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Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the worst drawings I think I've seen on the entire site. The image is extremely poorly coloured. Th...

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Like many of my threads, you only have to read the title to get what I'm asking. 

I've always said that if Slint hadn't broken up when they did, they would have been one of the biggest bands of the 90s. 

I've said a similar thing about the Soft Boys. Especially when you realise that they were a major influence on R.E.M. among others.

And even though they eventually reunited, I still say the Stooges shouldn't have broken up when they did

So who are the bands that you think should have carried on when they decided to quit?
“So what’s Melodia like anyway?” Mario asked the Doctor as the TARDIS tumbled through the time vortex
“Is it anything like Marzipan city?” Chowder added hopefully
“Well I’ve never actually been there” replied the Doctor “But according to my research it’s one of the oldest places in your universe.”
“What are the people there like?” Luna looked at the Doctor concerned
“From what I’ve heard, most of if not all of them are a little odd. You might even call them Looneys.”
The Doctor paused to press a few more buttons on the TARDIS console
“It used to be one of, if not the most influential worlds of Chowder’s universe, but very little has been heard from it in a while. Still it can’t be all bad”
At that point, he was interrupted by the sounds of the TARDIS landing.
“Right then” The Doctor grinned at the rest of the group “We’ll learn more by getting outside”
With that, the group stepped out of the TARDIS and into the world of Melodia. The moment they stepped out, they froze
“Woah” said Strong Bad “If this was the most influential world in the universe, then it’s really gone down the crapper”

The world they’d stepped out into was a vast barren cartoon desert that was largely featureless with occasional rocks dotting the landscape. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the wind rustling across the scenery. Dream looked at the Doctor
“Are you sure we’re in the right place? I imagined something a little more grand”
The Doctor scanned about with his sonic screwdriver
“No we’re definitely in Melodia”
Luna offered a suggestion of her own
“Are you sure that the sources, you got your research from were valid? It might have been an incorrect source”
The Doctor shook his head
“Those were official records. Mind you they hadn’t been updated for a while. Maybe something’s happened here that we’ve missed”
Luigi then had a terrible thought
“What if….some horrible disaster’s hit the planet and wiped out all life.”
Serena was mortified “That’s terrible! Then we’ll have to find the rune all on our own!”
“Well you’ll be pleased to know that isn’t the case” The Doctor grinned at her “According to my readings, there’s civilisation a few miles to the south of here. If we set off now, we can reach it before nightfall”
Serena began to despair “Do we have to walk? Why don’t we just take the TARDIS”
“I’d rather we didn’t” The Doctor replied “If these locals are hostile, then the last thing we want is to draw attention to ourselves”
“Besides” Luna took the opportunity to scold Serena “The exercise will do you good”

Setting off across the desert, the group were mostly silent and deep in thought. The first thing they were wondering was what the civilisation the Doctor had found would be like and if the locals were hostile. But that wasn’t the only thing. The mention of a traitor in their midst was keeping them on edge. None of them had any idea who it could be, but each one was developing their own theories.

After travelling in the direction the Doctor had specified for about half an hour, Serena was still whining
“Are we there yet?” she asked for what must have been the 15th time
“No!” Luna was gradually losing her patience. The weather did nothing to help as it was boiling hot. Not as bad as Arrakis had been, but still hot enough to fry a steak to ashes on a block of ice.
As the group continued walking whilst trying to ignore Serena’s whining, Dream spoke
“Do not be alarmed. But I feel we’re being watched”
At that, the group stopped and looked around
“I don’t see anything” said Mario “You sure you ain’t mistaken? This heat could be playing with ya senses”
Dream shook his head
“No. There’s definitely somebody nearby”
As the group continued to look around, Luigi shivered
“I don’t like this. I just know that something bad’s gonna happen and-“
A voice then called out “Ahoy there!” causing Luigi to jump and hide behind his brother.
The group looked around, but could see no sight of anyone. Then it called out again
“Up here on the rocks!”
At this point, the group saw that it was coming atop a small rock formation to their right. Looking up they saw a figure standing atop it
“Well don’t just stand there!” The Doctor grinned “Come on down! The desert’s fine!”

When the figure had climbed down from the rocks the group were able to get their first good look at him. He appeared to be a grey humanoid 2d cartoon rabbit about the size of an average sized person. Walking towards them, he asked “What’s up doc?” Chowder was confused
“Hey doctor? Do you know this guy? Cos he sounds like he knows you”
The Doctor shook his head
“No. I’ve never seen him before in my life”
He turned to the rabbit
“Who are you and how do you know my name?”
The figure held up his hands in protest
“Woah, sorry doc. I just call people dat. Didn’t mean no harm”
The group looked at him sceptically.
“Hey! Don’t look at me with those big eyes. I ain’t gonna hurt ya”
“Then would you kindly explain yourself” Dream said “We’re in a bit of a hurry”
“Sure thing doc” The Rabbit smiled at them “Names Bunny, Bugs bunny or Bugs to my acquaintances. I was just on my way back ter the settlement after looking for gold”
The Doctor instantly looked interested. Before he could ask what he wanted to ask, Strong Bad spoke up
“Did you say gold?”
“Yeah” Bugs nodded “It’s how I make a living. It ain’t the easiest of jobs, but its better then nothing”
“Well it’s great to meet you!” Chowder stepped forward and offered his hand. Bugs shook it
“And it’s a pleasure to meet you too buster. So tell me, what’re you and ya friends doing out in this neck of da woods anyway?”

Chowder then explained to Bugs how they’d ended up in the desert. Bugs merely nodded although Chowder couldn’t tell if he believed the story or not. When he finished, Bugs smiled
“Well doc, ya’ve really done the whole thing ain’t ya?”
“Don’t think that it’s been fun” Luna said “We’ve been through hell and high-water. Now would you please explain what you were doing up on that rock?”
“Well like I said, I was just on me way back to the settlement when I heard voices. Thinkin’ that I’d ran into bandits, I decided to hide until they’d passed by. So I’m kinda happy it turned out ter be you guys. I mean you don’t look like bandits or nothin’”
At that point. The Doctor cut in
“What is this settlement that you speak of?”
“It’s my home” Bugs replied “Me and the others live there. It’s not too bad, once ya get used to the heat”

As they walked across the desert, the group had a few questions to ask Bugs. Dream got the ball rolling
“So tell me, is it true that this world used to be one of the most powerful of its kind?”
Bugs nodded “Well doc, ya could sorta say that”
“Then what happened?” Luna asked
“I dunno” Bugs replied “First the rains became less frequent. Then the temperatures shot up. The whole thing lead to food shortages and society pretty much collapsed.”
“Which brings me to another question” The Doctor looked at Bugs “What exactly is the settlement”
Bugs looked at him “Well Doc, it’s exactly what it says on the tin. A humble abode for survivors. Before now, we lived on the move, constantly at risk of being killed by bandits or starving to death. Well some guy calling himself the leader set up the settlement for people who got nowhere else to go.
The Doctor raised a sceptical eyebrow “The leader?”
“Yeah” Bugs nodded “We all work together under his leadership, helping everybody out. It ain’t glamorous or nothin’ but it’s all we got”
“So who is this Leader guy anyway?” Strong Bad was the next to speak “He sounds like he’s got it made”
“He’s only one of several” Bugs replied “He says that there are other colonies out there. Some of our supplies go out to them and in return we get stuff from them”
“And how do you know he’s honest?” The Doctor asked “I’ve heard of people like this before”
“We ain’t got no choice in the matter” Bugs replied “The settlement is all we got. So we just gotta put our head down and focus. Speaking of which, there it is”

In the distance, the group could see a small town of some sort. Walls surrounded the buildings, so they couldn’t see what it was like inside. So they simply followed Bugs up to the entrance. Upon arriving, a voice called out “Who goes there?”
“It’s me doc!” Bugs yelled back “Bugs Bunny!”
After a few seconds, the voice replied “There’s some suspicious people with you! Explain yourselves!”
“Don’t worry!” Chowder said to the voice “We’re just here looking for treasure. We aren’t going to rob you or anything like that. Honest”
“Well ya still can’t come in!” the voice said “If we went around letting in every single person who showed up, we’d be wiped out for sure!”
“Well that’s really welcoming” The Doctor spoke up “Aren’t you all about helping others who are down on their luck?”
“Well yeah, but-“
“Then surely you can spare us some time” Luna chimed in “We’ll probably only be here for a matter of days. You won’t even know we were here”
Silence. Then the voice said “Ok. You can come in. But don’t try anything funny!”
With that the doors swung open. Chowder and friends followed Bugs inside.

The buildings of the settlement appeared to have been cobbled together from multiple materials such as wood and iron. 2D cartoon characters were running all over the place and the air was filled with the sounds of activity.
Bugs lead them through the streets to a stand where a humanoid black duck was sitting looking extremely bored. When he saw Bugs, his expression didn’t change. It was only when he noticed Chowder and co that he perked up slightly.
“Oh it’s you” he said with a slight lisp “Made some new friends have ya?”
“Hey Daff” Bugs replied to the Duck “I guess I better introduce you guys. Guys, meet Daffy, the resident gold buyer. Daffy, meet Chowder, legendary hero”
Daffy snickered
“You a legendary hero? Oh brother, that’s the best joke I’ve heard all day!”
Daffy then chuckled while Chowder looked disappointed. At this point, the Doctor stepped forward
“No really. Would you believe we’ve done battle with alien gods from beyond the realm of human understanding and giant desert worms?”
Daffy just laughed even harder
“Now I know you’re just pulling my leg!”
“But it’s true!” Chowder jumped up onto the stand and looked Daffy directly in the eye.
“We’re trying to save the entire universe from destruction! I know I don’t look like much, but it’s the truth. Honest”
Daffy’s laughter subsided “Ok buster. I’ll accept that”
Something in Daffy’s voice suggested to the group that he still didn’t entirely believe them. He turned his attention to Bugs
“Got any gold for me?”
“Sure thing Daff” Bugs replied.
He then opened the sack revealing several small nuggets of gold. Daffy’s eyes widened. He took the nuggets out of the bag and inspected them one by one. After taking them away, he spoke again
“The best I can give ya is a week’s worth of rations”
“Really Doc?” Bugs replied “After all that trouble I went through ta get em?”
“Hey I got my own problems” Daffy looked annoyed “I barely got enough food to eat, myself!”
Just when it looked like an argument was going to flare up, the pair were interrupted by the sound of a bell ringing.
“What’s happenin?” Strong Bad asked
“Looks like the leader’s going to speak” said Bugs “Follow me, I’ll take you there”
“Now this I gotta see” Mario said

The group followed Bugs through the streets again until they came to a large white building in the middle of a plaza. On top of the building was a bell tower where the ringing was coming from. The plaza itself was filled with all manner of cartoon characters, all of whom were looking up at a balcony that overlooked the plaza. As the group got into a spot where they could see the balcony, the bell stopped ringing and a door on the wall of the balcony opened. Then a figure stepped out.

