after it. The object slide away from here
“Just a second!” said the Doctor. When he caught up with it, he took out his sonic screwdriver (A popular multi use tool on planet Gallifrey) and shined it at the object.

As soon as the Doctor saw what it was, he gasped in horror. He’d recognised it all right. The Doctor turned and ran back towards the TARDIS
“I have to warn the others” he thought to himself “They’re all in great danger”
As the TARDIS appeared in sight, the Doctor thought he was in the clear. Sadly he thought wrong.
He’d just got to the doors of the TARDIS when an extremely slimy tentacle wrapped itself around his waist. He attempted to open the doors of the TARDIS only to be pulled back screaming into the darkness.

Outside the cylinder, Chowder and co were still waiting for the Doctor
“I’m getting worried” said Luigi “He’s been gone too long”
“Don’t worry” said Mario “He can take care of himself”
“Still” said Mcclane “You’d think he’d be back by now”
Chowder meanwhile was staring off into space and thinking about food. (As he always did when he was bored. He was then brought out of his trance by the sound of the Critic.
Chowder took the crystal ball out of his pocket to see the Critic and the Nerd. The two of them appeared to be panicking.
“What is it now?” asked Mcclane who’d noticed it
“Guys, it’s bad news!” said the Critic.
The whole group stopped what they were doing to listen.
“How bad?” asked Bulma
“Put it this way” said the Critic “It’s like getting a grenade super glued to your head. With sulphuric acid!”
“Well don’t just stand there!” yelled Mcclane “Tell us!”
“Ok” said the Nerd “We’ve remembered where we’ve seen it before”
“Where?” asked Yamcha
“It’s a martian ship” replied the Nerd.
“Is that bad?” asked Chowder
“Bad!” said the Nerd “You’d rather have a buffalo vomit diarrhea into your mouth!”

The group was silent for a long time. Finally Mcclane spoke
“So why didn’t you tell us! God, you’re supposed to be all knowing!”
“Well excuse me!” said the Critic “I suppose you can remember every single person you’ve seen in your life!”
“What about the Doctor!” said Mario “We gotta find him!”
“Erm…guys?” said Puar “Something’s happening!”
The group looked at the cylinder and saw that something was indeed happening. Namely a hatch was opening.
The group moved closer to get a better look when a set of mechanical claws emerged from the hatch
“Run!” yelled Mcclane.
As the group ran away, the claws stretched after them. Luigi (Who was at the back) was unlucky enough to be grabbed.
“Help!” he screamed
“Luigi!” yelled Mario, running after his brother. He managed to grab his brother’s hand only to be grabbed himself, by one of the claws.
“No!” yelled Chowder who then ran over to help. Before Mcclane could stop him, Chowder was also grabbed. As was Mcclane a few seconds later followed by Bulma and her friends

“We gotta get free!” said Mcclane struggling
“Ya think!!!” replied Bulma
Sadly despite the group struggling, the claws were just too strong and they were dragged into the darkness of the cylinder.
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 10
Chapter 10 of my ongoing story. I'm going away next week so the next chapter may be a little late.
For Bulma and the others, this story takes place between seasons 1 and 2 of the original Dragon Ball series


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