He appeared to be a balding human man with thick black eyebrows and was wearing robes that reminded the Doctor of an oriental nobleman. His appearance was strange, in that he didn’t look like a cartoon character, nor did he look like he’d come from the Doctor’s world.
“My friends!” he spoke in a voice that sounded both grand and foreign “I bring tragic news! Earlier today another settlement was devastated in an attack by bandits. The people there are starving and in need of aid! We must do everything we can to help them. After all everyone in this land deserves the same right to a decent state of living.”
At that, Daffy groaned
“Great” he said quietly to the group “Times are tight enough already. Now we gotta help out some other unlucky chumps.”
“That’s not very nice” Chowder “Those people didn’t choose to be attacked. How would you like it if you needed supplies and they refused to help?”
“Actually I think he’s right” The Doctor butted in to the conversation. Chowder was shocked
“How can you say something like that?”
The Doctor turned to Bugs and Daffy “Have you ever been to one of these other colonies?”
Bugs shook his head “Nah doc. We ain’t got time to travel to any of the others”
The Doctor smiled “Then how do you know they exist?”
“Well...” Bugs hesitated for a second “I just assume dat the leader ain’t a liar. He’s gotta be at least half decent if he’s willing to set up a place like this”

After the leader’s speech had finished, the cartoons dispersed, leaving only Chowder, his friends and Bugs and Daffy in the plaze. Dream was the first to speak
“I would really like to speak to this “Leader” fellow. I have a feeling he knows far more than he’s telling”
“Yeah” Strong Bad said “Any guy who looks as weird as that has gotta be hiding something”
Bugs and Daffy looked apprehensive. Noticing this, Mario asked “What’s the matter”
“Well the leader don’t normally allow others into his headquarters” Bugs said
“Yeah” Daffy added “He says that we can’t come in for security reasons”
The Doctor smiled “All the more reason to try and visit him”

The group walked around the leaders building until they came to a large set of grand double doors. Pulling them revealed that they were locked and so the group decided to try an intercom that was built into the wall next to the doors. Pressing the button gave them no response
“Maybe he’s gone down the shops?” Serena suggested. As Chowder went to press the button again, a voice came from the intercom
“Hello? Is there somebody out there?”
“Yes” The Doctor replied “We’re travellers and we wish to speak with you”
“I’m sorry” The voice sounded mildly annoyed “I do not have time for this. I’m very busy”
“Oh it’ll only take a second” Luna said. All of them got the impression that the voice just didn’t want to speak with them personally.

Inside the Leader’s office, he stared at the strange figures on the screen. He’d installed a secret camera at the front door, just to make sure that he knew who exactly he was speaking to. Right now he was puzzled. The group that had gathered at his door didn’t resemble the type of character you’d normally encounter in this part of the universe. He decided to play it safe.
“I’m sorry, but you cannot enter! I have a lot to deal with and I must get it finished as soon as possible. Goodbye!”

With that, the intercom went silent leaving only the sounds of the group standing in silence.
“Ya know” Mario broke the silence “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he didn’t want to talk to us”
“Quite” The Doctor nodded “Tell me, does he ever allow anyone into the palace?”
Bugs shook his head “Only his closest minions. Even then, from what I heard, they ain’t allowed to just walk round.”
“Yeah” said Daffy “They just go where he tells em”
“For a benevolent leader, he sure doesn’t like having people in his home” Dream looked up at the leader’s building “In fact, why is it that he gets an opulent mansion while the rest of you live in shacks? Doesn’t seem fair to me”
Bugs and Daffy went silent.
“It’s just one of those things” Bugs said “We got nowhere else ter go, so we ain’t complaining either way”
“What I’d like to know is what we’re going to do now” Luna added “If only there was some way of searching the entire world quickly”
“Now that ya mentioned it, there is one place that could help ya” Daffy said “Slyvester and Tweety’s map services”
“I know em’” Bugs added “I use em when I have ter explore unknown territory”
“Well why didn’t you say something?” Luna asked annoyed
“You never asked” Bugs got up “Come on, I’ll show ya the way”

Walking through the streets of the settlement, the group realised just how rundown it was. Most of the buildings appeared to have no windows and were made of random materials that had probably been salvaged. Chowder wondered what would happen when the temperatures dropped. The rest of the group had similar thoughts. None of this seemed fair and yet the cartoons were willing to simply go along with it. The Doctor theorised that they must have been extremely desperate to the point where this existence was preferable to the alternative.

Eventually the group came to an old wooden shack. Above the door was a sign that read “S and T mapmaking. The best place for miles! “Looking up at the place, Chowder asked Bugs and Daffy “Do you think they’ll be able to help us?”
“I dunno” said Bugs “I spose if ya know what ya looking for, they might have something”
“Yeah” Daffy added “They’re usually pretty thorough when it comes to geography.”
With that, the group walked up to the door, pushed it open and walked inside.

Inside the Leader’s headquarters, he was busy working away at some files when a beeping noise sounded through the rooms. Looking up, he saw that it was coming from a chandelier which was flashing in time to the beeps. The Leader knew exactly what this meant. Getting up from his desk, he walked through the corridors of his villa until he came to a living room which was filled with antique furniture. In the centre of the room was an old coffee table. Walking over to a painting, the leader pressed a button on the frame causing the painting to slide up into the wall, revealing a control panel built into the wall behind it. He pressed a few buttons.

First wooden panels dropped down over the windows to hide what was going on in the room from passer-by’s. Then the various furniture spun round and flipped over to be replace by high tech communication equipment. Finally the easternmost wall of the room slide up to reveal a large screen behind it. The leader walked over to the coffee table which had spun round to reveal a control panel built into the floor underneath it. Pressing a few buttons caused a familiar face to appear on the screen.
“Lord Death” The leader smiled “It’s been a long time since I have seen your face”

Judge Death looked down at the leader
“Agent Hood. I have newsss”
“Do go ahead master” The Hood replied “I’ve missed hearing your voice”
“SSShut up” Death snarled “If you had done your job properly, the plan would be coming along niccccely by now”
The Hood remained emotionless “I know. But fooling these silly cartoons and taking advantage of them is so easy.”
“Neverthelessssss” said Death “I have interessssting newsssss. Our greatessssst enemy hasssss arrived in the world of Melodia.”
“Really?” The Hood replied
“Yesssss” Death smiled that familiar toothy smile he always did when good news was on the way “I have a picture of him for identification purposessssss”
At that, the image on the screen changed to show a small purple cartoon character that looked very familiar to the Hood
“Ah yes”
“You know him?” Death asked hopefully
“I do. Him and his friends came to the palace earlier. Unfortunately I sent them away. If I had known they were important…”
“Never mind that now” Death interrupted the Hood, desperate to get back to his own work “Your missssssion is ssssssimple. Find them and the rune”
As Death went to press the button to sign off, the Hood spoke once more
“Just one last question. What if they don’t know anything?”
“Then do the ssssssame as what you’d do if they did. Wipe them from the faccccce of the earth.”

The interior of the maps shop was full of dust. A musky smell pervaded the entire room and filled the group’s nostils. Sitting at the end of the room was a black and white humanoid cat studying over some papers. At the end of the desk, a small yellow bird was perched in a cage. Bugs and Daffy walked over to the cat. As soon as they approached he looked up
“Oh, itth you again” The Cat said with a very prominent lisp “Going out on another expedition?”
Bugs shook his head “Nah. Me friends here are looking for something”
The cat then looked at Chowder and co. He moved his head up and down as though he was scanning them, then turned back to Bugs and Daffy
“Thrange looking friendth, ya got”
“Oh ya get used to it” Bugs turned to the group “Guys, this is Sylvester. Sylvester, this is Chowder”
Chowder walked forwards and shook Sylvester’s paw
“Tho what can we do for ya?”
“We’re looking for a legendary treasure” The Doctor said “Mind if we take a look at your maps?”
Sylvester nodded “You can, but you’ll probably be dithapointed. We haven’t got no treasure mapth”
“Oh don’t worry about that” Luna said “We’ve had unexpected results in the past”
Sylvester stared wistfully at her
“Well if you want, we can alwayth go back to my plathe and check em out a bit more”
Luna instantly realised what Sylvester was up to
“Sorry” she laughed “I already have a boyfriend.”
Disappointed, Sylvester lead them into the back of the shop

“Here’th where we keep em” he said, opening a door. Upon entering the group saw that the room was filled with maps stacked across shelves. Every shelf had a label above it showing the coordinates of
“Wow” Mario was impressed “You make these yourself”
“Don’t be thilly buther!” Sylvester laughed “I managed the bookth. Tweety’th the one who mapth it all out”
“Who the crap’s Tweety?” Strong Bad asked
“The yellow bird in the cage out there” Sylvester explained “He flieth around making noteth of the ground and I turn it into mapth. Well happy hunting!”
Sylvester then left the room, leaving the group with the maps.

“Well let’s get started!” Chowder walked up to one of the shelves which was marked “Lat: 51.1091401 Long: -0.18722750”. As soon as he looked at the map, Chowder was baffled by what it depicted. The map was a coffee colour and was covered in all sorts of strange symbols. Any one of them could be the location of the rune. The rest of the group were equally as disappointed. They were going to have to search through every single map until they’d found something that looked like it could be hiding the Rune. Even then, no guarantee existed that it would be the one.

An hour later, the group were still pouring over every single map. At his estimates, the Doctor guessed they’d covered less than half and yet still hadn’t found anything. Then the door opened revealing Sylvester carrying a plate of fish
“I thought you’d want thomthing to eat”
Chowder perked up
“Oh thanks!”
As he stepped forward, the Doctor stopped him
“Thanks, but we can’t accept. You need the food far more than we do”
“Don’t be thilly!” Sylvester laughed “We all gotta help each other here”

As he set the plates down, Dream asked “Have you ever seen anything unusual around here?”
“Nah. I never leave the thettlement” Sylvester replied “But Tweety might know thomething.”
“Can you ask him for us?” Luigi asked “We still gotta go through these maps”
“Thure thing” Sylvester nodded and left the room. As the group continued to search through the maps, they could here Sylvester talking in the main room. After a while, he re-entered the room
“He thais he hasn’t seen anything that lookth like a legendary treathure”
The whole group groaned. It looked like they’d be back to the old drawing board again.

As they began to search, Luna noticed a gap in the numbers of the shelves. Curious, she inquired to Sylvester as to what this meant
“Oh that?” he replied “That’th the danger zone”
The whole group turned to look at him at this remark
“What’s the Danger zone?” Strong Bad asked
“It’th the plathe where none of uth go” Sylvester looked around uneasily “Nobody who’th gone there hath ever come back”
Serena shuddered “Well good thing we don’t have to go there, right guys?” The rest of the group ignored her
“Do go on” The Doctor said
“That’th all there ith to it” Sylvester replied “None of uth wanna go there and thee if it’th true or not”
The Doctor grinned “Well then, we’d better go and find out”
Bugs, Daffy and Sylvester were all stunned
“You ain’t serious aint’cha?” Bugs asked “Whatever treasure ya looking for, It can’t be that valuable”
“Trust us” said Chowder “It’s way more valuable then you think”
“Then count me out!” Daffy stood with his hands folded “I ain’t risking my life for some dumb treasure-“
He was interrupted by a voice shouting from outside “Open up! We’ve got you surrounded!”

Rushing to the front of the shop, the group could see through the windows, a gang of characters standing outside. At the front was a short man with a red beard. As the group stepped in, he looked up, saw them and promptly entered the shop, Serena leaned over to Bugs
“Who’s this guy?” she whispered
“Sam” Bugs replied in hushed tones “He’s the head of law enforcement around these parts”.

Bugs then stepped forward.
“What’s up doc? Are we in trouble”
“Move over rabbit!” Sam pointed his gun directly at Bugs who didn’t even flinch “Those no good varmints are here to raid our settlement and destroy everythin’ we love. Ahm’a takin’ em in on the orders of the leader himself!”
“Now hold on one second” Luna (Like the rest of the group) was understandably confused. “We haven’t done anything wrong.!”
“Yeah!” Strong Bad leaped forward “We’re just visiting a map store and-!”
He was interrupted by Sam firing his gun at his feet. Strong Bad leaped in the air and hid behind the others. Bugs walked up to Sam and put his gun down.
“Now listen doc. Me friends here ain’t bad people. They just gotta find some treasure, dat’s all”
Sam began to speak. As he opened his mouth however, Bugs grabbed him and violently kissed him which sent him staggering back.
“Run for it!” Bugs yelled

The group raced into the map room as the officers stormed into the shop. Sylvester and Tweety weren’t as lucky and were quickly grabbed and apprehended. Sam walked over to the door where Chowder and co had entered and pulled it. However the door didn’t budge.

Inside the map room, the Doctor had used the Sonic Screwdriver to jam the lock preventing anyone from entering. Daffy was the first to spot the flaw in this
“Great move genius. Now how do we get out?”
“Dat’s how!” Bugs pointed up. Following the direction of where he was pointing, the group saw a small window up on the wall. It was covered in dust and muck. In fact it was so dirty, that Chowder wondered if it had ever been cleaned. Before the group could ponder this further, the door slammed with such force that it looked like it was going to come out of its frame.
“Open the door or we’ll break it down!” Sam’s voice yelled from the other side

Without wasting time, the group grabbed a small chest of drawers that had been perched in the corner and began to move it towards the window. All the while, Sam continued to try and break the door down. The Doctor climbed up and began working at the window. All the while, the door continued to crash and splinter
“Hurry up!” Serena was close to tears
“I’m trying!” The Doctor was just as agitated “It’s stuck-!”
Just then, the window swung open. The Doctor pulled himself through and plummeted out of sight. Chowder leaped up and followed him out, followed by the Marios
“Outta the way!” Daffy yelled, pushing past the rest “Duck coming through!”
As he disappeared through the window, Dream and bugs jumped up and pulled themselves through followed by Strong Bad and the Cheat. Finally it was Serena’s turn to jump.

As Serene peaked out the window to jump, she hesitated. On the ground directly below was a large pile of waste. The stench was so bad, she felt like throwing up.
“Come on Serena!” Luna was extremely anxious. Any second now, Sam and the rest of his platoon would break through the door at which point there would be no escape.
Serena stared at the waste pile. At this point she was caught between a rock and a hard place. She could either stay in the room and be arrested or drop down and get herself mucky. For most people, this wouldn’t be a major decision, but Serena was the type to hate muck.

Fortunately Luna accidentally made the decision for her. When the door slammed much harder than it had before, Luna jumped in fright, thinking that Sam had broken through the door, and landed on Serena, accidentally digging her claws into Serena’s behind. With a scream, she shot through the window and the two of them ended up in the garbage. Serena jumped up and screamed
“Oh man that’s so gross! I think I got some in my mouth-“
She was then interrupted by Dream grabbing her arm and running with the others into the evening.

The activity in the settlement had largely calmed down for the evening. Despite this, the group still didn’t relax. They still had Sam on their tail and had until he broke down the door and realised they’d escaped. As they approached the gates of the settlement, Bugs yelled “Hey guys! Let us out wouldja?”
The voice of the gate guard called back “Why. Ain’t it a bit late for gold searching?”
“Yeah” said Bugs “But er….”
Thinking quickly, Bugs came up with the best excuse he could manage
“I’ve just found a really good place. But it’s in a dangerous spot, so I’m heading there at night where there’ll be less bad guys”
Silence rang out for agonising seconds. Finally the guard’s voice sounded out again
“Well ok. Just this once.”
“Oh you’re a real sport!” Bugs and the others watched in anticipation as the gates slowly opened. No sooner were they wide enough to squeeze through, the group charged through the gap and quickly vanished into the horizon. The guards who’d been watching just shook their head. Bugs had always been the reckless type.
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 38
Chapter 38 of my ongoing story. This little arc is a tribute to the stories I told as a child.

Melodia is named after Merry Melodies, the company behind many of the classic Looney Tunes shorts.

At one point, Tom and Jerry were considered to make an appearance. This was scrapped as the two of them are silent protagonists which don't translate well to text based formats.

The Hood was a recurring villain in Gerry Anderson's classic 1960s supermarionation series Thunderbirds which, like Looney Tunes was one of the defining shows of my childhood
A little piece of humour that I saw on the web. Just share with us the things that Hollywood films have taught you (Not seriously obviously)

A few of mine:

Cars that crash always explode in a fireball

Grocery shopping bags always contain a stick of french bread

If your town is threatened by a giant monster or natural disaster, the mayor's first concern will always be the tourist trade or the forthcoming art exhibition

Medieval peasants had perfect teeth

All bombs are fitted with big red LED timers so you know exactly when they'll go off
The first thing Chowder remembered after stepping through the teletransporter was him standing in the office of Commander Willard. Willard was understandably confused by this whole turn of events. Realising this, the Doctor turned to Willard and smiled
“Please excuse us. We were in a bit of a hurry. So much so that we couldn’t use the door”
“Where’s Mcclane?” Willard looked at Dream, puzzled by his strange appearence “And who’s your new friends?”
“Ah” The Doctor then explained to Willard what had happened in New York and how they’d ended up teleporting into his office. When he finished, Willard shook his head
“I’m sorry about your friend. I’m sure he was a great guy”
Jones put his hand on Willard’s shoulder
“You haven’t gotta be sorry. It wasn’t your fault”
Willard nodded “I see. So tell me, where are you going to go from here?”

Chowder tilted his head
“Well we gotta find the last of the runes, so I’m guessing we’ll be heading wherever the last one is”
“Correct!” Luna stood forward “So let’s not waste any more time standing around! Now where did they put the TARDIS?”
“It’s in the storage area under armed guard” Willard replied “We decided that it was so powerful, it would almost certainly attract crooks of some sort. You see we aren’t the type of people to take chances””
Willard leaned forward
“Now tell me. Is Death gone from New York?”
“I would think so” The Doctor nodded “That whole incident was only a ruse to capture us. Now he’s going to focus on trying to get the runes before we do”
“I hope to god, you’re right” Willard looked as though he wasn’t entirely satisfied by the Doctor’s response “That guy is the single worst thing to hit America since the giant squid invasion of 1985”
“Right…” As confused as he was, Luigi decided it was best not to ask
“Then let’s get going” Luna said “The sooner we set off, the better”

“Wait a moment” Jerry looked down at Chowder “I’m afraid I can’t come with you”
Chowder was disappointed by this turn of events
“Because I’m not really adventure material” Jerry said “I’m just a comedian who happened to be in the right place at the right time. I can’t go about trying to save the universe. I’d never survive”
“I dunno” Mario replied “You’ve been lucky so far”
“It’s not just that” Jerry continued “I don’t think I can cope with any more killing. I’ve just watched my hometown and one of my old friends get killed. I can’t go through that again”

Chowder went to speak, but was interrupted by Jones
“If it’s ok with you, I think I’ll remain here as well”
“Not you too!” Chowder was getting fed up with this. In fact he was beginning to think that he was just very unlikeable
“Yeah” Jones sighed “I ain’t getting in younger. I’ve been thinking bout settling down anyway. So you can think of this as my grand finale in adventuring.”
“Aw come on” Chowder nuzzled up to Jones “We could really use your skills and expertise and and…”
Jones smiled and patted Chowder on the head
“Don’t be silly kid. You don’t need an old bastard like me. You guys have plenty of skills of your own”
“He’s right” Mario looked at Chowder “We’ve been doing great so far, I betcha that rune is as good as ours”
“Yeah” Strong Bad chimed in “Plus you got me and the Cheat to help ya. I mean we may not look like it, but we’re actually pretty good adventurers!”
“Oh all right” Chowder sidled back to the group. The Doctor walked up to Jerry and shook his hand
“It’s been great having you on this adventure. I hope your comedy career continues successfully”
Jerry nodded “Thanks. And I hope you find that last rune”
“Oh don’t worry about that” Luna smiled “We’re going to make sure of it”
She turned to the rest of the group
“Now come on! Standing around here isn’t going to make it arrive any faster!”
And with one final goodbye, the group walked out of Willard’s office and made their way through the base.

After walking around for the better part of an hour, the group finally managed to find the storage area. As soon as they opened the door, they were greeted by hundreds of wooden crates. Luigi sighed as he realised they were going to have to do yet more searching. Dream meanwhile shook his head. He’d never understood certain human customs like having to label and package everything, then piling it all up together.

Fortunately, the navigation of the warehouse didn’t take nearly as long as navigating the base. After a short while, the group turned a corner and were greeted by the sight of the TARDIS being guarded by a couple of soldiers. Approaching the duo, the Doctor said “At ease soldier!”
That got the officer’s attention. As soon as they saw him, they both saluted
“Doctor sir! Permission to ask a question”
The Doctor chuckled “Oh don’t start all that military talk. You can just go right ahead and ask me”
“Very well. Are those alien guys gone?”
The Doctor nodded “They are. Now if you’ll excuse me, me and my friends have a job to do”
“Yes sir!”
At that, the two soldiers stepped aside, allowing Chowder and his friends to enter the TARDIS.

Upon entering, Strong Bad and the Cheat were pretty amazed by the sight of the TARDIS
“Woah” Strong Bad looked around “This is weirder than I thought”
“Oh don’t worry” Luna replied “You get used to Time Lord technology fairly quickly”
Meanwhile Chowder took the crystal out of his backpack and pressed the button. The familiar image of the Nerd and the Critic immediately appeared.
“Chowder!”. For once, the Critic and the Nerd seemed happy to see him.
“Hey guys! Guess what?”
“What?” The Nerd looked at Chowder curiously
“We got the last rune!” Chowder smiled
“Terrific” said the Critic “Any other news”
At that point, Chowder and the rest of the group went silent, wondering how to break the news of Mcclane’s death. Finally the Doctor stepped forward
“Unfortunately it’s not all good news. We lost Mcclane”
The Critic and the Nerd’s face fell.
“Aw crap…” The Nerd said in a much sadder tone than usual
“I’m really sorry to hear it” said the Critic “I mean, we’re the people who brought him here”
“No don’t blame yourselves” came a voice from the back of the TARDIS “You did what you had to do”

At that, Dream stepped forward. As soon as the Critic and the Nerd saw him, their faces lit up
“Dream!” the Critic said “Haven’t seen in you in years!”
“Wait” Chowder was confused “You know each other?”
“Of course” Dream replied “They are among the few beings older then the Endless. We’ve crossed paths a few times. Though when I last saw them, they looked very different”
“Hey!” said the Nerd “If you’d been around for about 4000 years, you’d look different too!”
“They’re not the only new friends we’ve made” Serena said. At that, Strong Bad and the Cheat stepped forward. As soon as the Critic and the Nerd saw them, their expressions changed
“You guys!!!”
Strong Bad and the Cheat looked around nervously
“Yeah” said the Critic “You were working with Judge Death weren’t you”
“Well yeah” Strong Bad looked around nervously “But we’ve changed now. We ain’t gonna do that anymore.”
The Cheat squeaked in agreement. The Critic and the Nerd however weren’t convinced
“I dunno” The Nerd eyed Strong Bad suspiciously “You guys caused Chowder a lotta trouble”
Strong Bad and the Cheat looked down at the floor “Yeah, but we regret it! Seriously! Look at our eyes! Do we look dishonest!!!”
The Critic sighed “Fine. We’ll let it slide for now. But we’ll be keeping a close eye on you”
Strong Bad and the Cheat both nodded “Oh thank you so much! Trust us, you won’t regret this!”
Luna then spoke up “Moving on, we still have the matter of the final rune”
“Well” said the Critic “We’ve got more good news. The last room is in Chowder’s home universe”
Chowder’s eyes widened “Really? Does that mean I get to see Mung again?”
The Nerd shook his head “No. Instead you’re going to a place known as Melodia”
“Melodia?” Mario asked
“Yeah” said the Critic “It’s one of the oldest worlds in Chowder’s universe. Gotta warn ya though, it might get a little wacky”
“Well it can’t be worse than anything we faced previously” said the Doctor “Give me the coordinates and I’ll send the TARDIS in its direction”

Back in the Star Destroyer, Vader had arrived at Death’s office. Taking a deep breath he entered and was greeted by the sight of Death sitting at his desk.
“Ssssso” Death stood up “Did you desssstroy them?”
“I’m afraid I did not” Vader replied “They overwhelmed me and I was forced to retreat.”
“Really?” Death looked at Vader sceptically. Vader simply nodded. To his surprise, Death fly into a rage. Instead he merely said “I beg to differ”

With that, Death whipped out a remote and pressed a button. On an enormous screen behind him, a video started playing. Vader recognised it instantly. It was security camera footage showing him talking to Chowder. As Vader said his final words and Chowder and co walked through the portal, Death switched it off. He then began to advance upon Vader
“Explain yoursssself!” he screamed

At this point, Vader had a strong feeling he wasn’t going to get out of the room alive. So he decided to ask one final question
“Very well master. Just answer me one question”
Death stopped advancing
“Oh yesssss? What?”
“Are you doing this alone? Or is there another that you are taking orders from”
A smile crept across Death’s face. Then he began to laugh
“Really? That’sssss your quessssstion? Well if you must know…”

At that Death pressed another button on his remote. The image on the screen changed to a figure. Vader was astonished. This was what Death was working for?
The figure yawned
“Why did ya wake me Death? I was just about to crash into slumber”
Death chuckled and gestured towards Vader “Well our old friend here has decccided that hissss loyaltiessss no longer lie with ussss”
The figure’s expression changed
“So he’s a traitor. Well that makes me blangry! And you know what happens to people who make me blangry?”
Death nodded “Very well”
Death then resumed advancing on Vader. Vader decided he’d rather die fighting. So he produced his lightsaber and lunged at Death.

When Vader got within striking range of Death, he began to swing his lightsaber. Unfortunately, before it impacted, Death struck his hand out straight into Vader’s chest. Vader felt an unbearable agony as Death crushed his life support and internal organs. Then a few seconds later it was all over. Vader collapsed to the floor and his vision began to go dark. Just before he was completely consumed by the darkness, he had one final thought
“Good luck Chowder. It’s all up to you now”
In the ruins of New York City, the minions of Death felt a great joy. According to the message that had been sent across all channels, Chowder and his friends had finally been captured along with the runes. As a result, they were to be withdrawn from Earth immediately and return to the Star Destroyer where the next phase of their plan would be announced.

On one particular street, two mutants and a Garthim made their way back to the Martian ship they’d arrived on. All the way there however, they had the striking feeling that someone or something was following them. However every time they turned around, the streets behind them were completely empty. In the end, they put the whole thing down to exhaustion. After all Judge Death could be a bit of a slave driver when it came to work.
Upon reaching the flying machine, the three of them climbed inside and began take-off preparations.
While they were doing this, none of them noticed a black figure scurry across the street. Seconds before the doors of the craft closed, the figure slipped into the flying machine and hide itself in the shadows. A few seconds later, the ship took off into the sky before teleporting itself into the space where the star destroyer was located.

Chowder hadn’t said a word since they landed. When they arrived, the group were scanned for weapons or explosives, he merely stared blankly. After that, the group were escorted to a cell where they were thrown in and left alone. In that time, he never spoke a word. He simply stared. Eventually Mario decided to talk to him.
“Hey Chowder?”
Chowder looked up. He didn’t say anything, but in his face, he was clearly upset. He looked as though he’d burst into tears at any given moment.
“You ain’t spoken for a while. I’m getting worried about ya”
Chowder looked away
“I’m fine”
Mario then leaned forward
“Look. I understand how ya feel about John’s death. We all do. He was a great friend to all of us.”
“What’s your point?” Chowder didn’t even look up
“I’m just asking if you wanna talk about it” Mario put his hand on Chowder’s shoulder “You can’t just bottle your emotions up like that. It ain’t healthy”
“How can you be so calm!” Chowder nearly exploded with rage, but managed to keep a hold of himself
“John Mcclane, the guy who helped me get the whole thing started just got killed and you’re so calm and happy! He was my closest friend outside of Mung and the others and… and…”
At that point, Chowder completely lost it and collapsed on the floor in floods of tears. The whole group went silent. None of them knew what to say. This was the absolute lowest any of them had seen Chowder. He’d stared death in the face multiple times and shed a few tears, but now he was completely broken. Then the Doctor stepped forward and held out his hand.
Chowder looked up at him. The Doctor crouched down and put his face close to Chowders.
“I know what it feels like to lose a friend. I’ve lost quite a few in my time.”
Chowder sniffed “You have?”
“Yes” The Doctor’s face was calm. No longer did he have that cheeky grin he always seemed to show when he was in his element. Instead he smiled a warm friendly smile to Chowder.
“I’ve had plenty of friends over the years. But in the end they’ve all left me. Some of them even died, so I know the pain that you feel.”
The Doctor stood up and took a deep breath
“But you know what you’ve got to do?”
Chowder simply shook his head
“You’ve got to keep moving. Not just for your own sake, but for Mcclane’s sake. After all, he’d hardly like it if you just sat here moping would he?”
Chowder thought for a second
“I guess not”
“Not only that, but you can’t let down the rest of the universe can you?” The Doctor put his hands on Chowder’s shoulders “You’ve still got to finish the rest of your adventure and we’re gonna help you”
A bright smiled crossed Chowder’s face
“Yeah! I can do it!”
He pushed past the Doctor and stood in the centre of the room
“Everyone! I know we’re all missing Mcclane. But we’ve got a mission to finish! The whole universe depends on us! And we’re gonna do it for Mcclane!”
“For Mcclane!” The whole group repeated.

After a few seconds, Luigi spoke
“So how we gonna get outta this place anyway?”
Chowder’s face fell
“I was kinda hoping one of you guys had an idea”
Then the cell door shifted open, revealing a group of mutants and Garthim. One of the Garthim held its claw out and beckoned the group to follow it.
“I think we should cooperate for now” Luna said. The rest of the group silently agreed and stepped out of the cell.

The mutants and Garthim took them through a series of metal corridors. All of them looked the exact same as the one before. Chowder wondered if Death or any of his minions had ever gotten themselves lost in the bowels of the ship.
Eventually the Garthim and the Mutants arrived at a large set of double doors. One of the mutants punched in a few keys on a keypad and the doors slide open. The group were then shoved through and found themselves in a decently sized room with a desk at the end. Garthim and Mutants were standing all around the room. Sat at the desk end was the familiar figure of Judge Death with Darth Vader overlooking him.

Death merely smiled
“Ssssso. The thorn in my ssssside hasssss finally arrived”
Chowder and the rest of the group said nothing. Death smiled
“What’ssssss the matter? Not ssssso big without your friend to back you up now, are we?”
Chowder felt anger building inside him. Sensing this, the Doctor stepped forward.
“Actually we’re honoured to finally meet Judge Death, the scourge of Mega City One in the undead flesh at last. In fact we’re so starstruck that we’re all having trouble finding our words”
“Flattery will get you nowhere Doctor” Death stood up from his desk and stepped forward
“Now let’sssss get down to brassss tackssss. You know what I want”
Chowder made an elaborate pantomime of innocence “What? I don’t know anything about you wanting something.”
Jerry chimed in with “Yeah. I thought you’d just invited us round for a nice cup of coffee and a chat”
“Don’t mock me” Death replied “May I remind you all that I can have you vaporised at a mere command”
“Oh we don’t have to make fun of you” Jones smirked “You pretty much do that yourself”
“What!” Death practically exploded with rage, causing Luigi to jump. Though the group tried to make themselves look unafraid, inside they were all trembling. Serena decided to carry on the mocking.
“Yeah. Green skin is so last year. And helmets that cover the eyes went out of fashion ages ago. You’re pretty much a giant walking faux pas”
“Enough!” Death roared in a voice so loud that it was almost certainly heard at least 3 other universes
“Hand over the runessss now and I might jussst let you live after that disgussssting disssplay of humour!”
“Well we can’t” said Chowder

At this point, Death was absolutely furious. Here he was, the most powerful and dangerous of the Dark judges, the one who had killed more people than any other living thing in the known universe being defied by a small creature resembling a children's toy
“And why not!”
“Because…..” Chowder thought for several seconds. When it looked like he wasn’t going to be able to give Death a satisfactory answer, the Doctor leaped to his defence “Because they’re defective”
Now Death was really getting annoyed
“What doessss that mean!!!”
“It’s really simple” said Luna “The runes don’t work. We checked them earlier and it seems like the energy that’s supposed to be their power source wasn’t installed correctly. So we’ve got to take them back to the shop and get them looked at-“
“ENOUGH!” roared Death causing the whole group to go silent. “I’ve been more than reasonable with you! I’ve given you chance after chance to live. And you ressssspond by ssssspitting in the facccce of the great Judge Death. Well no more! Guards! Destroy them!”

Before the group could react, one of the Garthim that had brought the group to the room grabbed hold of Chowder and yanked his backpack out of his hands. Then the Mutants in the room all whipped out their lasers and opened fire on the group. Chowder and his friends screamed as a bright flash of light filled the room, temporarily blinding Death and Vader. When they were able to see again, all that was left of the group was a set of black hissing stains on the floor. As Death opened the backpack, he smiled. Finally Chowder and his meddling friends were dead and the runes were his. Knowing now that nothing could stop him, he began to laugh manically.

Chowder stopped to catch his breath with the rest of the group.
“Good thing you came in when you did” Jones looked at the man who’d saved them “Otherwise we’d have been mincemeat”
The man in question looked extremely strange. His skin was completely white and almost ghost like in appearance. His hair was dark and messy and he was dressed in a grey black robe. When Chowder looked into his eyes, he was stunned to see they were star shaped.
“Who are you?” Chowder asked
“Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Dream although I go by many names such as Morpheus and Oneiros.” When Dream spoke, his voice was both ethereal and yet well spoken. The Doctor’s face lit up.
“Am I to presume you are one of the seven endless?”
Dream nodded “I am”

“The Endless?” Jerry was now very much overwhelmed. Between fighting old gods, being attacked by cyborg demons from hell and encountering strange black and white people, he was beginning to wish he’d stayed in bed today.
“Yes” The Doctor looked at Dream “If I’m correct, they are among the oldest and most powerful beings in the known universe”
Dream nodded “You are correct Doctor. I am the one who controls dreams. Hence the name”
“Oh” Serena thought for a second “That explains how you did it”

For the remotely curious, Dream had slipped into the room, just as Death was beginning to lose his cool. He’d knocked out Death and his minions and left them in a dream of them destroying Chowder while Chowder and his friends slipped away.
Now it was Luna’s turn to speak “Why are you here anyway?”
“Because the Endless also know of Chowder’s mission” Dream looked directly into Chowder’s eyes. Chowder felt like Dream was staring directly into his soul “We are aware that he will face an enemy more dangerous than anything the multiverse has ever faced before. So we realised that he’d need some help and I was the one chosen by the Endless to find and assist him”
Chowder nodded “Well you’re a bit late to the party. We’ve only got to get one more rune”
“There is more” Dream leaned forward “Apparently traitors exists among your allies who are in fact working for the forces of darkness”

The whole group were stunned into silence. They looked at each other suspiciously. Surely none of them could really sell out the rest of them to Death? And yet none of them thought that Dream was lying. The Doctor was the first to break the silence
“Are you sure about that?”
Dream nodded “Of course. We’ve been over the prophecies many times. It’s clear to us that one of Chowder’s allies isn’t all they seem”
“Well gee, do you know which one?” Luigi trembled as he spoke. The thought that somebody that he’d been friends with was in fact working with Judge Death was more than a little terrifying.
Dream shook his head “Unfortunately we don’t. The prophecy didn’t make it clear. All we know is that somebody on this adventure is not all they seem”
“Geez!” Luigi exclaimed “What is it with prophecies and vagueness”
Dream looked over his shoulder
“At any rate, I think we should get moving. The dream that I left them in will wear off after a while”
“Right” The Doctor nodded “We’d better see if we can find a way back to the TARDIS”
“We can help with that!” said a voice from behind the group

Turning to where the voice had come from, the group saw Strong Bad and the Cheat nervously approaching
“You!” Chowder pointed at the duo
“Who the heck are you?” Jerry thought for a second. Then he remembered
“You’re the guys who were annoying Death in his message to us!”
Strong Bad nodded “Yeah that was us!”
At that the whole group rushed up to them. Jones grabbed Strong Bad by the neck.
“Now you listen good! Your boss just got one of our friends killed. We’ve got every idea of killing the pair of you in retaliation. It’d be easy as that”
Strong Bad was sweating “You don’t wanna do that!”
The Doctor raised an eyebrow “And why not?”
“Because we wanna help you!” Strong Bad replied. The Cheat squeaked in agreement
Mario rolled his eyes “Really?”
“Yeah!” Strong Bad was now sweating with fear “See, we thought that ya friend getting killed was going a bit too far. I mean we wanna do bad things, but we still got standards”
“And why should we trust you?” Luna eyed Strong Bad suspiciously “You’ve caused us nothing but trouble this whole time. And now you suddenly want to join us”
“I’ll bet they’re the traitors that Dream just mentioned” Chowder added
“No!” Strong Bad began to panic “You got it all wrong. We really wanna help you! Honest!”
He then glanced at the Cheat and looked back at the group
“Besides, we know a way outta this place”

That got the group’s attention.
“Oh yes” The Doctor’s expression relaxed slightly, but he remained cautious
“Well put me down and I’ll tell ya everything I know”
Jones did so. However he remained on guard. From his experience, he’d already learned that Death wasn’t entirely honest. Why should his minions be any different?
Strong Bad then looked around to make sure nobody was listening in
“Death’s got this teleporting thing that he uses when he wants to send us somewhere. That’s how we got to the places where the runes were”
The Doctor thought for a moment
“I think I’m familiar with this sort of technology. If you show us where it is, I might just be able to get us back to the TARDIS”
“Right then” said Strong Bad “Follow us and we’ll take you to it”
As if on cue, the familiar voice of Darth Vader sounded through the corridor
“Attention troops! Chowder and his friends have escaped and are now loose in the corridors of the ship. Find them and recover the runes at any cost!”
“And that’s our cue to get outta here!” Serena said as the group took off down the corridor.

Running through the cold metal corridors of the ship, Chowder wondered if Strong Bad and the Cheat really knew where they were going or if this was simply another trap. He’d seemed sincere earlier and yet Chowder didn’t exactly trust him. This was understandable considering the two of them had caused him nothing but grief and yet they’d seemed genuinely upset by Mcclane’s death.

His train of thought was interrupted when the group stopped. Around the corner of the end of the corridor, they could hear footsteps. The Doctor peered around the corner. Marching slowly towards them was a squad of Mutants and Garthim. He leaned back and told them in between breaths.
“Quick!” Luigi said “Hide!”
Without thinking, the group opened a door to their right and hurried inside.

The room they’d entered was extremely hot and humid. Its smell reminded Chowder of a tropical air freshener. “What the heck?” Jerry said upon getting inside “I never thought Death’d be a keen gardener”
It was true. The whole room was filled with plants of all shapes and sizes. Upon listening to the door, the Doctor could hear the squad’s footsteps passing by. Once they’d gone, he attempted to open the door. However it didn’t budge an inch.
“It’s stuck” he said
“Great” Luigi sighed “It’s bad enough that we’re stuck on a spaceship in the middle of nowhere owned by our greatest enemy, but now we gotta deal with hay fever as well”
“Actually that might not be true” Strong Bad looked around “If I’m right and I usually am, that door can only be opened from the outside. The greenhouse has another door on the other end that can only be opened from the inside”
“What for?” Luna asked
“Because then you’re less likely to miss any plants that need attending to if you go through the place from one end to the other” Strong Bad replied
“Why does Death keep a greenhouse anyway?” Dream looked around the room suspiciously
“Well according to Darth, Death’s always looking for new weapons. He’d been interested in plant weapons for a while”
Jones raised an eyebrow “Plant weapons? Really?”
“Yeah” Strong Bad nodded “You’d be surprised at what he’s tried to grow. Sapient Pearwoods, Mors ontologicas, Triffids-“
The Doctor shot up
“Did you say Triffids?”
“Yeah” said Strong Bad “Apparently they’ve been growing really well. They can move around on their own and they’re carnivorous as well…”At that point, Strong Bad stopped talking as the implications of what he was saying finally dawn on him.

“Tell me” Luna was trembling along with the rest of the group “Can these Triffids see us now”
Strong Bad’s voice shrunk to a whisper “No. They can only hear us”.
The Doctor looked behind him and practically gasped.
Standing just a few feet from the group was a giant plant. Its lower body was a giant greenish yellow bulb with root like legs protruding from the bottom. A stem with a pink flower on top extended out of the top. Inside the flower was a long tendril like appendage.

The group began to back away slowly as possible. All the while, the Triffid loomed over them ready to strike at any given moment.
As Serena backed away, she didn’t see a metal bucket that had been left on the ground and accidentally kicked it. It promptly tumbled over letting out a loud metallic crash. Within seconds, the Triffids began lumbering towards her.
Serena was about to panic when the Doctor grabbed her and yanked her away from the bucket. The group watched as the Triffid lumbered up to the bucket and stopped.
Without saying anything, the group turned and hurried away as quietly as they could.

They hadn’t gone far through the maze of plants when they turned a corner and were greeted by the sight of two more Triffids blocking the way. Luigi quietly sighed to himself as the rest of the group stopped.
As they attempted to work out an answer to their predicament, Jones saw a shelf on the wall to their left. On the shelf was a bucket, a spray can and a set of pots. Thinking quickly, Jones took out his whip and edged as close as he could. After all he’d only get one shot at what he was planning to do.
When Jones had gotten as close as he possibly could, he slashed the whip at the shelf. The moment it connected, the shelf collapsed in a terrific crash. In turn the Triffids began to lurch in the direction of the noise, giving the group passage through. They rushed through as quickly and as quietly as they could.

Just when the group thought they were safe, Chowder stubbed his foot on a piece of the floor. Without thinking he let out an ear piecing scream of pain. Within seconds, the two Triffids were advancing on the group
“What did you do that for!!!” Luigi was now feeling a mix of anger at Chowder and terror from the thought that the Triffids were now heading towards them.
Before Chowder could apologise, the Triffids were on the group. The group attempted to run away, however a third Triffid appeared from behind the racks of plants, cutting off the group’s only way of escape.

“Don’t let the stingers touch you!” The Doctor found himself backing up with the rest of the group. Serena tried throwing her tiara at them, but it merely bounced off.
“What the?” she said
“Triffids have extremely tough skins!” The Doctor said “Hacking away at them doesn’t work! That’s why they’re so resilient”

As the Triffids bared down on the group, Chowder spotted the shelf that Jones had knocked down earlier. Among the debris was a small can with “Weed killer” written on it’s side. Without thinking of his own safety, Chowder leaped into the plant pot and rushed towards it. Grabbing hold of it, he hoped that it would work.

The rest of the group meanwhile though that this was pretty much the end of the road. As the Triffids loomed over them, any chance of escape or even survival seemed impossible. Then one of the Triffids lurched back in pain and spun around. Standing behind it was Chowder clutching the can of weed killer. As it loomed up to attack, Chowder blasted another round of Weedkiller, this time directly into its throat. The Triffid responded by staggering back and collapsing onto the floor. Chowder ran past it, spraying the weed killer into the one on the other side of the group which also collapsed over. The group then legged it through the greenhouse.

After running for a while, the group were relieved to finally find an exit. Without wasting any time, Strong Bad prized open the door and the group fled through slamming the door as they went. Stopping to catch their breath, Mario spoke
“Remind me never to do gardening with Death”
The rest of the group simply nodded in agreement. Then Strong Bad spoke
“Well the good news is that we ain’t far from the teleporter. Just gotta take a little detour, that’s all”

Said detour didn’t take long. Soon, the group arrived at a door with “Teleportal. No unauthorised admittance“ Ignoring the sign, the group opened the door and were greeted by a room filled with humming machinery covered in flashing lights. At the back of the room was a large round metal structure. The Doctor nodded
“I see”
“Can you get us home?” Jerry asked
“I certainly can” The Doctor smiled “Shouldn’t take that long”
“I beg to differ” came a voice from behind them.

Turning to the source of the voice, the group were met with the sight of Vader emerging from the shadows. He produced his lightsaber and began advancing towards the group.
“I’ll handle this” Dream stepped forward ready to attack.
“Wait!” Chowder ran in between them
“Out of the way!” Vader advanced on Chowder “Or I shall cut you in half!”
Chowder looked up at him “But why?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Vader said annoyed “You are my enemy!”
“So you’re just going to kill him because Death told you to? Is that it?” The Doctor stepped forward
Vader was puzzled “Of course! That is my duty as a warrior! To aid my leader”
“Really?” Chowder said “Don’t you ever think that you’re doing the right thing? In fact how did you start working for Death in the first place?”
Vader thought for a moment, confused “I…I don’t know. I just remember finding myself in front of him, being told that I had to help him”
“I see” The Doctor nodded “And you never questioned if what you were doing was right?”
“No” Vader was getting extremely agitated “I just assumed-“
“You assumed you were doing the right thing!” Luna spoke in such a way that everyone went silent “Never once did you assume that you were doing evil!”
“That’s not strictly true” Vader replied sheepishly “I’ve been having a lot of doubts about all this in recent times”
“Then join us!” Chowder said “We could use your help”
Vader shook his head “No. I’m not good enough for your side. I have done terrible things. Killed innocent people. To join your team would be a betrayal of principles for both sides”
The whole group were disappointed
“Aw come on” Mario nudged Vader “I’m sure you’re a great guy really”
“No” Vader said. Chowder could detect a hint of sadness in his voice “I’m an evil individual and this is to be my punishment.”
“What’re ya gonna do then?” Strong Bad asked
“I shall go back to Death and tell him you overpowered me. I do not know how he will take it. But if it is to be my fate then so be it.”
Vader then turned and began to walk out of the door
“I wish you luck on your adventure. Do what you have to do”

Once Vader had left, the Doctor rushed over to the teleportal’s control panel and began pressing buttons. Eventually it lit up in a blue light.
“Right then” he said “All we have to do is step though there and we’ll be back at Fort Baxter!”
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 36
Chapter 36 of my ongoing story

Dream is the main character from Neil Gaiman's graphic novel series The Sandman

Triffids are from John Wyndham's 1951 post apocalyptic novel The Day Of The Triffids

Sapient Pearwoods are from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of novels while Mors ontologica is a plant from Philip K Dick's A Scanner Darkly
Just what the title says. After all 3d remakes of 2d games tend to be a nice new take on the old game and often give a new depth to the story. A few I'd like to see include:

Shin Onigashima: A Japan only famicom game based around point and click gameplay and themed around Japanese mythology. It's been referenced in Smash Bros a few times, so it'd be nice to play it for real

For the Frog The Bell Tolls: Another Japan only game, this time for the original Gameboy. It's engine was later adapted for Link's Awakening, but (having played an english translated ROM) it's got more than enough to stand on it's own merits

Dragon Quest V: This did get a 3d remake for the original Playstation. Sadly however it was only released in Japan (again). While it has had an English Language release for the DS, I feel a full on 3d remake would really do the story justice
Mcclane was the first of the group to awake. As he opened his eyes, he was aware of several things. The first was that he was surrounded by dust, causing him to cough. The second was that the rest of the group were laying all over the floor of the helicopter
“Oh my god…” he thought to himself before yelling “Guys!”
No response. At that point, Mcclane felt a genuine sensation of despair. He was the only survivor of the helicopter crash. Meaning that somehow, he’d have to make his way across New York to the Empire State Building and face death all alone. Which was exactly how he felt at this point. All alone with the entire fate of the known universe resting entirely on his shoulders. Then he heard a moan from next to him.

Mcclane looked round to see Chowder moving about and rubbing his eyes.
“Chowder!” Mcclane felt relief rush over him. It wasn’t a massive amount seeing as how him and Chowder against Death would still be unmatched, but at least he wouldn’t have to face Death alone.
“Am I dead?” Chowder asked
Mcclane chuckled slightly
“No you ain’t. Unless I’m dead too and heaven looks like the interior of a crashed helicopter”
Chowder sat up “What about the others.”
At this point, Mcclane fell silent. How was he to tell Chowder that all their friends who had helped them through their quest were now dead leaving the two of them as the only hope for the entire universe?

Before Mcclane could say anything, The Doctor coughed and slowly sat up
“Doc!” Mcclane gasped “You’re alive!”
The Doctor looked around before whipping out his sonic screwdriver. As he waved it around the helicopter, Chowder had to ask “What are you doing?”
The Doctor looked at him and grinned
“Seems like all of us survived the crash.”
At that, the three of them set about waking up the rest of the group.

“So what happened anyway?” Jerry asked
“Well the pilot said we got hit by some sort of explosive” said Jones “Must’ve been one of Death’s minions.”
“The pilot?” Mario asked
“Yes, the pilot-“Jones stopped as the realization hit him. The whole group then scrambled over to the window that connected the cockpit with the passenger cabin.
“Oh my god” Chowder thought while the rest of the group simply stared.

The pilot was slumped over the controls of the Helicopter. His eyes were closed and the side of his head was covered in blood which was pouring out of a wound on the side of his head. Serena practically fainted while Jerry looked away in shock. The rest of the group said nothing and sat back down in the helicopter in silence.

After a while, the group decided to start talking again. Respect for the dead was all well and good, but they needed to work out what had happened and what they’d do next.
“What d’ya suppose shot us down?” Luigi asked.
“There’s only one answer” Luna said “It must have been one of Death’s minions”
Mcclane glanced up
“I kinda guessed that. But why?”
The Doctor shrugged
“I guess we were right. It must be some sort of trap”
“So what do we do now?” Jerry looked around the helicopter. The look on the group’s faces suggested that they all felt beaten. Luigi was the first to speak
“I say we get outta here”
The whole group looked at him
“What?” he said, noticing that the group all appeared to disprove of the notion “He clearly doesn’t wanna hold his side of the bargain. Why do we have to hold ours?”
“Because if we don’t, we could potentially be dooming the entire earth to annihilation” Mario looked into his brothers eyes
“While if we stay, we potentially doom ourselves to annihilation!” Luigi retorted.
“Alright then” The Doctor said “We’ll have a democratic vote. First put your hand up if you wish to abandon New York”
Luigi put his hand up. None of the other group members did so.
“Now everyone who thinks we should continue with the plan to fool Death and potentially kill him, put your hand up”
Every other member of the group stuck their hand up.
“Alright then” The Doctor said “I think we all know what our plan of action is going to be”
Luigi simply sighed and shook his head.

Getting out of the helicopter was fairly easy. One of the windows had smashed open in the crash. All the group had to do was chip away the broken glass and climb out. The moment they did so, they found themselves in a grass covered park
“Central Park” Mcclane looked around and sniffed the air “I used to come here on my days off.”

The group then proceeded to make their way across the park. At first they didn’t encounter any of Death’s minions. Until they stepped around a corner and were greeted by the sight of a Garthim which appeared to be patrolling the park. Since it had its back to them, it didn’t notice them. Ducking out of sight, they began to decide their next move.

“I say we rush it” said Mcclane “There’s several of us and only one of them”
“ I don’t know if that’s wise” Luna said “I’d wager that we kept a low profile until we reach the Empire State”
“I agree” The Doctor said “Garthim are very dangerous creatures on their own as we’ve already seen. The fact that there’s a very real chance that Death may be ambushing us means we’re going to have to be extremely careful”
“Then what do you think we should do?” Mario leaned forward
“I’d suggest a stealthier approach is a good choice” Jones peered around the wooden hut, they were using as cover. Just in front of them, past the Garthim was a decently sized cluster of trees. Jones leaned back and told the group.
Within seconds, they’d worked out a plan.

“So” said the Doctor “One of us will go out there and knock out the Garthim. Then they will re-join us as we flee into the trees, which should give us basic cover against being spotted by aerial minions.”
“Who’s the unlucky guy who gets to do the knocking out?” Luigi chuckled to himself
“We thought that you and your brother could jump on its head” Luna smiled slyly
Luigi nearly jumped out of his skin
“What! Why us?”
“Relax bro” Mario put a hand on his brother’s shoulder “It’s two on one. We’ll take it out no problem.”
Luigi sighed and resigned himself to his duty.
A few seconds later, the Mario bros peeked out from behind the hut. The Garthim was still standing a short distance away and appeared to be oblivious to the group’s presence. Mario turned to his brother
“Ok. Here we go”

With that, Mario jumped high into the air. Before the Garthim knew what was happening, he slammed down on its head. Although it didn’t fall over from the blow, it was left dazed. Luigi then stepped forward and went to jump. Then things went wrong.
As Luigi began to jump, he stumbled and found himself lurching onto the floor. Normally this wouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunately, in this case the Gathim was able to recover before Luigi did.
The moment it saw them, it let out a piercing screeching noise that nearly deafened the group.
“Run for it!” Jones yelled as the group did just that.

When the group made it to the clump of trees, they noticed that the Garthim hadn’t followed them and for a very brief second thought they were safe. A second later however, the feeling passed when they heard a loud repetitive series of thumps in the background that seemed to be getting closer with every blow. Then their hearts sank when a humongous Martian tripod emerged from the distance and began making its way towards the trees. When it was just a few feet away it stopped.

The Doctor was the first to realize what it was planning to do
“Incoming heat ray!” he cried out.
Fire then exploded through the trees as the tripod blasted it with the heat ray. Chowder found himself diving to the ground with the rest of the group. All around him, he could feel the heat of the flames crackling away and smell the burning fumes of the trees. Jones stood up
“Follow me!” he yelled over the burning “I think I see a way out.

The group hurried on desperately attempting to outrun the fire that was spreading rapidly to the rest of the park. Soot from the ashes of the tree trunks filled the air, blowing into the group’s eyes and mouths making it hard to see and breathe. Eventually Chowder found himself losing consciousness and collapsed onto the floor. Looking up, he could see through the darkness that was rapidly overtaking him, the group fleeing away from him.  With all his strength he mustered up one final yell of “Guys!”

For a second, the group didn’t appear to notice. Chowder thought to himself as the darkness closed in. This was how his adventure ended. He was going to be barbecued like a raw cut of meat.
“Fair enough” he thought “At least I’m gonna die as something I like.” Then his thoughts turned to the rest of the group. Hopefully they’d make it out of the fire and stop Death. It was then that he had a sudden revelation.

In his bag were the fake stones. Meaning that the group wouldn’t be able to give them to Death and the plan would fall apart. Chowder then realised that he had to get out of there. But as he tried to pick himself up, his legs felt so heavy. Within seconds, he’d fallen back onto the ground flat on his face.

Feeling the heat of the fire getting closer, Chowder simply closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable burning to death. It was then that he felt something grab him. For a second, Chowder thought he’d been captured by the Martian tripod from earlier. He then realised that the thing holding him didn’t feel like a Tripod claw. It felt warm and organic. Then it dawned on him that he was being taken away from the tripod. Just when Chowder thought things couldn’t get any weirder, he heard a voice shouting his name. He tried to respond to the voice, but couldn’t seemed to find his words.

The next thing Chowder knew, he was away from the heat and could feel fresh cool air on his face. Then he felt himself being laid down on the ground where the voice was calling his name. His vision began to clear and he was aware of Mcclane and the others gathered around him. Looking around, Chowder saw that they were no longer in the park and were now in a building of some sort. Judging by the tables and a counter along with display cases, he guessed they were inside a restaurant of some sort.
“W-where are we?” he croaked

“In a deli on 57th avenue” Mcclane said
“Are you ok?” The Doctor asked “I thought we’d lost you”
Chowder scratched his head “Ok I guess. What happened”
“You must’ve inhaled the smoke and fallen unconscious” The Doctor replied “From what I gather your species is very vulnerable to smoke fumes.”
Jerry stared at Chowder and nodded “It’s a good thing Mcclane heard you. We came really close to leaving you in there”
As Chowder stared at the group, he then realised something else
“What about the Martians. They’re after us aren’t they!?”
Mario shook his head
“Nah, we lost em back in the fire. Hopefully they’ll think we’ve been killed which should give us a little bit more breathing room”

Jones was the next to speak
“I guess we’ve now gotta get to the Empire State building”
“You got it” Mcclane said “Fortunately, we didn’t crash land to far from the Empire state. It should only be a 20 minute walk away.”
“There’s just one thing I don’t get” Chowder said “What actually shot us down? The pilot said we got hit by an explosive so it can’t be one of the Martians. And the Garthim and the mutants don’t have anything that could blow us up either”
The Doctor frowned
“Whatever it is, we’ve now got an extra reason to keep on our toes. We’ll have to be extra careful on the way there”
The group then got up and left the deli back into the streets of New York.

Said streets looked as though a bomb had gone off right in the middle. Considering the power of Death’s forces, that comparison was very apt indeed. Said forces however were nowhere to be seen. In fact the streets of New York were completely deserted. On one hand, the group were pleased that it was a smooth journey to the Empire State Building. On the other hand, they were confused. They’d expected Death to have far more creatures patrolling the area.

“Ya know” Serena said as the group made their way through a street filled with empty cars “I’d expected a little more….monsters”
Jones looked at her “There’s something else I don’t get. If there’s no monsters around here, what caused this destruction?”
“They couldn’t be fleeing us could they?” Luna asked the Doctor
“I wouldn’t think so. After all, they’d be missing their chance to get the runes.” The Doctor contemplated “I have a feeling Death knows more than he’s telling. I suggest we proceed with extra caution.”

For the rest of the journey, the group were on high alert. Despite their constant paranoia however, nothing appeared in the streets. No mutants, no Garthim, no nothing. In fact it was a fairly uneventful journey. Eventually, they arrived at a tall brown skyscraper covered in windows. Mcclane, Jerry, Jones and the Doctor recognised it immediately.
“This is it” Mcclane said, to the group members who didn’t recognise the building “This is the grand old Empire State building”
Before they went inside, the Doctor turned to the rest of the group
“I hope you’re all ready for this. What we are about to do will almost certainly be the most dangerous thing we’ve faced so far. If anyone wants to turn back, now’s the time.”
“Count me in!” Jerry said “No way am I gonna miss this”
“Me too” said Mcclane “I wanna make Death pay for messing up my hometown.”
Jones raised his hand “I’ll be coming as well. You’re gonna need all the help you can get up there”
Mario looked at Luigi “I’m coming, but I dunno bout my brother”
The whole group looked at him. Luigi knew exactly what that meant.
“It’s not that I’m scared. It’s just that I don’t like high places and-“
“Fine” Mcclane stepped forward “You can stay down here and guard against any of Death’s invading armies. All by yourself of course.”
Luigi shivered “Ok ok! I get the point! I’ll be coming as well”
“And what about you Serena?” Luna smiled “I trust that you’ll be joining us on this excursion?”
To everyone’s surprise, Serena said “Of course! I’ve come too far to give up just yet. You can all count on me!”
Luna laughed “Now that’s the moon princess I know and love!”

Before the group entered the building, they did the old group hand stack gesture to show that they were all in the same boat and would support each other. Then they stepped inside and were greeted by a room made almost entirely out of brown polished marble. In the corner a deserted ticket counter stood alone.
Walking through the lobby of the Empire State Building, everything felt eerily quiet. No sounds could be heard inside the building or outside. The group made their way past the ticket counter and walked into a corridor that Jerry and Mcclane recognized as the Fifth avenue lobby. However the normally bright lights of the iconic corridor were much dimmer than before.
“So how do we get to the 42nd floor?” Serena asked “Don’t tell me we’ve got to climb stairs all the way”
“Don’t be stupid” Mcclane laughed “There’s an elevator not far from here. Then we just gotta hope it’s still in use”

Sure enough, a few seconds later, the group discovered a series of black and silver metal doors with buttons next to them. Jones pressed the button and the doors slide open revealing a small elevator car. Stepping inside, the group found it to be a bit of a tight squeeze, but they managed to fit inside. Then the doors closed and Chowder pressed the 42nd floor button.

As the elevator travelled upwards, each of the group was silent and merely thought about what was about to happen. They were going to play a trick the most dangerous being alive in the universe and kill him in the process. Which of course was a pretty tall order. They’d done dangerous things in the past of their adventure, but this was going to be something else entirely. If they pulled it off right, they could save the universe much earlier. If they failed however, a very good chance existed that none of them would be making it out of New York City alive.

Finally after what felt like twenty million years, the elevator made a dinging sound and the doors opened, revealing a marble room not unlike the ground floor. With a heavy amount of reluctance, the group stepped out of the elevator and into the corridor.
“Ssssso you did come!” A familar voice boomed through the room causing Luigi and Serena to jump and the rest of the group to look around.
“Don’t mind us Death” The Doctor forced a smile “We’re just visiting.”
“Yessss you are” Death’s voice hissed throughout the entire building “And I hope for your sssssake, that you have brought the runesssss with you”
Chowder quietly gulped “Yes we have”
“Good” Death sounded pleased with this response. Chowder hoped that he would be fooled long enough for them to get the first hit in
“Bring the runesssss to the north window. I shall meet you there”
Mcclane stepped forward
“Do you promise to withdraw all your troops from New York?”
Death’s voice went silent for a few seconds. Then it spoke again
“Of coursssssse. You have my word of honour”

The group then made their way through the 42nd floor corridors until eventually they came to a room with a series of windows overlooking the entire city. From here the group could see the extent of the destruction. Most of the buildings had been flattered or completely destroyed. Except for the ones that were closest to the Empire State, just as they’d seen while walking through the streets earlier. Then a figure stepped out from behind a corner.

Judge Death smiled an extremely toothy smile. Everything was going to plan. The group had come the Empire State Building, just as he’d hoped. As he stared at them, none of them made even the slightest motion to come towards him. He held out his hand and beckoned.
“Well? Why are you jusssst ssssstanding there? Bring me the Runesssss!”

After a few seconds, Mcclane stepped forward carrying a bag. He began to step forward before hesitating.
“Come on!” Death yelled. Without saying a word, Mcclane began to slowly move towards him. When he reached him, Death held out his hand. Mcclane began to lift up the bag.
“Think fast!”
With that, Mcclane whipped out his pistol. Before Death had a chance to react, Mcclane pulled the trigger and opened fire, emptying an entire round into Death’s body. The sound of the gunshots echoed across the room and could almost certainly in the silence of the deserted New York City be heard across nearby blocks.

When the dust from the blast cleared, Mcclane opened his eyes. To his dismay, Death was still standing in front of him like nothing had happened. As he began to laugh, the rest of the group rushed forward desperate to prevent Mcclane from becoming Death’s next victim.
It was then that Mcclane saw something strange. On the wall directly behind death were a series of marks. Upon looking a bit closer, Mcclane realised they were in fact bullet holes. Acting on impulse he reached out and grabbed Death’s arm.

The whole group stopped where they were. Death merely smiled at them
“What the…?” Mcclane was now extremely confused. Instead of grabbing hold of Death like he’d expected to, his arm had merely gone through Death as though there was nothing there.
The Doctor took out his Sonic Screwdriver and scanned Death.
“A hologram?” he said.
“Correct!” The Death hologram smiled
At this point the whole group were extremely confused.
“What? Where’s the real Death?” Chowder asked
“Controlling thisssss messsssage from afar” the Hologram said “You didn’t think I’d really risssssk my own life did you?”
“Then what’s all this about anyway?” Luna looked up at Death. Somehow she knew that she really didn’t want to hear the answer.
“Ssssimple. I needed to get you cornered and on your own with nobody to back you up. Sssso what better place than John Mcclane’ssssss hometown. I knew you couldn’t resist sssssaving that which meant the most to you. You good typesssss are all the sssssame. Easssssy to manipulate when it comesss to the thingssss you love the mossssst.”
Jones stepped forward “Then how are you going to destroy us with a hologram that can’t touch anything?”
“I never said I’d dessstry you myssself” said the Hologram “I’ve invited an old friend along to do it for me.”
With that, the hologram let out a piercing high pitched sound.The noise was so great, the group could hear the windows rattling in their panes. Then it stopped
“Is that it?” Serena felt relieved. If that was Death’s attempt at destroying them, then it was pretty poor. Her joy was cut short by a series of loud thumping sounds in the distance.

Rushing over to the window, the group got a good look at what was making the noise which caused them to gasp collectively.
Standing over the buildings below them, was a giant brown coloured creature resembling a Minotaur. On its head were two black goat like horns. Its right leg was made of metal and its left arm appeared to be a metal cannon of some sort
“What the hell is that thing!” Mcclane leaned back from the window. The Doctor sighed
“A Cyberdemon.”
Jerry looked at the Doctor with an extremely concerned expression. The Doctor noticed, before he even spoke.
“It’s a creature from the pits of hell. Literally. It’s probably one of the most dangerous creatures alive in this or any other universe.”
He turned back to the window and pointed at the Cyberdemon which was still making its way across New York to the Empire State
“See that cannon on its right arm. That’s probably what shot us down earlier”
“How do we stop it?” Luigi asked, dreading the answer. The Doctor’s face was grim
“You can’t”

Silence sounded through the room. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the Cyberdemon’s footprints slowly but surely getting closer every second. Then Jones broke the silence
“There’s gotta be something that can stop it! Everything has a weakness!”
“There’s nothing we can do!” The Doctor practically exploded with frustration “I told you, a Cyberdemon is basically a 20 foot unstoppable killing machine!”
“We could run away” Serena said “If we use the grappling hooks, we can probably escape and-“
“Don’t be stupid” The Doctor managed to regain some of his usual calm “Even if we do make it to the bottom, the Cyberdemon will still track us. That screech that the hologram gave off has locked it on to our scents. It’d only be a matter of time before it caught up with us”
At that point, everything seemed completely hopeless for the group
“But we can’t give up!” Luna said “The whole universe depends on us!”
Looking around however, she could see that the group had pretty much done that.

Chowder thought about the escape plan. Then he took out the backpacks from earlier and looked inside.
“I say we risk Serena’s idea” he said.
Mcclane looked at him sceptically
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah” Chowder began leafing through the backpack “I bet we could outrun that thing anyday!”
At that point, Chowder found something else in the backpack. A plastic pack of orange goo with wires sticking out of it
“What’s this stuff?” Chowder removed it from the pack and showed it to the group. At that, the Doctor’s face lit up
“Semtex! Of course! That might just be powerful enough to destroy it”
Luigi leaned forward “Really?”
“Yes” the Doctor said “If we could blast it directly in the face, that might just be enough to kill it”
“I say we go for it” said Mario “It’s that or become Cyberdemon chow”
“Where’s the detonator?” Mcclane asked. Chowder responded by fumbling through his backpack until he found something metal at the bottom of the bag. With an almighty tug he pulled the detonator out. Then the group felt their hope sink.

The detonator was completely mangled. Presumably it had been damaged in the helicopter crash.
“Now what do we do?” Luigi collapsed onto the floor with his head in his hands while the rest of the group simply stared blankly. It was then that Mcclane rushed over to the bag and felt his way through it
The group instantly looked at him as he pulled out a second smaller detonator

As the group felt their relief wash over them, Mcclane broke the silence.
“I knew it!”
Chowder tilted his head to one side
“Knew what?”
“That was the remote detonator” Mcclane looked slightly grim “This is the backup detonator”
For a second, the group didn’t realise the implications of what he was saying. Then the penny dropped
“You don’t mean…?” Luna didn’t want to finish that sentence
“Yes” Mcclane nodded “For this to work, one of us will have to stay behind to detonate it”

For a moment, the group simply stood in the room. Outside, the Cyberdemon was much closer than it had previously been and would arrive at the Empire State at any moment. Then Mcclane spoke
“I’ll do it”
“No!” Chowder practically broke down in sobs “You can’t go. You’re the one who helped me start this adventure. You gotta finish it with me! You gotta!”
Mcclane patted Chowder on the head
“Don’t worry little guy. You’re just as good at finishing this thing without me”
Chowder looked up at Mcclane. His eyes were red and completely full of tears. He sniffed
“But you’re my best buddy on the quest. I need you”
Mcclane simply put a finger to Chowder’s lips
“No you don’t. Because you are a legendary hero, remember?”
Chowder nodded
“And you can defeat Death. I know you can, and I ain’t ever been wrong, have I?”
Chowder simply nodded again. The Doctor stepped forward
“Are you sure that you want to go through with this? I can take your place-“
“No!” Mcclane shook his head “You’re the smartest one here, doc. They’re really gonna need ya!”
The Doctor simply nodded “Understood”

At that, Mcclane began to assemble the semtex and its detonator. Jerry ran up to him
Without looking up, Mcclane simply said “No you ain’t staying behind with me”
Jerry opened his mouth in protest, but Mcclane simply replied “Because I need someone to tell Jack and Holly that I love them”
“But you’re my friend!” Jerry looked completely different. No longer was he the happy go lucky comedian, they’d met back in LA.
“Exactly!” said Mcclane “Which is why I need you alive! You’re the one who’s gotta fill out my final wish”
Jerry attempted to speak again, but Mcclane simply held up his hand
“Now go! Get out of here! You’re running out of time!”
At that, Jerry turned and ran back to the rest of the group who began to make their way to the other side of the floor. Before he left, he took one last glimpse of his friend who was quickly setting up the semtex explosive.

Rushing through the Empire State, the group knew they didn’t have much time. The plan was to get to the opposite side of the building where they’d be as far from the explosion as possible and abseil down the side. Eventually they reached the opposite side of the floor.
“Right!” the Doctor said “Let’s smash a few windows!”

Mcclane was still frantically putting together the semtex. He then noticed that the sound of the Cyberdemon’s footsteps were extremely close. Cursing under his breath, he began to feel the sweat running down his face. Then an almighty crash sounded out through the building

“What the heck was that?” Luigi felt a massive sense of terror wash over him
“The sound of our time running out!” the Doctor said “Now hurry!”
Looking out of the window, Mcclane saw that the Cyberdemon had reached the building and was now beginning to ascend floor by floor.

Chowder and co meanwhile had managed to shatter the windows and had unpacked the grappling hooks. Unfortunately they’d only been given three.
“Great!” said Luigi “We’ll never make it now!”
“Calm down” Jones put his hand on Luigi’s shoulder “We’ll just have to go together”
With that, the group divided themselves up into groups with Chowder and the Mario bros on one, Serena and the Doctor on the second and Jerry and Jones on the third. They then began to climb down as quickly and carefully as they could.

As Mcclane put the finishing touches to the Semtex, a large brown hand crashed through the glass and lunged at him. Mcclane leaped out of the way, only to drop the detonator. Then a giant brown head with goatlike horns appeared at the window. It let out a roar so loud, that Mcclane actually thought he’d go deaf.

Everything that happened next, seemed to happen in slow motion. The creature swung its giant hand at Mcclane who leaped out of the way and managed to grab the detonator in one leap. Miraculously it didn’t appear to be damaged. As the creature sent its claw towards Mcclane again, he closed his eyes and pressed the button.

The Cyberdemon was promptly blasted in the face with a terrific explosion that burned away at its skin and melted its eyeballs. Blinded, it screamed in pain and lost its balance plummeting to the ground below with an almighty thud.  
At the same time, the explosion caught the group by surprise and nearly caused them to lose their balance. As they righted themselves, the realisation of what had happened dawned on them.
Chowder promptly burst into tears while the rest of the group simply remained silent.

Upon reaching the ground, the group said nothing for a few seconds. Then Luna spoke
“So what do we do now”
“We’ll have to find a way out of New York” The Doctor said with a heavy heart. He was then interrupted by a laser blast that just sailed over his shoulder and hit the wall behind him. The force of the blast knocked him onto the ground.

As the rest of the group rushed over to the Doctor, a large squad of Mutants and Garthim appeared from in front of them. Before they could flee the other way, a group of five Martian Tripods appeared at the other end of the street.
“We’re surrounded!” Jones said.
As the group got ready to fight, the Doctor simply said
“Stop! It’s a fight we can’t win”
Chowder looked at him for a few seconds, then nodded to the rest of the group. They then put their hands up and surrendered.

A little while later, they found themselves being bundled into a Martian flying machine which then took off into the sky before teleporting itself in a blue light.
Looking out the window, the group saw that the ship was approaching a giant grey triangular craft.
“So” said the Doctor grimly “Look's like we're paying Judge Death a visit"
The Fictionland Chronicles chapter 35
Chapter 35 of my ongoing story. Bet you didn't expect that did you?

When I first decided to give Chowder a sidekick, I originally considered Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. I eventually changed it to Mcclane as he's more willing to cooperate with others unlike Plissken who is the very definition of an anti hero

The Cyberdemon comes from the Doom series of Video Games. I haven't included that many game characters in the story as video games tend to have less fixed storylines then TV shows or movies for example.
Exactly what it says on the tin. I'm fancying a bit of Music criticism and possibly discovering some new artists. So link me a song and I'll tell you what I think

I'm going to be completely honest from the beginning. I do have my biases and preferences. I'll try to ignore them, but I'm not making any promises 
As a bona fide geek, I frequently find myself travelling to conventions and expos. A few of my favourite experiences include:

Collectormania Milton Keynes 2015: The first convention I ever went to. I managed to finally get a hold of a yellow Gameboy Colour to replaced the one I lost years ago (which was the first console I ever owned, for the record). I also met David Prowse who played Darth Vader and Sylvester Mccoy who played the Seventh Doctor in Doctor Who.

MCM London Comicon October 2015: The most fun I had in the whole of 2015. highlights included managing to get Tetris for the Gameboy and meeting  Stuart Ashens from Ashens tech dump on Youtube (who is a really nice guy in real life) and Tomska the creator of ASDF

Bournemouth film and Comic con 2016: The first time I'd gone away by myself. Met David Lloyd who did the art for V for Vendetta and Anneke Wills who played Polly in Doctor Who (According to her, Honour Blackman is a bit of a bitch in real life)

So enough about me. Let's geek out and hear your best convention experiences.
  • Listening to: Justin Bieber: Baby
  • Reading: 50 Shades of Grey
  • Watching: The complete Family Guy
  • Playing: Sonic 2006
I'm sorry to announce that Fictionland is cancelled.

I know. Tragic news. But I've decided it's for the best. Partly because I can't be bothered to finish it because it's just dragging on and on and partly because I've received cease and desist letters from multiple companies claiming that the story portrays their characters in a negative light

But don't worry. I've got a brand new series in the pipeline. It's a Sonic/Family Guy crossover fanfic featuring my brand new Sonic wolf OC Maximus. (He's a wolf who acts exactly like Sonic only he's red with blue shoes) who has to team up with the Griffins to save the world from an evil villain named Dr Ian Nasty

Once I've finished smoking the rest of my joints you can expect to see it up in a couple of days


Max Green
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Hello. Thanks for choosing to check out my page. I'm just a guy who writes stuff people can enjoy. So check it out if you have time. And possibly leave a comment. I like that

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